Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

Cried to Protector while I was petting my dog yesterday

16 Carriages remains a highlight, it's pure catharsis that juxtaposes her youth with her motherhood in the opening set of five songs. Absolutely essential to the album's vision and I'm glad it was part of our first taste.

I swapped Texas Hold 'Em for the remix the day the latter dropped and haven't looked back.
The shitting on "16 CARRIAGES" was the last thing I expected coming to the thread. It's so cathartic and feels like such a release for B to sing. While I didn't really care for "TEXAS", "16" kept my hype for the album. When the chorus starts to swell with all the background vocals at 2:16 and the additional synths??

Top 3 easily with "BODYGUARD" and "PROTECTOR" (which the latter makes me cry randomly?? I don't appreciate that!).