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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Deja Vu
    Get Me Bodied
    Freakum Dress

    Shoutout to Creole which deserved better than Japanese bonus track status.

    The original release is a near-bulletproof collection of songs, the deluxe version completely ruined the flow of the album and none of the new tracks were worthwhile either.
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  2. I co-sign this. It would have been SO good on the standard. Can't believe she didn't even include it on the deluxe.
  3. A forgotten album highlight. That middle 8>>>

  4. 'Lost Yo Mind!' has always been one of my favourites from the B'Day era.

    'Upgrade U'
    'Deja Vu'
    'Freakum Dress'

    I feel 'Deja Vu' gets a hard time with the fans.
  5. I’d actually love her to perform Suga Mama in full at some point again with full horns and that middle 8
  6. Ring The Alarm was the highlight for me on the Formation Tour. That performance is a great example of reimagining your classics, keeping it familiar (she uses the same choreography) but giving it a whole new dimension the way she did it here.
  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I actually think "Kitty Kat" might be my favourite song on B'Day these days, with "Suga Mama" very close behind. It could just be that they're more low-key than the raucous uptempos they're surrounded by, and so they maybe didn't get the same shine as the others did back in the day, but I find myself returning to those two the most.

    Honestly, I'm tempted to say that B'Day might be her second best album overall these days, after Self-Titled. It still sounds so effortlessly fresh and exciting, and continues to show its cards fourteen years later. An evergreen classic.
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  8. It’s the backing vocals for me!

    @RainOnFire i love that we’ve been on the same page re B’Day since the beginning of time.
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  9. She had absolutely no business making an album as solid as B'Day that early into her career and yet she did entirely that. Truly deserving of all reverence.

    I wish they could get permission to re-add Still In Love (Kissing You).
    Des'ree's publishers (& Bey's lazy team) let us all down.
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  10. Get Me Bodied
    Suga Mama
    Kitty Kat
    Green Light

    I don’t agree that the deluxe had nothing worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoyed Beautiful Liar, and World Wide Woman.
  11. Mess, today I learned Beautiful Liar was a deluxe track.
    B'Day is too packed to really pick my favourites but World Wide Woman is top 5 for sure.
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  12. I don't think Bey or her team are lazy, she just don't wanna pay Toast'ree.
  13. I don't even recall World Wide Woman scream.
    The era had 98 songs tho so it's allowed.
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  14. Not bothering to get the right licensing & then just giving up and yanking all copies of the album with the song is lazy.
  15. Bey adding that completely unnecessary, super extra albeit legendaric "you are my doctor, counselor, provider, professor, my everything" verse. Des'rée just didn't have the range.
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  16. "Green Light"
    "Freakum Dress"
    "Ring the Alarm"

    "World Wide Woman" is such a breezy bop, the production reminds me of summer anytime I play it.
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  17. Did you say Summer

  18. HMD


    I’m current lu obsessed with Brown Skin Girl (yes, I know I’m late to the party...)
  19. I think B'Day suffered from the lead singles being too much "more of the same" for the general public.
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