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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. I want to say this being put on Disney + limited how far she could have gone with this? It’s still a beautiful piece of work but the editing could have been a little more interesting. Of course there are stand outs like Water, Brown Skin Girl and My Power. My Power is a standout!
  2. Oh every music video in this is 11/10. She's just incredible. She should totally release Brown Skin Girl on youtube.
  3. The imagery, specifically in 'Water', is sublime. I think this is a much more well resolved project than Lemonade was. This is up there with the self-titled, musically and visually.
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  4. Are we likely to get physicals for the album? I’m not getting my hopes up haha
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  5. I just started it now and the visuals are such an upgrade from Lemonade already, I’m shaking
  6. Her last physical release was Lemonade. Even Homecoming wasn’t released on Blu-Ray.
  7. I absolutely loved this. What a gorgeous celebration of a such a rich culture. The colours, the scenery, the dancing, the clothing, the music - beginning to end and in every single aspect, it was an absolute feast.

    And Beyoncè continues to delight in her forging of her own career trajectory. The success she seeks isn’t success in the traditional sense of the word. I just know she sleeps so soundly at night knowing that her creative juices are continually flowing in the creation of her own projects without anyone telling her what to do and without the Billboard Hot 100 in mind. It’s pure unbound creation. We are lucky to witness it.
  8. I will never understand how Spirit didn’t smash. Apeshit almost has four times as many views as it on YouTube. What is wrong with people? Spirit is a masterpiece
  9. The implication here that Apeshit is anything other than amazing is not it.
  10. It’s not not great, but Spirit deserves to be at least on the same level. Besides, I’d have expected the extra exposure from the Lion King to have boosted it significantly more than Apeshit
  11. New merch is up for pre-order!


  12. The cinematography and production in this is otherworldly. We throw around 'next level' a lot in stan culture but this felt like a completely new frontier that was smashed in terms of visual media paired with music. Styling was also absolutely on point.

    With that in mind, I was having a hard time keeping up with distinguishing the story among the music videos and such. And I never quite warmed up to The Gift so I can't say the music was something I was particularly excited about - I sort of lost interest along the way because of that. I'm happy for her that they managed to release something of this kind and magnitude. It's definitely a step forward in terms of evolution and progress after the previous two ones, in the sense that it feels, to me, that she managed to elevate the visual album concept once more.

    It's the music that didn't spark much in me. I'll listen to the album more and potentially rewatch it.
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  13. You think? To me it is one of the most dire and uninspired tracks Bey did. in ages. A soulless attempt to create an epic of Halo proportions that falls completely flat. I really hammered it when it came out to see the or at least a light with it but I gave up. Having it as the big finale of Black Is King just confirmed this to me, it was a letdown even though the new choir parts were really lovely. I wasn’t at all surprised it was snubbed.

    But knowing her she’ll Run The World it to us for years to come to make us believe it was massive.
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  14. I do like The Gift. The production is immaculate throughout; particularly the vocal production. Bigger, Find Your Way Back, My Power, Already and Otherside are absolutely new favourites for me as well.

    I kind of like that Mood 4 Eva is a throwback to tracks like Upgrade U, but in that sense it’s a little regressive as well. And Nile is just a bit too meandering for me.

    It irks me a bit that Beyoncé comes in so late on both Brown Skin Girl (as great as it is) and Water. And the tracks where she barely features at all are... just not not what I ordered when it’s sold as her album. (I also hated the interludes as part of the listening experience - I don’t want Seth Rogen on a music album thanks).

    Also Spirit is the most trite thing she’s recorded since I Was Here. Although I’ll enjoy it somewhat during a listen, I don’t even think it has a particularly strong melody.

    The absolutely spectacular visuals really bring the album to life. However Lemonade and the self titled album can stand on their own without the videos.
  15. I like Spirit, but I do think if you're going to have a trite moment it needs to be an absolute killer and it wasn't.

    Rise Up is far better.
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  16. Spirit hits different when you let the LORD IN.
  18. Spirit gained so much within the context of the film, it grew so much on me. It definitely is an Oscar-bait song, but the added intro with the choir allowed it to thrive and end up almost as the heart of the whole thing. A perfect closure.
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  19. RainOnFire

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    If Beyoncé cared about hits then Find Your Way Back would've easily done the business, but otherwise I think Bigger should have been the main single over Spirit. Lyrically it's one of the best things she's ever done, and it sounds like an Oscar contender in a far less calculated way than Spirit does.
  20. Visually, this stands as her best work, but as an overall package, I didn’t find it particularly compelling. The narrative and music didn’t pull their weight enough to hold my interest.
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