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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Some shots have surfaced from behind the scenes. We love a hard working queen
  2. Dangerously In Love is may more solid than I remember it being. The singles are all classics, but it’s got some real great deep cuts like Signs and Yes, the latter’s production is sooooo good and so ahead of it’s time. If someone leaked a snippet of that song and told me it was from B7, I’d believe them.

    I love B’Day, but the deluxe version tracklisting is a mess. It sort of makes sense to put the new songs at the start of the album, but nothing should open the album other than Déjà Vu. The original track list is amazing.
  3. Dangerously in Love is better than I Am Sash Fierce. *Camille Grammer* but now we said it.
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  4. I always get annoyed when people forget she's been doing this shit ever since B'Day. To me, that is truly her first visual album.
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  5. While we're having this lil' career retrospective, let's take the time to appreciate the incredible improvements she's made at crafting ballads/ballad-y songs. I've always found them to be quite MOR until we hit 4; now I consider tracks like I Miss You, I Care, Jealous, Mine, and Pray You Catch Me to be among her best.
  6. RJF


    Why do interviews when your work articulates everything you need to say? We know how Beyoncé feels about things because she tells us rather plainly through her music and videos. Maybe a little intricacy is lost, but... does anyone really need clarification on whether or not Beyoncé is on the right side of history?
  7. I'm so jealous of Ms. Tina

    imagine having the bragging rights that you gave birth to Beyonce
  8. i was at Coachella - it was legendary - 1000% going back next weekend
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  9. Serena Williams on the Sorry video is such a moment. She looks fucking incredible and her movements are fire.
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  10. Even her rehearsal photos are perfect. The nerve of her
  11. Photographers simply know that any less-than-flattering shot will result in the disappearance of multiple family members.
  12. I’m afraid I fell in a deep k hole during her set and had to be propped up for two hours so I missed everything. At some point, the guy who was keeping me alive said, hey you may want to see this (when Destines Child came out) so I tried very hard to focus on what was happening but still I could not make out any vision or sound. End of report.
  13. What a wonderful use of a ticket to see an incredible performer.
  14. I had about 20 other performers that I follow and enjoyed over the weekend, I’ve never heard a Beyonce album or album track in my life, and I was only standing in the vicinity of her stage because there was literally no counter programming during her set. So werq, I guess.
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  15. Never been in a k hole, but I'm pretty sure that performance would have brought me out of it. I really regret not going.
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  16. Why does this sound like a plot from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
  17. But how iconic would it have been if he left you to go get his life and you died.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Judging by her set lists, Beyoncé would disagree.
  19. [​IMG]
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