Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

I was listening to the janet. album today and while it may be an obscure comparison, Cowboy Carter feels like it has a similar place in Beyoncé’s discography.

The scene setting interludes, sprawling tracklist and diversity of genres. Both obviously very distinct masterpieces.
Everyone I’ve played BODYGUARD to is obsessed with it and half of those are “I don’t get why Beyoncé is so popular” boring masses GP people. We just need a video (The Bodyguard remake with Bey as the bodyguard thanks!) - lol kidding we just need TikTok to jump on it and it will be No 1 for two years.
When I listen to Bodyguard I picture open skies, green meadows and prairies, frolicking by the flowers, driving in a convertible, 60s flower power, 'Hair', Age of Aquarius aesthetics