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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. She's got a lot of mileage out of a voiceover in (another) subpar Disney remake. Especially since she actively contributed to the film being shit. But this visual album looks good!
  2. Really hoping the three people running in the black and white catsuit setups is for some mad futuristic “My Power” scene
  3. I’m glad it’s looking like Brown Skin Girl is FINALLY getting some visuals . I hope ‘Already’ is included as well that was probably maybe favourite song on The Gift a whole bop !
  4. Otherside is absolutely stunning.

    Bigger should be used in the next tour! Would be great as part of a Mashup with Mine perhaps.
  5. Find Your Way Back can still be a hit it’s not too late!!!
  6. It’ll be cool to see if the BLACK IS KING visual will trigger an uptick in streams for a lot of the songs on the album itself. I like how she’s still committed to her projects even after they’ve been released out into the world. It makes me appreciate her work even more because you know she isn’t the type to release something then abandon it. If that makes sense??
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  7. Find Your Way Back is one of my most played Beyoncé songs. It really gets to me, it has such a feeling of healing. I think it’s the lyrics.
    After Black Parade and going back to Lemonade and The Gift, I’m really appreciating Beyoncé more lately. We are so lucky to have her.
  8. Also is Black Is King a new album or visuals for The Gift? Either way I’m buzzed, The Gift is such an under rated gem.
  9. Black is King is a visual presentation attached to The Gift, which probably means this will be to the Gift what Lemonade was to the album, but I'm expecting more of a narrative element in this film.
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  10. MOOD 4 EVA was the one that should have had single treatment

  11. Melo-X’s past work with Beyoncé:

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  12. So this means there's new music in it, as Melo-X didn't work on The Gift, right?
  13. The story of how she started working with him is so nice - he remixed some songs on self-titled and they were great, the label kept trying to get them taken down, Bey heard them, loved them, told the label to fuck off, invited MeLo on tour, and the rest is history. Queen!
  14. Yes but music does not mean actual songs in this case. He's saying he worked on the score.
    I still think there will be a new song or two though.
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  15. He mentions music score, which essentially is the instrumental that plays along the film, not necessarily any new songs with B herself.
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