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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. I’m so excited to watch this . I’m ready B !
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  2. I cancelled my Disney+ recently so I'll have to wait and see where else it goes.
  3. I wanted to stay up late tonight and watch this but of course we had a 4:30 AM earthquake and I'm too tired.

    Google says runtime is 1 hour 25 minutes.
  4. I'm kinda eh about the album because of its attachment to Lion King, but it's not bad.

    These visuals though...wig.
  5. Also like wig at her getting Disney to release a film called Black is King. Her power.
  6. It sounds like a beautiful project and I’m shook at the ambition of Beyoncé and Parkwood to produce this themselves. The locations sis, they had budget!
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  7. Deluxe version of The Gift is being released with the 2 versions of Black Parade and a Find Your Way Back remix
  8. The leaked ALREADY music video premieres in 18 minutes:

  9. Kinda not excited for this but I will watch it of course.
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  10. The amount of set ups and looks for Already alone - I’m so bald. I can’t wait to see the whole thing together (and can’t believe I might stay awake until 3am.mp4 to see it).

    The extended version of Black Parade is nice with the added brass intro, which therein more explicitly is announcing said parade. Seriously, this song pops off with every added listen and begs to be performed at Bey’s next stadium tour.
  11. The set pieces and looks are stunning, but I think this video could have used a bit more editing. They should’ve used an approach that showed the sets one by one instead of moving frenetically from one to another all throughout. Hoping the others are better, the song is a bop though.
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  12. To me, that's been her signature video style since Formation. I like it because it feels like a moving collage in a way, lots of different environments and ideas coming together to create something new. I love how she manages to keep things fresh aesthetically (some of the camera work in here I don't think she's done before) while deepening the narrative she's created
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  13. Yeah, but the Formation video had a better sense of progression, introducing a new set one by one, then staying there for a bit to absorb the environment with the panning, etc. The pacing here feels a bit uneven, in comparison, with the dance sequences being edited a bit weirdly. Those are just my complaints on the technical aspects of it because I do admire its ambition and its narrative of showcasing the raw beauty of blackness.
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  14. The video is great. Can’t wait for the movie. The effort to make this one year old Album into something more powerful and recognized ist impressive.
  15. Beautiful words from Beyoncè there. Queen!
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  16. I have a super hectic day ahead of me so winding down this evening to BLACK IS KING will be such a treat!
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