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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. People love to be shady towards Michelle but the good sis did well last night much better than the Superbowl. And Miss Kelly Rowland slayed and is still looking like she’s in her mid 20’s .
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  2. Please don't shoot me, but it seemed like she kinda ran out of steam towards the end.

    And she was holding her boob in like her life depended on it. And the boots falling down her legs. Do they not dance proof these outfits?

    Why were Kelly & Michelle lipsyncing?

    Otherwise, it was perfect.
  3. Who wouldn't?

    Who cares?

    To spare the latter from embarrassment.

    I enjoy the imperfections. She was definitely on MJ's level last night, but she sang live more than he usually did. "Drunk In Love" took me back to the time I saw Destiny's Child at a summer radio concert when I was 12 or 13 (Red White and Boom) and some dad in front of us lost it when, instead of singing her line, one of the three asked how everyone in Kansas City was feeling one time too many for him. He screamed something like "fucking fine!" and security ushered him and his kids out. She danced and sang her ass off. The only part that felt kind of modern pop-showy and mechanical was "Partition" (ftr, I really like that song).
  4. RJF


    A Destiny's Child album at this point would feel like... when people buy an old games console off eBay because they loved playing it as a kid... only for the nostalgia high to wear off after ten minutes and for it to languish in a different cupboard. And I say this as someone whose pussy flew somewhere to the South Pacific the moment HIT MAY! blasted out.

    Let them be this perfect supergroup time capsule that pops up every few years for five to ten minutes to take us through the best stuff and leave us dazzled with the memory of them as this profoundly powerful force in music. Keep the mystique.
  5. A DC album in 2018 would be about as useful as TLC's album last year.

    Not at all.
  6. Fun fact of the day: On Monday Michelle hosted the second annual Soar Radio Awards (Gospel industry) in our respective flyover rust-belt hometown of Rockford Il and then on Saturday she's playing Coachella.

    Queen of getting paid.
  7. Why is Michelle so rigid and stiff? I sometimes feel like I could do a better job...

    Bey was fucking outstanding though.
  8. Y'all do the most with Michelle. She's my second fav in DC tibbs.
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  9. Michelle Williams is the best Destiny's Child member ever!
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  11. Michelle did fine. Also, her verse is the best one in "Lose My Breath," so Beyoncé got it right with giving her that moment.
  12. My favorite Destiny's Child song is Stand Up for Love. Michelle's part shook me. I literally stood up for love and said yas, even before saying yas became a thing.
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  13. Opinions.
  14. I recoiled.
  15. SMG


    She has to be the best performer of all time, surely? She's starting to blow MJ, Prince, Madonna out of the water which is obviously no mean feat.
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  17. Lowkey I'm lighting my Alejandro candles for Telephone next weekend dd.
  18. But besides Beyoncé herself being incredible, it’s just so refreshing to see how much her and her team invests money-wise into her performances. You see all these other performers cutting budgets, but here she is investing in her art when you know she could still sell out while cutting down. She didn’t have to go so hard like that, but she did. An inspiration to artists everywhere.
  19. I can't seem to forget what happened this weekend. For those of who you haven't seen BEYCHELLA or still thinks she's overrated...


    I'm basically here to remind you that - first to her name:
    Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter. Yoncé to Sasha Fierce. Queen of the House of Deréon. Holy Mother to Princess Blue Ivy. The Voice & Leader of Destiny's Child (& the Lessers). Snatcher of Scalps, Edges & Wigs. Killer of Music, Stages, Festivals, Choreography, Performances & Tours. Life-Giver. Soul Crusher. King of Fashions. Citizen of Creole Wonderland, Houston, Texas. The One & Only Legendary Black Girl Magic Personified.

    Basically, GOD.

    That is all.

    P.S. - None of these are exaggerations/extra/medoingtoomuch/lies.

    #BowDownBitches #GODYoncé #YourFavesWILLNever
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