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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. I love that she's retconned The Gift from cute soundtrack for a terrible remake into its own fully fledged project. It always deserved better and I can't wait to delve into the film this weekend.
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  2. I’m settling down to watch now. I am gagged over the looks popping up on Instagram alone.
  3. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Okay but Water definitely went off a bit more in this context.
  4. The whole album did to be honest.
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I started getting emotional during Find Your Way Back ddd. Why can't all pop stars be as good as her?

    Seriously, there is no one who provides the same thrill that she does. Find Your Way Back and My Power were absolutely exhilarating, and Brown Skin Girl had me beaming.

    There's only so much you can put into words, but she continues to remain an unstoppable force and no one is operating on her level.
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  6. I'm gonna watch this weekend. Gotta download it first.
  7. The sheer breadth of set pieces and the non-stop barrage of lewks can honestly be just a tad overwhelming but fuck it's so good.
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  8. I’ll watch it at some point, but I will continue to go to war for Find Your Way Back. It should have dominated everywhere last summer.
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  9. There is no one on this level of greatness. What an absolute masterpiece, and yes I can't believe I didn't fully notice how incredible Find Your Way Back was before.

    This scene ended me tho
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  10. Do I need to watch The Lion King before this? And yes, I’m a flop fan, I didn’t bother with The Gift last year as I had little interest in the film.
  11. Screaming as my mate from University was cast a dancer in the film. Mad.
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  12. Nah it’s not necessary. This stands by itself for sure.
  13. I knew it was going to be good because it’s Bey. But wow... she’s just on a different level. Literally not one dull moment.
  14. Now would be a good time to give as a The Gift Vinyl. The cover would look brillant.
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  15. My Power is just tremendous. And Brown Skin Girl an absolutely joyous moment.

    The whole thing though - an absolute visual feast. I will never tire of watching her interpret her music through art and dance.

    What a legacy.
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  16. Probably because there's no new music? There's less to say about the visuals.
    It's an absolutely stunning project, and we've come to expect no less from her.

    The dedication to Sir only was curious. I know the story is centered around a black man, but it makes me wonder if B7 will more specifically center black womanhood and be dedicated to Rumi.
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  17. I somehow got my parents to watch with me last night and it was a moment. My mom was living for all the looks! She really did not let up and committed to every song and set. Some stand out moments from my first watch (It wasn't the immersive experience I'll need since I was commenting with my parents, I missed most of the "Otherside" section when my brother came in the room):
    - Yemi Alade completely crushes it in "Don't Jealous Me" My mom immediately picked her out when she was just dancing and when she started rapping we couldn't look away. True star power
    - The one-two punch of "Bigger" and "Find Your Way Back" really is phenomenal in reinterpreting the themes of Lion King into a real world context. Also "Bigger" is a mom jam.
    -We all had moments of "I am sure this is great, but I have no idea what's going on"
    -"Mood 4Eva" is nonstop looks and then Jay Z in a polo shirt?!
    -The "Brown Skin Girl" visual is hands down my favorite after first listen. Just gorgeous and captures so much of what I love about the song, the ending scene made my heart explode!
    -"My Power" is easily the runner up for best visual. The looks, the charisma, the talent, and, dare I say it, the nerve to go that hard without a doubt that everything they're doing would click. Tierra Whack is a superstar and I would hear otherwise.
    -Did I miss it or did she pay "Scar" dust?
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  18. Finished watching BLACK IS KING and wow. Just fucking WOW. I found myself having to catch my breath because of how in awe I was of the whole thing. The songs really do come to life in this film, don’t they?!
    I can’t even pick a favourite moment because I’m still processing it all, it’s as if I have sensory overload. But Brown Skin Girl, gosh what a gorgeous moment that was. I had to stop myself from crying at it.

    Literally NO NOTES.

  19. I am still not over how brillant this is. Pretty sure this is my favourite visual album immediately? I was scared for the story and how it will work but wow - just perfect.

    Nobody needed the Lion King remake - this should have just been it. It’s better.
  20. Nope, Jessie Reyez pops up singing in the woods!
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