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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. I do wonder why it wasn't released closer to the The Lion King release.
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  2. Kinda hoping she recorded a few more solo tracks and stuck them on there.
  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The shot of her in the red outfit with the sparklers behind her?! The shot of her on the brown cow stunning horse?!

    The fact that she dropped The Lion King: The Gift, fell off the face of earth, and then told us to sit and WAIT for more than a year before unleashing this. The way she can still render me completely speechless with just a 1 minute trailer.

    There's something so exhilarating about seeing her on screen in all of her power. I can't WAIT for July 31.
  4. Nobody else can do it like her. I love my mom.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    To give the film a chance dd? I feel like a project just from Beyoncé would've easily eclipsed that.

    I'm salivating. She is just unbeatable.
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  6. Probably this, and also because the movie bombed critic-wise.
  7. Yeah this is already far more interesting than that pointless remake.
  8. My favorite shot would be of her in that metallic outfit just standing there, while a literal comet falls behind her because God knows the comet was like:

  9. I didn't know she had 2 more Netflix projects to go (which is amazing), but I'm guessing this is allowed on Disney+ due to it being a film based around the Lion King soundtrack.

    Hamilton AND a Bey film coming to Disney+ in July? Let me go sign up real quick.
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  10. If it gets some of the songs more attention, then I'm all for this. 'Otherside' especially!
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  11. K94


    Mother trying to scalp me on my birthday - the deception and disgrace of it all
  12. RJF


    She really waited until after the BPG Rate when @Laura Vanderbooben and I were scrapping together single covers for The Gift from "Spirit" and Lion King huh
  13. So... is this B7? Or just another soundtrack?

    I’m getting really tired of soundtracks from the big pop girls...
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  14. It's just visuals for The Gift, but given it's coming out a year later I imagine there'll be a new song or two?

    I wonder if she'll drop physicals alongside this, if there was a new buzzworthy song could she snatch the #1 she was denied by 5S*S?
  15. I’m here for BLACK IS KING, Disney+ came thur with this exclusive.
  16. Thinking about it, I do feel Bey's project with The Lion King didn't synergize as seamlessly, unlike Kendrick's project with Black Panther. A dream project would be if she does the soundtrack and musical accompaniment to a Jordan Peele movie (he did use Say My Name for Candyman).
  17. Don’t think this was posted yet:

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  18. The Gift was the only memorable thing about that cash grab remake, honestly.
  19. I can't believe how spoiled we are during these very, very trying times and music has been my go-to for everything, other than horror films and trashy reality shows, of course.

    But we had Fetch The Bolt Cutters, how i'm feeling now, Set Your Heart On Fire Immediately, Women In Music Pt. 3, Future Nostalgia, What's Your Pleasure, even Chromatica, and now THIS.

    This marks her third era of her artistry peak and boy, am I glad that I'm alive to witness all of it unfold in real time AGAIN.

    We are honestly not worthy. I can't wait for all of this glory. Thank you Queen Knowles.
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