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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. You know, it's surprising to see Smash Into You on so many lists. I'm a big fan of Jon McLaughlin and even I think it's eh. Loved it when the album first came out but I'm not about it now.
  2. Does anyone know why Flawless is called ***Flawless?
  3. The Judges give champion Skeleton Crew 4 Stars
    A perfect score
    And the challenger Girls TYME receives, 3 stars
    Skeleton Crew, champions once again
    Congratulations, we'll see you next week

    Irony, or something.
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  4. Wow, that is actually pretty smart.
  5. Currently praising the Almighty TV Gods, who have so graciously blessed us with a rare showing of Bey's marvelous debut starring role in Carmen: A Hip Hopera. To think that I believed for years that she had somehow gotten hold of all copies and burnt them on an open fire so no one could witness such a delicious atrocity ever again. But alas, my eyes remained glued and hypnotized by her horrific acting and even scarier fashions, wondering why Mos Def is playing a police lieutenant, how Lil Bow Wow found himself thrown into the plot, and if they can somehow bring this sort of thing to Broadway.
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  6. I'd always wondered this as well. Thank you.
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  7. KAG


    - @imperialsteroid, Carmen is a guilty pleasure of mine. They tried to modernize a classic, however went about it the wrong way and the film just ended up being tacky and nonsensical. I think 'Stop That' and 'Cards Never Lie' are genuinely good songs though.
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  8. Totally agree. If anything, a handful of songs heighten the experience tremendously and are naturally the few moments when Beyonce truly lights up the camera. I remember taping it when it first premiered and surprised myself tonight by remembering many of the lyrics like it was yesterday. Quite the nostalgia trip.
  9. 1. Haunted
    2. I Miss You
    3. Drunk In Love
    4. Schoolin' Life
    5. Baby Boy
    6. Mine
    7. Partition
    8. Disappear
    9. No Angel
    10. Countdown

    666. Love On Top
  10. Your list and others are really quite 4 heavy, which is interesting to me because it seemed like after her self-titled opus there was a collective rush to downplay 4 as adult-contemporary mush. I always thought that was unfair so it's nice to see its highlights rank high on these top tens.

    I know as a mod I shouldn't be endorsing these lists, but my own - unordered - list would probably go like this:
    Partition (actually this is number one)
    Crazy In Love
    Upgrade U
    Get Me Bodied

    You know what? That was really hard, and I don't feel good about it. I don't highlight her third album, which even if you don't like it seems like an oversight.

    Also, I'm ready for a new album.
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  11. Oooh we're making lists! Mine, in no order, is:

    1. Crazy in Love
    2. Halo
    3. Hello
    4. Countdown
    5. XO
    6. Drunk in Love
    7. Upgrade U
    8. Sweet Dreams
    9. Run the World
    10. Single Ladies
  12. BML


    I love Carmen: A Hip Hopera! I don't rate Beyonce much post-DC but I love that movie and own the soundtrack. When I was younger, every time we went to Blockbuster I'd alternate between that and 10 Things I Hate About You. 'Cards Never Lie' and that whole scene was the best part of the movie for me, along with when she got shot. I kind of want to go watch it now.
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  13. 1. Crazy in Love
    2. XO
    3. Mine
    4. Jealous
    5. Schoolin Life
    6. Baby Boy
    7. Drunk in Love
    8. I Miss You
    9. Disappear
    10. Single Ladies
  14. I couldn't even begin to compile a Top 10. A Top 30 maybe. So here's my Top 10 most played:

    1. End Of Time
    2. Partition
    3. XO
    4. Drunk In Love
    5. Best Thing I Never Had
    6. Countdown
    7. Love On Top
    8. Pretty Hurts
    9. I Care
    10. Blow
  15. 1. Crazy in Love (Nothing will ever come close, probably my favourite song of the 21st century)
    2. Partition
    3. XO
    4. Upgrade U
    5. Get Me Bodied
    6. 1+1
    7. Love On Top
    8. Schoolin Life
    9. Hello
    10. Irreplaceable
  16. Sam


  17. A top 20 feels better to me now that I think of it because that top 10 was hard. Not having Mine on these feels like a crime but at the same time, I wanted everything else on there as well. Ugh.
  18. Even though the new album is imminent at this point, I find it hard to get excited about it. I wish she'd do a total 180 to BEYONCE and gave us something sleek, colourful and minimal. BEYONCE was so good there's no way she can top it, so why try?
  19. Why does everybody assume there's a new album coming soon? Have I missed something...
  20. I just want her to surprise with a new sound. If you said to me post-4 that the new album would be dark and Drake-y, and as far from pop as possible, I would have groannnnnnnnnnnnned. How wrong I was. So basically B do whatever genre you fucking want as long as it's amazing.

    Although, I would quite like something a bit lighter this time.
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