Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

I don't understand fans who are like "with these projects you don't need visuals they're so great you can just imagine what they'd be like!" "We all know Beyoncé hasn't gone the traditional album release route for years now so maybe this is her creating a new way of release like with self-titled!" I've seen takes like these a few times now but like some of us aren't happy with just Cécred posts and the odd post on Instagram about the album. Anyone who says they are and these albums didn't deserve everything thrown at them are lying to themselves.

(I know there was a "world" tour and eventually a film but I'm not on about that - I'm talking about how aside from that the campaigns have been really disappointing/boring for such fun records)

Not “eventually” a tour film as if it didn’t come out right after said tour ended. I’m crying. She got that shit out as fast as she could. It’s not like we were waiting two years for it.

Anyway, I get that people want more, but also she’s been doing this style of campaign for so long that truthfully it doesn’t bother me! I don’t even see whatever Cécred posts are being referenced, and, like, the odd photoset twice a month isn’t upsetting my spirit, because I’m just not paying attention like that. It doesn’t mean I’m okay with not having more or think the albums don’t deserve it… I just don’t see the point in complaining about it, because it’s not gonna make a tour or those visuals come any faster.
Why are we shocked that it's radio silence? Do we forget that even though we got Renaissance in 2022, we had NOTHING from her until the tour in 2023. It's probably going to be the same for act ii. See y'all in June 2025!

As I say this, watch her clown us and do something for 4 July.
I would like to see her do another Super Bowl halftime show after she released act iii where she can give us a mix of all 3 acts combined… Imagine her opening with Ameriican Requiem then going for Alien Superstar or whatever, a man can dream!
Another Glastonbury though.. now that I could see!

It's time!

If Coldplay can headline FIVE times, then they can at least offer Beyoncé another headline slot seen as she's got 4+ albums worth of new material since she last performed. Plus, it would make it extra special seen as the festival is taking a break in 2026.

I adore her last Glastonbury set, but imagine a Homecoming level performance next year.
Considering Glastonbury couldn’t make it work with Madonna or even Stevie Wonder this year, I have my doubts they’ll be able to deliver on the kind of show that current era Beyoncé will, rightfully, expect and demand.

Her career is just in such a stratospherically different place than it was last time. Hell, last time was probably where the rise to her imperial living legend status began.
I don’t know if we’ll ever see another Super Bowl from her.. I don’t know how her current bodies of music would work in that setting.

Another Glastonbury though.. now that I could see!
They would work great? Break My Soul/Cozy/Texas/Hold Up/act iii lead + 3 hits still works as well as it ever did. Is it likely? No. Does her current body work work allow a Super Bowl Ready Show? Yes.
I'm sorry but, "She's been doing campaigns like this for ten years!" is a wild take. You mean those campaigns that were led with whole movies for the albums? And award show performances? The two things that the last two albums have not had along with anything else?

Say you don't care about the visuals, say... I don't know, they couldn't possibly compare to the dancefloors and fucking prairies you see in your imagination! But please come and live in reality. I still think it's a total shame that the two albums that actually lend themselves the most to fully realised visual worlds in the last decade are the ones that are seemingly going to go without, or rather, are going to go without until it doesn't really matter anyway. Thank God the music has been good.