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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Nice little interview with Michelle, where they obviously ask her about Beychella and Beyoncé
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  2. Fan edit of Everybody Mad by OT Genasis with the accompanying band + horn section, which was featured as part of a dance break in the Beychella intro:

  3. Wasn’t some fan site planning to put out a live album of her Coachella performances? Last I heard her team had shut it down but oh how I wish it had happened.
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  4. This was my favorite bit of the performance, so when I went to find the original song I was so disappointed at how limp it sounds in comparison to the remix. I'm glad someone got onto this, but an official version would be best.
  5. Yeah that part was amazing:

  7. one of my 100 favorite parts of the show
  8. O.T. Genasis is adding horns to the original. Beyonce's power.
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  9. Finally found a link to the full set and finally had the time to sit down and watch it all. What a goddess. I mean we been knew but she's the greatest performer of all time.
    I'm overwhelmed.
  10. That dance break with this playing was one of the best parts for sure.
  11. The New York Times' PopCast have done a really great analysis of her Beychella performance. They of course stan and for good reason. You can listen to it here.
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  12. Please send me a link.
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  13. This will probably only be up for a limited time, so get into it if you haven't already. It's in decent enough quality:

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  14. Welp this is beautiful

  15. Tina when she found out Solange fucked up jay-z in the elevator
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  16. 15 years of Crazy In Love!

  17. jesus what have I done with my life
  18. Beyonce put Lemonade on Spotify challenge. It’s been 84 years.. etc.
  19. I listened through I Am Sasha today because it was such a long time ago, and I have to say that 'If I Were a Boy' is one of her most arresting vocal performances ever. And I think the lyrics are so touching. The production is what lets it down but I still love it because it feels so endearing. Gosh this album, even though it's my least favorite album of hers, is still so nostalgic to me. She was everywhere and she and Gaga were the superstars.

    I think I Am is so important in her career, but also it shows just how she is an amazing pop artist. She can take a song that would feel lifeless with another artist and breathe life into it.
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