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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. BTG


    The fact that this would be any other artist’s greatest hits set but Beyoncé’s greatest hits were still to come.
  2. I said this on Twitter earlier but based on how 2011 Beyoncé at Glastonbury was amazing but also how much she has improved technically and stamina wise at performing/choreography/putting together a show over the decade that’s followed... what if we’ve not even witnessed PEAK Beyoncé yet!!!!
  3. The clips from Cadillac Records as well. By far and away her best acting performance, if only it had been in a better film.
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  4. Oh her husband's set is on BBC Four now. How did I not know he opened his set with Wonderwall?
  5. Anyone else feel the urge to rewatch Homecoming now all of a sudden?
  6. It's... nice to tell you that I love you publicly, too.
  7. I want a studio version of Beautiful Ones
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  8. This is the one with the drums?

    And was this ever officially released?
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  9. I really enjoyed watching her Glastonbury set back tonight. I remember watching it on the night 9 years ago and being mesmerised by the 1+1 performance.
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  10. Yeah, it's a little peppier/90's sounding. I am definitely not an expert on Beyonce releases but I don't think so?
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  11. I appreciate the kind words, and I'm glad my post resonated, but I'm often reticent to go on like this because a) I'm unintentionally too loquacious in real life, b) I don't want my experience in the music field to mute or derail discussions by accidentally coming off as condescending, and c) I don't want to speak on behalf of others' voices. However, in this instance, I felt the right thing to do was to speak up because I felt I could add something. The perspectives of "no melody" and "why isn't this pop" are so tired and insulting, and to tell the truth, lazy writing, and like, I'm over that shit, ya dig.

    Regarding Rihanna, I'd argue they're peers moreso temporally than artistically? I think some undercut former musician, current esthetician Rihanna by shrinking her to "just a muse" or "just a vehicle for a dance song" as if she has zero autonomy over the decisions in the curation of her repertoire. I suppose her tendency to take on mannerisms of demo singers leads some to suspect that Rihanna doesn't have much to say herself, though I don't personally believe that.

    Regardless, I think the thought of her coasting through her music might translate to her being more enigmatic or, ahem, 'safe', whereas Beyoncé garners more direct criticism because she is more "audacious" and thus more "threatening" ("the angrier of the two Black women that iHeartRadio has permitted on their predetermined playlists"). Her general presentation dares to use a more assertive, authoritative tone, leading to a sense of a more direct narrative in her work. Beyonce is also more bold with her vocal choices, whereas Rihanna tends to stick with a colder tone (thus “distant and unrelatable” even on ballads).

    Either way, both represent significant success, neither artist suffers any fools, and both have interpreted songs written by others while maintaining involvement in their artistry. But otherwise, I've always found comparisons between the two superficial. shrug-shrug-shrug-shrug-shrug
  12. Also ( ! )

    I know the scope of interest here is likely small, but I was just rereading an old Red Bull Academy interview from 2014 of Japanese composer/producer Yoko Kanno, and somehow forgot she mentioned Beyoncé and the Sasha persona:

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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The version of "Best Thing I Never Had" with the drums was the demo - the songwriter posted the version on their Tumblr here. (I can't believe it wasn't, and still hasn't been, pulled by Team B).

    I'm not one to really mess with unreleased versions etc. but I love this demo. It's so much better than the original version, and it fits the album's sound much better as well. The only reason I can think of why the drums were removed was because they're sampled from "The Show" by Doug E. Fresh, so maybe they didn't want to go through the effort of clearing the sample. But man, what a missed opportunity.
  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Sorry for the double post - I meant to write this the other day before... other posts took precedence, but I just wanted to say that 4 will always have a special place in my heart. Not to be that person but I remember being obsessed with it when it came out, but no one really "getting" it - my own friends saying it was boring and not as good as I Am. It probably didn't help that it was a ballad-heavy R&B album released in the middle of the EDM craze, as others have mentioned.

    That being said, the singles run will forever be a point of contention for me. Her retconning of Run the World as a hit is iconic, sure, but it's never going to sit right with me that it was the lead single and completely misrepresented the rest of the album. Best Thing I Never Had is a total write-off from her discography. I'm glad Love On Top was able to do what it did, but then there was Countdown flopping when it was good enough to be the lead. And that's not even getting into End of Time being used in various promo slots while never being released, and don't even get me started on a song as career-defining as Schoolin' Life not only not being released but initially being a Target bonus track.

    I suppose in a way that the messiness of the era also represented the crossroads Beyoncé was at - it was a specific moment in her career where she created an album that didn't fit in with the music landscape, and she had to find whatever way she could to sell it, even if that meant preceding it with two singles that had no business being on the album and then eventually throwing everything at the wall and hoping something stuck. And I think all of that is what truly made her go "fuck it" and launch full throttle into the most exhilarating period of her career thus far.

    It still doesn't stop me from wishing we got a cleaner campaign that was deserving of the album it was representing, but it is what it is. Its legacy is fully intact in any case, and it'll always remain one of my eternal favourites.

  15. Well, this has gone viral. What a song! Bey was so hot the entire B’Day era.
  16. I’m watching the legendary Glastonbury set on BBC. It’s crazy to think how electric the set is, despite only being on the cusp of her greatness, her energy was incredible. I think it definitely cemented the beginning of her legendary status!

    Also; what the hell happened with Tricky during Baby Boy? Did he completely lose it? She seems to be trying to reassure him?
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  17. I feel all of this on such a deep level. It's a shame it had to just precede her true imperial phase, but at the same time that never could have happened without the groundwork it lay.

    I do actually adore Best I Ever Had though, even as someone who doesn't rate I Am... very highly (I say that because it was a clear attempt to appease the audience who were clamouring for more of the same).
  18. His mic stopped working, and she's such a pro that she noticed and basically tried to style it out with/for him.
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  19. I watched the Glastonbury set the other night too and loved it all over again. I was surprised she didn’t do more from B’Day though, only Irreplaceable.

    I forgot she performed Telephone too! Did she ever perform that anywhere else?
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