Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

A performance and a video would be nice.
True, but if it's going to be a video for II Most Wanted, I don't really care that much since the song gets no play from me. I use the shit out of the vast majority of this album but I tend to pay II Most Wanted, Texas Hold 'Em, and Levii's Jeans dust.
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I can live without visuals at this point. She's proven to me that I can fully escape into her music without them. But performances: I need those. Over the years I've realized the power of a great live performance, and nobody transforms a song live like Beyonce. This is why I need the Renaissance tour on streaming and hopefully a Cowboy Carter Tour movie next year.
All I want is an Asian, Australian and American 2025 tour announced!
I want visuals.

I really don’t understand what fans want? A Saturday Night Live performance? She left the usual promo thing more than a decade ago.
I don't understand fans who are like "with these projects you don't need visuals they're so great you can just imagine what they'd be like!" "We all know Beyoncé hasn't gone the traditional album release route for years now so maybe this is her creating a new way of release like with self-titled!" I've seen takes like these a few times now but like some of us aren't happy with just Cécred posts and the odd post on Instagram about the album. Anyone who says they are and these albums didn't deserve everything thrown at them are lying to themselves.

(I know there was a "world" tour and eventually a film but I'm not on about that - I'm talking about how aside from that the campaigns have been really disappointing/boring for such fun records)
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