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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

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  2. I’m gonna need her to put Brown Skin Girl on Youtube and if she’s feeling generous Power as well but in particular and most definitely Brown Skin Girl needs to be uploaded. More people need to see the beauty that is that video!
  3. The album is fine and the visuals look great but I have minimal interest anything having to do with her movie career nn. It’s time for a proper follow up to Lemonade.
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  4. I know she’s not bothered about hits, but damn she’s missed out on some Seriously easy ones to grab over the last few years!
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  5. Just Fine ? Wow the bad taste jumped out .
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  6. I’m still trying to find words about this. She’s truly on another level.
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  7. This is... literally the proper follow up to Lemonade, and it’s clearly an incredibly personal and important project to Beyoncé to the point of her dedicating the last year of her life to create a film showcasing black beauty, art, and symbolism on an even grander scale than she did with Lemonade. Sure, she uses the Lion King narrative as a loose framing device for the story being depicted but on no other project has she been allowed to bring every song to life with the same level of budget and attention that they get in this film. This has as much to do with her film career as Lemonade, as Self-titled, etc as it’s pretty much the natural evolution of her precious groundbreaking visual projects.
  8. My Power is... doing things to me. Not just the immaculate video but also the immense song itself. I was one of the few people who cared about The Gift and I hope many more will finally see what I saw in it. It is so strong.
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  9. It’s a film soundtrack with a visual aid. This isn’t B7 and y’all know it.
  10. I feel sad that there are 8 variants of Taylor and I don't know ho many of Katy but there is not ONE physical cd of The Gift.
  11. Environmentally-friendly queen.
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  12. The Everything Is Love erasure. Flop fans.
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  13. Finally got around to watching this. I don't have much to add other than the Find Your Way Back looks reminded me I still need a full-on Diana Ross, Donna Summer disco album from her.
  14. People expressing their love for BIGGER in this thread...I have to agree, it’s easily one of the best things she’s ever done. A masterpiece.
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  15. The last half of find your way back portion is just astounding. It’s not perfect as I’ve already expressed how I think the editing could be better, but it’s my favourite part of the movie. The meteorite fall, the glistening outfits in the fog, the gorgeous wide shots of the dessert... it gives that effect of a gorgeous mirage you encounter as you wander aimlessly and no less than Beyoncé encouraging you to push further and move forward.

    I do agree with the sentiment that this would’ve been a stronger project separated completely from The Lion King, and I feel the album would’ve done much better if it were released accompanied with this visual. Then again, I get they needed the Disney+ support to find confidence that it will be distributed to a large audience. It just feels like the roll out wasn’t done seamlessly, which seems like a rarity for a Beyoncé project.
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  16. Find Your Way Back is perfection. It’s beautifully shot and edited.

    My opinion on The Gift hasn’t changed much. The album is patchy and excruciatingly boring at times. It’s kind of weird how even with Black King i still didn’t want to revisit the album.
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