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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

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  2. So the time has come for us to spend money on Ivy park x Adidas collection and I've just found out that the Sleek Super 72 sneakers are woman's wear...

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  3. So? Wear what you like! It's a gender free world!
  4. I'm not sure if they'll have my size, that's the problem.
  5. When is it available in the UK?
  6. If you download the Adidas app, there’s a pre sale around 5pm tonight. Make sure you turn on notifications for the app though.
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  7. K94


    The cream Nite Jogger trainers are really stunning in person. Initially bought the maroon and orange ones online yesterday, but realised not many colours compliment those. Def made the right choice!
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  8. These are the ones I’ve bought, intrigued as to how they look, especially with their lack of tied laces?
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  9. I wanted the cream Nite Joggers but the checkout wouldn’t work on the Adidas app, and now they are sold out everywhere in a 5.5. Oh well.

  10. Under the hubbub of Self-Titled's explosion upon the world, and Beyoncé essentially repositioning the needle on her career once again, this gem was initially cast aside by too many.

    Sorely underrated and criminally overlooked, it remains as fresh as ever. So distinctive.
  11. I've never been too keen on the vocal on this but it's essential to the album.
  12. Pre Grammy look. Stunning as usual.

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  13. Totally agree. It never seems to garner many mentions when it comes to people naming their individual highlights of the record but for me it's an absolute standout and is essential to the BEYONCÉ experience.

    Her raw vocal style on the chorus, that production and her ad-libbed notes - all just heavenly. Not to mention that epic "no-no-no-nooooo" outro.

  14. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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  15. K94


    A Scammy is gold-coloured polystyrene at this point, but this is nice after the Emmys travesty.
  16. With this win, she's now clocked up a total of 24 Grammy awards - the second highest number for a female artist. This places her just 3 behind Alison Krauss, who currently leads with 27 wins.

    She currently sits at 8th overall, but with Georg Solti leading at 31, and most artists with more wins than her either now either dead or having pretty inactive careers, she stands a good chance of gunning for the top spot over the next few years should she remain prolific, and should the Grammys get their fucking shit together.

    Not that it especially matters (see @K94's point above), but hey.
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  17. [​IMG]
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