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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. This is incredible. The off-kilter, percussive production and the dense, reference rich lyrics. It's incredible how much she has evolved but also how seamlessly this references Deja Vu. Meanwhile she keeps contorting and twisting her voice into new shapes and pushing it into new spaces. Imagine an album full of this. It could become the defining album of our moment. Her ambition and prescience remain awe inspiring.
  2. It should also top the charts. It’s powerful and incredible.
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  3. Still in awe with these lyrics. So personal yet so universal.
  4. WOW this looks legendary already
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  6. So is a full album on its way too? I have so many questions. Regardless, great, can’t wait.
  7. fuck, and the premier is on Disney+?

    The power.
    Is this going to be another album/visual moment or just a film?
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  8. July 31st? I’m kind of shook that we’re getting such far advance notice that she’s coming to decapitate us for once.
  9. I was wondering today about her leaving a three period between self titled and LEMONADE AND NOW THIS HAPPENS

  10. My hair follicles are not ready.
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  11. Shaking!! I wonder if we’ll get new songs during the gap.
  12. I would love to think so, but the imagery is giving me The Gift. This might be those rumored music videos she filmed for Brown Skin Girl, Water and Otherside. I hope I’m wrong tho.

    I’m also so mad Disney snatched her right as I started working for Netflix
  13. I read that it was all visuals for The Gift too.
  14. Considering the tie with Disney (and the use of Already) I think this will be related to The Gift rather than a new project. Looks incredible!
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  15. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    For fuck’s sake.

    ALTHOUGH, I’m not crazy about Disneyoncé brand synergy.

    We’ll see.
  16. BLACK IS KING would be a brilliant album title.
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