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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. It’s grown on me, but I think the intro could be off putting to some. The melody in the chorus in particular is very nice. They could’ve done a bit more in the production to make it stand out more.

    As for the commercial performance, Beyoncé is past that. Partly because she’s 20 years into her run so a slowdown would happen naturally. But mostly because she’s an artist who’s already built a legacy that would stand the test of time... and earn her good coin from touring when she feels like it. More hits at this point would be icing on the cake on an iconic, culture-defining career.
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  2. I mean she would sell out arenas with an ex girlgroup she was in 372 years ago without even touching her own unparalleled back catalogue so yes.
  3. Who cares about dat? We’re all here for the music...
  4. I like the purpose of it but the song is really bad in my opinion.
  5. ...

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  6. It's weird because I like it on first listen but now I don't like it all. The chorus is the worst part.
  7. Did you realise what the message was about and that turned you off it?
  8. Not at all, why would a good message would turn me off? It's the best thing coming from the song.
  9. The chorus is amazing, what? 2020 continues to baffle may.
  10. Normally I welcome opinions as music taste is subjective, but I do think negative opinions are pretty pointless in this case.
    This doesn’t feel like a song that has been released to be especially liked or disliked, it instead feels like a piece of art that serves a statement.
    It’s like Billie Holidays ‘Strange Fruit’, I guess many would say they don’t like the style of the song, but that’s not the point, the point is not for it to be subjective, but for it to send a strong cultural message.
    It makes more sense in my head but yeah..
  11. So people just have to like it because of the message? While not sharing their opinion in a pop music forum? I -
    That said i don’t understand how can anyone deny the chorus, is the best part of the song for me while the verses are kind of just meh.
  12. I think you can dislike a song even though it has a good intention/message.

    I personally think it’s weirdly catchy even though I see it’s not that easy to digest.

    I don’t think anybody should be judged for not liking it.

    I think whoever thinks this isn’t good is wrong. But that’s just me.
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  13. This is a protest song. 'Bop!!!', 'yasss', 'added to my gym playlist' and 'refreshing Kworb lol' are not needed responses.
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  14. ...did I say that?
    Basically this.
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  15. I think this is a bop as well as being so, so timely. I can’t fathom not loving this.
  16. It is a great song, I meant when people say 'bop!!' for Kim Petras or Kygo songs.
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  17. I’m more of a casual Beyoncé listener but this is a triumph. As others have said - that chorus!
  18. I can’t think of anyone in the game at the moment, other than old school Kanye who is anywhere near as good as Beyoncé at making a song that portrays an important message whilst also being just a damn great song to listen to in its own right. Truly a gift. This and Formation in particular are genuinely iconic and a vital parts of her already enormous legacy as an artist.
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  19. This wasn’t made to top the charts. It was made to make a statement and serve a purpose. I do enjoy the song but those looking for some chart battle are stretching.
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  20. Personally, I found "Formation" kinda odd and off-putting at first, before it grew on me.

    Some things never grow. Some things do.

    It is what it is.
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