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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. The cinematography was absolutely breathtaking and it delivered some of Beyoncé’s best individual MVs while also highlighting the art of her collaborators.
  2. What a gorgeous video.

    Beyonce has turned into an amazing curator and collagist. The timing for this release couldn't be better too.
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  3. 6F2CF827-C193-4BE6-9565-0A06831CFCE6.jpeg F838814C-A846-4845-B984-F3FA455DBA4D.jpeg

    Some of the looks from Black Is King.
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  4. Can’t wait to watch this in full later . The Already video is a SERVE so stunning visually.
  5. I....would have liked it behind a spoiler tag (I skipped it, so I didn't see much), but I guess it's almost out now (?) so I should probably stay away from the thread until I see it.
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  6. It’s already out and available to watch, hence no spoiler tag.
  7. I love the motorcycle moment!
  8. Just finished it! I have no words!
    This womans work ethic is out of this world! She has no competition!
    Everything was great! The music, cinematography, costumes, story, people, places.
    She outdid herself. BRAVO!
  9. This was absolutely outstanding. I got so overwhelmed with some of the visuals that I couldn't help but cry at how beautiful it all is. It's all pouring with so much love, respect and creativity, it takes its time and lets every song, and every image shine. I couldn't find any fault - My Power, Brown Skin Girl, Already, Otherside, Water,... they're all absolutely stunning visuals. Blue ate absolutely every scene she was in.

    There's no one on her level, truly. I'm so happy she exists, I'm so happy she gave this album this much dedication and passion. I still stand by The Gift being, at its heart, a present for her children, and dedicating the whole thing to Sir underlines that.
  10. All the lewks were fucking iconic but when MY POWER came on THE DIRECTING TALENT JUMPED OUT.

    They’ll never take MY POWA! MY POWA!

    I’m left speechless.

    And OF COURSE, she made Black Parade the credits song.
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  11. The looks! GOOPED.

    Power is a MOMENT. Hell, even the Spirit choir bit was a moment. I’m floored...again.
  12. I cannot at the My Power visuals. My wig - where is it??

  13. She's operating in a whole other universe when it comes to visuals. No one has even come close since... I'm not sure when? In terms of the creativity and consistency of her visuals, she's been untouchable since Lemonade. I didn't get much use out of The Gift, but everything about this film is stunning.
  14. I need to see this in a cinema. Every shot was so stunning.
  15. I’m so happy Warsan Shire was back contributing more beautiful poetry to this. This whole project has been such a treat.
  16. RJF


    Am I high or did “MOOD 4 EVA” not used to slap THIS hard?
  17. I'd buy a table book with all of those looks and a few bonus from her IG.
  18. Find Your Way Back and My Power were ABSOLUTE stand out moments for me in terms of cinematography, choreography, direction and fashion. She gave us so many lewks during this film.
  19. I wasn't that anticipatory of this, and while I still think the marketing of this project/era/album as a whole has been a disaster, the visual blew me away.

    By far her best film visually, and it even made me appreciate the album more. The Otherside visual hasn't been talked about much online but it made me bawl. My Power is a masterclass in recce/set design (I would love to know whether that location is readily like that or whether the set designer needs an Emmy for that alone) and almost every video has incredible fashion choices. Brown Skin Girl and Mood 4 Eva were absolutely buckets of fun, and the extra bits added to both Bigger and Spirit elevated the original material and shot them both out of the sky.

    What a project.
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