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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Since we've had the digital iTunes drop, the TV premiere and now the film streaming service release, I wonder if the next album will debut in theatres. It's an idea I've always toyed with since Selftitled and she certainly seems to be working towards that?
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  2. Considering:

    - Rumoured Netflix deal and
    - The state of the world right now

    I would say no.
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  3. Depending how Cannes or Sundance will approach the next few years, I think she could aim to premiere her next visual film there. It'd be a big moment for Parkwood. She certainly has the critical clout for it, but as great as her visuals have been as a musical accompaniment, they may need to step up their game a bit if they'll venture into that realm.
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  4. I also wonder if that would be overestimating it somehow? Not because she is fading or people lose interest but a feeling I got from a couple more people regarding BLACK IS KING was "oh well another Yoncé visual, great. I'll check it out sometimes soon."

    It would need a bigger selling point.
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  5. sis
  6. THIS it’s definitely one of her best songs ever .
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  7. A few years ago I thought debuting the album in a live setting could be a good one. For example, at the Coachella performance. However, I guess that's quite alienating for that sort of crowd. Some sort of live stream could work if not something like iamamiwhoami's 'in concert' which was pre recorded but had that live feel.
  8. Ms Tina seems to be a fan of Kerry’s, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see something like this happen.
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  9. The video for My Power is everything. The energy. The build up. The looks features sound. Everything. I am losing it halfway through it every single time. Wow.
  10. Black is King has some of her most captivating visuals, but I agree overall the album is lacking. Also, it's a little frustrating they could have gone even further with the imagery but had to comply with Disney and yet the data is showing the viewership was low. Fuck Disney+ and all the Hamilton hags.

  11. "Find Your Way Back" needs to be a single. Nice new remix on the deluxe edition and that VISUAL.

    But I turned off "Black is King" halfway through. It just dragged. I love her regardless.
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  12. How disappointing...
  13. It feels like people are ready for a proper, standalone album as opposed to a soundtrack album.
  14. For me this album is not lacking at all I love it . To put it bluntly I just don’t think this album is catered for everyone (non black people) .Not saying you can’t enjoy it if your not black but still it’s catered to a certain audience and genre of music .
  15. Truth. I know plenty of racists and basic white people who still were going to watch and gag over Hamilton, but those same people wouldn’t be caught dead watching Black Is King.
  16. I honestly think the moment has just passed and it's still just...a Lion King project. Like, I do not believe the overlap of Beyonce's main demo and Disney+ is very large! I do believe that the Disney+ users and Hamilstans venn diagram is a circle.
  17. nn also sorry this is a wildly dumb take. I do not believe people who are for white supremacy will be jazzed about Hamilton!
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  18. This is more spot on... I don't see Disney+ users being the target demo for a Beyonce project like this.

    From a branding viewpoint, I can see Disney+ getting this for some good PR/showcase variety in their catalog so I doubt they're mad. I just hope the returns don't discourage Parkwood from doing more projects like this, finding what worked and what didn't and improving on it. I'll add that I don't really know if it's Parkwood managing her marketing, but their marketing for her last few projects after Lemonade have been messy.
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  19. Disney gays in lacking taste shock.
  20. I do wonder how this would've fared had it premiered on another streaming platform, maybe on Netflix.

    Either way the numbers are not a representation of either the album or the film quality, and I'm so happy they exist.
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