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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. I'm not sure I'd count that as a ballad, but I see the point for sure. Either way I don't think that this type of single would ever be approached as a ballad by her.

    I hear you. I always saw Everything Is Love as more of an indication above any of her collaborations.
  2. Ewww I forgot about her collaborating with Eminem. That and Perfect were very unnecessary although the one song is worse.

    Let’s hope she stays in the better lane from now on.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I always forget just how strong her voice is. This is great.
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  4. RainOnFire

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    I can't remember if it was from Forbes or Billboard (or something else entirely), but remember that article that said that Lemonade was originally only going to be on Tidal, and she had to be convinced into putting it on iTunes at the very least? I genuinely worry that's going to happen for a new album at some point. I'm actually sort of convinced Everything Is Love was supposed to be that, because I remember the rollout being messy as hell (and I feel like it only happened after HDD reported that she was about to miss #1, which ended up happening but still).

    In the grand scheme of things, Black Parade (Extended Version) only being available on Tidal isn't the worst thing that could've happened, but... I still worry for whatever tomfoolery we're going to have deal with for the new era.
  5. Love her vocals on this, and the production is so good.
    I was expecting a ballad but ended up bouncing in my seat.
  6. This is so cute. People I follow on twitter gave this mixed reception, but I really enjoyed this. It brightened up my day.

    I'll be bumping this every Juneteenth!
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  7. It definitely needs repeated listens to get into but it’s a massive grower! Much better than The Gift! Excited to see where this era goes!
  8. Yeah you're right. But when someone as big as Bey releases a song during this period in America, you'd expect it to be a big, empowering ballad. I was pleasantly surprised.
  9. Who uses Tidal? The only time it comes up is when Beyonce releases. Surely they have data that shows them it's dormant any other time of the year.
  10. You hear em swarm and riot?
    Bees is known to bite.

    I’ve never been happier to be part of The Hive. Black Parade houses some of her most resonant, lively, and assured lyrics, too. Between this, Savage Remix, and Apeshit, Bey has more than proven herself as an emcee.
  11. I know it seems minor, but the absolute STATEMENT of the capitalization. I'm kind of numb to song titles being upper case for the sake of a e s t h e t i c s, but the starkness and simplicity with which the whole thing has been delivered really resonates.

    Also the absolute ease with which she continues to deliver shots of multi-layered commentary, wryness, bite, celebration, and joy in concert with arrangements that reward with each listen? Said a million times over, but we're really lucky to be in the same sphere as her mind.
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  12. Not me waking up from my sleep to see this thread's title and thinking of My Chemical Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade sksks
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  13. From what I saw on Spotify's song credits, her musical director Derek Dixie worked on this which makes sense because I think it fits into the soundscape of Homecoming more than like, The Gift, honestly. Derek's work with her discography since The Mrs. Carter Tour has been unparalleled to me so to see him actively working with her on actual new music has me deeply excited.
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  14. So which fan base will call this a flop first pointing out that Beyoncé can’t get number ones alone fully ignoring this is more and doesn’t follow the shady tactics of a streaming hit? I’ve already seen some Katykitties and Monsters going on how this is not it.

    I mean all those stan wars are embarrassing already but how can they always miss the point that much?

    Anyway. This is great.
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  15. Astonishingly Good.
  16. I know its not popular but I enjoy Tidal. The Masters quality audio sounds pristine and listening to albums in Dolby Atmos is pretty amazing too. Surprisingly out of all the music services for me it has been the best at picking next tracks as well. No, I'm not getting paid by them either hahaha.
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  17. BTG


    She’s just so important.
  18. I haven’t heard a damn thing about this song until this thread. dddd

    It’s good. I only like the chorus but it’s overall not for me, and that’s ok.
  19. I mean, Beyonce isn't a streaming force. We know this already. It's fine.
  20. Also anyone even contemplating that is a complete idiot.
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