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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. A career defining performance and a reminder why she's at the top of her game.

    Love seeing all the praise she's receiving from other artists

  2. Ddd @ Trina being thrown in at the end of this
  3. Still can't get over how great her legs look in those jean shorts.

    Thicc >>>>>>>> thigh gap. They don't even jiggle. That's crazy!
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  4. LTG


  5. The yodelling kid needs to chill.
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  6. This sheer level of detail. The legend jumped out


  7. Gonna be extra and add the Greek sorority letters and start a conversation about how some ancient Greeks were black.
  8. My insta feed is absolutely rife with Beychella! I mean.... wow!

    Also reading through the comments here and I agree the first fifteen minutes was a bit too choppy and felt very stop start which I would of been frustrated with if I’d of been there in the crowd.. not that I wouldn’t of Quickly got my life shortly after
  9. I've seen tours with way less effort. ANd this is a festival set that's not end up being a tour DVD or something.
    Exactly this. And she would have killed it with a stripped back affair too. Her own bar is insanely high. I tend to try to understand why people thought her shows would be samey/repetitive(based on old tricks etc. but not anymore. Whoever thinks Beyoncé isn't the performer of this generation is just wrong. Period.

    Don't Hurt Yourself -> Strings kicking in -> I Care.

    I almost died. This is Beyoncé peaking. Peaking yet again.
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  10. Are we sure it's not getting released in any form? All the official videos have been taken down...
  11. At the end of the article, it has the entire show separated to two parts but ONLY 720p.

    Get your life:

    Edit: Upon revisiting her discography today, she should've seriously included Green Light instead of paying it absolute dust when it is one of songs that uses A LOT OF HORNS. Also, if she were to do Creole (because the same reasons), it would've been perfect too. But I'm not gonna question God, so I'll just cope with what we got.

    Now tell me if this song were to be drumline-d - this would be it.
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  12. Quite possibly one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my entire life. How she managed to reconstruct the hippest, whitest venue into the most explosive and endearing displays of black pride is nothing short of phenomenal.
  13. If she releases this instead her last couple tours - On the Run I'm looking specifically at you - I can't.
  14. She included Green Light as an outro (I forget which track it was exactly) at Coachella.

    EDIT: Deja Vu.
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  15. Watched last night! What a fucking Woman!!!!
    I’d kill to see her live again, but I just can’t stick stadiums to be honest.

    Was Jay off on Deja Vu? Like his missed or forgot some words?
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  16. Is this a dog whistle
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  17. B'Day is such a fantastic rush. Before Lemonade and Beyoncé it was my favourite by far and I never understood why people said she didn't have a great album to her name. The original B'Day is massive and should be celebrated at every chance.
  18. B'Day and 4 are definitely better than DIL and IASF but even her lesser two albums are still solid listens, or have some brilliant moments (even outside the singles). Her bar was always very high so her lows were only ever really relative.
  19. Moments, yes, but not much more although Dangerously was a solid debut and off its time. If heard 1000 worse R'n'B albums from that period.

    You're right with high standards. Sasha Fierce was that one time she actively ignored them and took a big shit on it. Some bops but also much forgettable trash. Although yes if I think about it you could have made a very strong 10 track affair out of it which would feature two anthems of our time - Halo and Single Ladies no matter how much we hate them maybe - and that's also more than what can be said about many albums.The quality control was just a bit shit so much more ended up on the album than what was good for it.
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