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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Netflix would have been a much better fit.
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  2. I'm not sure these figures really are underwhelming? Disney+ apparently has 60 million subscribers. So around 4% of that equates to over two million viewers for Black Is King in this three-day period.

    No it's not streaming as much as the (mostly) multi-million dollar Hollywood movies that are above it, but was it ever supposed to? It's a Beyoncé visual album - comparing it to "fun for all the family" blockbuster movie franchises seems quite....misguided.

    Obviously all these things are relative. I don't even know if my simple equation is anywhere near accurate, or what the expected viewership even was, but to have millions of paid accounts tuning in to see Black Is King in just three days sounds pretty impressive to me...
  3. RJF


    I also think that the fact The Gift is a year old and only now getting this film is playing into things somewhat too.
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  4. And then you have people @Judy Jetson Hooker thought this was an all new project - mainly cause the album came and went last summer.
  5. You know me. Sometimes I’m just out of touch and slow. HA!
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  6. As much as I love The Gift, I’m not surprised by how it’s performed. I think it’s simply a case of people just not knowing it exits. Most of my friends like Beyoncé but didn’t even know The Gift was a thing, it wasn’t really promoted all that much, and it is a soundtrack after all. I feel it could have taken off a little more if they’d have put the visual on different streaming platforms, but at this point it just feels like more of a little person project for her.
    Her next solo studio album, will absolutely smash, there is literally no doubt about it.
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  7. I'm not sure that's what the numbers mean, as I doubt 17% of all subscribers ended up watching Incredibles 2, of all things, during that weekend. Usually, "share" means "out of people who used the service", so who knows how many of the 60 million subscribers were connected.
  8. Let's also keep in mind that there are disgusting children who watch things like Frozen 2, Hamilton, and Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson edition) on loop all day.
  9. This comment almost made me spit out my skinny no sugar syrup green tea latte.
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  10. I definitely feel this hasn’t caught fire like they’d have expected. First of all, the branding is all over the place. I forgot the album was called The Gift and searched for BLACK IS KING on Spotify, and it didn’t even come up. Also, the Disney+ trial ended in mid-June and that certainly wouldn’t have helped viewership.

    But if I’m honest, the music just isn’t as good as what we’ve come accustomed to? Personally, everything is just a little under-baked. It all just kind of exists. Like does any of this feel essential to her discography? FIND YOUR WAY BACK (with a new middle 8) maybe...?

    The Gift didn’t grab me when it was initially released, and one year later despite repeated attempts, it remains the same.

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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Nah, the music's soundscape remains gorgeous to me. It sounds exactly like how it was presented in the visual, like you're in a dessert and start seeing glorious mirages that inspire you to keep moving forward. This may be a controversial opinion, but the sounds here are a lot more timeless, colorful and warm than what was presented on Lemonade.
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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm glad that you mentioned this. She seems to be a fan of that kind of home-video effect (it was used in Homecoming too) but it's so irritating to me nn. Sis you spent millions of dollars on this project with literally hundreds of different setups and looks, let me see it in proper 4K HD quality!
  14. I like the effect.

    It’s a good juxtaposition from the gloss and sheen we see from 90% of the visuals.
  15. I hate the home-video effect too. Someone needs to make her stop.
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  16. The effect was done better and worked in Formation and the Lemonade project in general because it had a kind of documentary style concept, but it just feels out of place in this surrealist dessert art piece they were aiming for. And they used it a lot more here, too, in some very weird moments when it wasn't warranted.
  17. I love anything shot on film, the textures, color quality and personality it gives will never be matched by any digital film.
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  18. If you put in context that she had this idea after filming Spirit, and just kept going and slapped this project together in so little time, this is nothing short of a miracle.
  19. The music is fire but I can't persuade people who would really enjoy this that it's worth checking out. Last year the people I know who love Beyonce but aren't pop obsessed just assumed it was typical Disney soundtrack fare and not a 'real Beyonce project' so they didn't listen to it, now I think they're either not aware this is out or they're confused about what it is? It's only adding to the confusion and disinterest around the whole project to add another year.

    My Power is top tier in her discography but the locals don't even know. They'll be back when she ditches the mouse but it's frustrating that they're missing out.
  20. Honestly I just assume that anyone who thinks the quality of The Gift isn't up to par with the rest of Beyoncé's discography simply can't respect or understand the genres of Afrobeats and music across the African Diaspora. The format and nature of the album means that it will absolutely feel more disjointed then a solo Beyoncé album. But the quality of each song is right up with the rest of her discography.

    Beyoncé has always been effortless at combining genres and seemingly different song structures. So it is extra exciting to see how she stretches her musicality with genres she had only previously dabbled in. Before we had hints of it (End of Time, Run the World, Grown Woman, etc)---so to see her singing on top of Afrobeats, Gqom, Gospel, African Jazz, etc is amazing. During Everything Is Love people missed her extreme vocal prowess, and so to see how she rewrites and reconstructs what a Beyoncé ballad can be is mesmerizing and inspiring. Spirit, Otherside, and Bigger are all top tier Beyoncé ballads.

    The rest of the Beyoncé songs are amazing additions to her discography. Not only that but I think many people don't realize how impressive it is for Beyoncé to not only keep the quality, but to successfully showcase, unite, and collaborate with African musicians from so many different countries, cultures, and genres.

    The project overall is incredibly layered. At its worst that means it can be confusing and messy. But at its best, that means the music is so rich and doing things that have never been done before. Overall I'm not pressed about people who don't get it or don't have interest, because Beyoncé certainly isn't. But at the end of the day the quality is right up there with the rest of Beyoncé's discography.
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