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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Upgrade U
    Suga Mama
    Freakum Dress

    But honestly all of them?!
  2. One of my favorite albums ever!
    Top 3...hard to choose.
    Upgrade U
    Suga Mama
    Deja Vu
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  3. Deja Vu
    Upgrade U
    Ring the Alarm
  4. Upgrade U
    Get Me Bodied
    Ring The Alarm
  5. Her birthday is this Friday, perfect time to release the sequel after wishing happy birthday to everyone on earth this year... and right before labor day too, COME ON QUEEN
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  6. A short and sweet blast of energetic floor-fillers would be such a welcome addition to her discography at this point.
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  7. Glad to see we’re in agreement that Upgrade You is nonnegotiable for B’Day’s top 3!
  8. Am I right in thinking it’s never been performed in it’s entirety?
  9. My favourite Bey album, along with Self Titled. The attitude, the gorgeous visuals, the unapologetic loudness and brashness of it all. This was the album, where I feel she really established her urban audience and came into her own as a performer.
    It’s overall Beyoncé Top 3, there I said it.
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  10. I still love the "Anthology Video Album" so much.

    Who's that?
    Who is it?
    Who is it?
    It's B!
  11. Kitty Kat
    Get Me Bodied
    Freakum Dress

    What a perfect record
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  12. B'Day is my second favorite Beyonce record (most of the time) I feel like it was so ahead of its time and unapologetically her. Theres a groove that inherently lives throughout this whole album that is just very assured and cool, even in its more melodramatic moments. I know she had the whole Destiny's Child work experience to draw from, but making songs like 'Green Light' and 'Ring The Alarm' and putting them on your sophomore album was a quietly brazen choice for 2007. The structure and sound completely disregarded what radio would've expected from a star of her stature. Sure, 'Irreplaceable' was the insurance policy, but stacked against the likes of 'Kitty Kat' it hardly mattered. I still think its the Beyonce blueprint in many ways. It gave us the infancy of the visual album concept before budget was a thing, and not only did it give us Beyonce the live performer ( The Beyonce Experience is a complete joy to watch as she is hungry as hell) but it really was where the sound of Beyonce was allowed to really expand into something special. I've always thought the whole Homecoming Coachella performance DNA could be found multiplying in these ten special little tracks.

    B'Day was also an era of lewks , Bey let us know these videos may be cheap but her wardrobe and her wigs was wealthy hunny, but that Is perhaps a paragraph for another day.
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  13. I love this whole post, but this part is particularly spot on. Dangerously in Love is a largely great album with a run of phenomenal singles, but B'Day feels like it has Beyoncé's DNA as a solo artist and as a performer running through it, which is what makes it such a strong and lasting record.

    I think it and 4 are the two albums that feel vital and necessary to the genesis of the Beyoncé that gave us Self-Titled and Lemonade.

    Oh and top three? Upgrade U, Get Me Bodied (Extended), Freakum Dress. Whew.
  14. Upgrade U was such a moment for me during On the Run II. A bop that has stood the test of time.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ring The Alarm
    Get Me Bodied
    Freakum Dress

    - what an album, what a top 3. Green Light and Suga Mama would round out my top 5.
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  16. Upgrade U is Top10 Beyoncé and it never gets the praise it deserves.
  17. I’m glad Upgrade U is getting the recognition! I need more people to acknowledge how iconic Green Light and Kitty Kat are though.
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  18. "Green Light" is immense!
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  19. Deja Vu
    Get Me Bodied
    Freakum Dress

    The Solange-Bey choreo at Homecoming sealed the deal for Get Me Bodied. A moment.
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