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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  2. I can’t believe we’re most likely getting visuals for The Gift a year later.
  3. I can't believe how dense and sophisticated her visuals have become although I wish they didn't announce it so soon because a month is a long time, especially in these circumstances.

    I will watch the Lemonade visual album to hold me over.
  4. The only downside here is that a new album is probably unlikely, at least this summer, if she's putting visuals for The Gift out end of July. I was sort of hoping BLACK PARADE was a Formation situation.
  5. Gooped.

    I’m totally okay with this being for The Gift. The way everyone slept on that album...
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  6. Speak for yourself!
  7. I love The Gift sis!
  8. Holy shit. I’m so ready for this. Everything looks excellent as per. Beyoncé really is at the top of her game as an artist, what a privilege that we get to witness and enjoy this.
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  9. Oooo this is exciting. I’ve only read the news and haven’t watched the trailer yet. But I was just saying to my housemate how I hardly use my Disney + and now I have a reason to use it!
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  10. Let’s hope a psychical The Gift + dvd will be released. Yes I doubt it and I hate her for that.
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  12. I’m ready B! This looks incredible!
  13. I can't believe this is happening!!!! I don't want to wait a month but I know it will be worth it.
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  14. Interesting this is on Disney+ didn’t she sign a deal with Netflix for homecoming?
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  15. I was a bit confused at first as well cause she still has two Netflix projects to go, but I guess there’s some sort of loophole where she can create visuals for The Gift or something?
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  16. I mean “The Gift” has some incredible moments on it, was kinda hoping “Black Is King” was going to be a brand new album.

    Will I still eat it all up? Of course.
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  17. Is there confirmation it’s linked to The Gift?
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