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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. While the current timeline and climate are incredibly fucked beyond repair, I'm so grateful to exist at the same time as Beyoncé. I'm also glad Lemonade is being revisited and lauded all over again by end-of-the-decade commentators, for that album taught me that my pain and struggles and generational trauma as a black woman aren't for naught. She has been a beacon of hope for me. With every cultural, racial, and gendered barrier that she breaks, my heart swells with pride.

    And that's another thing: Beyoncé doubling down on her blackness and her womanhood has helped me be even prouder that I too exist within that intersection. Whether or not she "charts" like she used to, her authentic ability to make black women feel valid in their pain, healing, sexuality, motherhood, and productivity is everything.
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  2. A fucking nightmare.
  3. We lost another one. She was in talks for a 2020 European solo tour this year.
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  4. Sighhhh.
  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. She still feels TOO big for Vegas (yes, Gaga’s huge, but Vegas feels on brand for her specifically), so I’m not convinced this would be more than few dates if anything at all.
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  6. RJF


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  7. I always saw Beyoncé having a Vegas show at some point so this doesn’t exactly surprise me.

    I’m actually planning to go to Vegas next year but if the tickets are anything like Gaga, there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to afford it.
  8. Oh wow, it would make sense with her young family and things.

    I wonder where she will perform - The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace has a big gap now that Celine has left plus they just renovated that theatre to add a GA floor.

    Would be cool to see what she would bring.
  9. You think Beyoncé is just gonna show up and play the hits?
    Pass the clown make up around please.
    This will be bookended by some earth changing double album drop, new songs on the regular, a pay per view worldwide concert stream (on tidal dddd), and probably a full Destiny’s Child event.
    She’s Beyoncé. Nothing but respects for ma side Queen!
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  10. RJF


    ...the exact damn same four screens and pyrotechnics every other showgirl thot brings? Look, I know it's Beyoncé, but I'm not going down this path again of, "With the stage not having to move, the sky's the limit in terms of production!!!!" when... it always ends up being either the same or less of a production than it would be if it was getting packed into a truck and moved six seconds after the show ends, because the theatre has to accommodate seating with drink cup holders for Midwest Mary who will think the show was just a bit too black and only stood up for "Halo" at the end.

    As always, I get it. All of these noughties girls have families to think about (or want families to have to think about), and there's a seemingly endless pit of money in that hateful, vocal-cord-chargrilling dust bowl that makes it more lucrative and less demanding than touring. Beyoncé especially has served her time on the road; she owes us nothing. I just find it a shame that we're yet again probably going to have to go down the route of seeing an artist offer some kind of general public compromise because it's fucking Vegas and it always happens, and international fans (and hell, even US fans who live too far out) lose out again because of this irritating, intermittent creative dead end that always has to be considered on the calender in the future. The pop girls who have touring clout and the capital to really put on a show are heading out to the pasture where the grass is actually sand, and the new girls release two singles every eighteen months, maybe perform in public for a grand total of nine seconds in the same time span, and then wonder why their arena tour isn't selling or promoters are skittish about booking them venues when their daily Twitter output is more productive than their music. It's a horrible cycle at the moment, and it's sad that Beyoncé has (albeit understandably) succumbed.

    Madonna's totally going to be the last totem to fall.
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  11. My favorite song on Dangerously In Love. Hope it makes the setlist!
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  12. Yeah I agree regarding the stage, especially Beyoncé who is queen of a basic setup (Formation Tour aside). I meant more her artistry - even if it was a mainly greatest hits set which it obviously would be I feel like she would still put a spin on it in terms of setlist. I didn’t say anything about production - I’ve seen all the girls in Vegas so far, bar Gwen, so I know exactly what to expect in terms of staging.

    I’m just as disappointed that tours are getting dropped in favour of residencies but at the same time I love Vegas so I’m happy to go there and see her. I understand everyone can’t/doesn’t want to travel across the world as well however Vegas offers the opportunity to get up close like nowhere else as the pits only hold like 300 people.

    One thing we most definitely agree on is the state of the industry I’ll give you that.

    Someday all the girls will be back on tour again and I look forward to it - nothing like seeing somebody in your hometown.
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  13. Nn let me celebrate since I've never seen her live and my anxiety can't handle arena and stadium shows. I'd consider going if the show is right.
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  14. I'm sure this exclusive scoop will come into being just like the very same website's insistence she had a restaurant coming in 2017 turned out to be true and morphed Beyoncé's image into the restaurant-running mogul we all know her as today. Has lovebscott ever failed us as a source for exclusive news about the ultra-secretive Beyoncé?
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  15. RJF


    I mean, I'm steam pressed, but... Beyoncé really has hit the road harder than nearly all her contemporaries. Four tours in the last ten years, not even including the fact Sasha Fierce didn't wrap up until 2010, along with the fact that she's essentially been having children and then jumping straight into setlist choices the moment she can stand and headlined Glastonbury while pregnant. So I can't grudge her taking an easy gig for the first time in forever, but... meh.
  16. Her rep is saying there’s no truth to this.
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