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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. I don’t mind Halo, it’s a pleasant enough song. I did love it when she started closing her shows with XO instead of Halo though.

    But it’ll always be one of the songs she has to wheel out, along with Crazy in Love and Single Ladies as they’re universally adored Beyonce songs.
  2. I think Halo's good, even great, just extremely overplayed to the point of saturation. But it did what it had to do, it was her big ballad moment.
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  3. What kinda tarnished my view of it may have been the Kelly debacle. Mostly because I find the latter the superior song in every aspect ddd so every time I'm reminded of Halo, I end up listening to Already Gone.
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  4. It brings back fond memories whenever I hear it playing, but it’s not a Bey song I ever return to.

    Thinking on it, I’m not sure what my favorite Beyoncé song is? She has so many incredible songs. I’d say the one I listen to the most though is probably Formation.
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  5. I genuinely forget that that year was actually Coldplay's halftime show since no one ever mentions them when it's brought up nn
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  6. Halo is good, but like most of the I Am...Sasha Fierce album, It's just not that exciting or interesting, and I don't find myself return to it often.
  7. Sasha Fierce is really not a very good album. I think I might even (marginally) prefer Dangerously In Love, although both are miles below the other four in terms of quality.
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  8. The I Am half of the album is pretty boring, but the Sasha Fierce one... bop after bop!
  9. I absolutely stanned Halo at the time (my I Am... Sasha Fierce playcount is obscenely high in general) but I really never use it now. At the time I would have called it the best single from the album but these days I much prefer If I Were a Boy & Sweet Dreams. More embarrassingly, at the time I would have considered it her best album whereas now I'd consider it her 5th best.
  10. The edge Dangerously has over Sasha Fierce is that when she leans into her R&B bag, it's just divine. Sasha Fierce peaked with Sweet Dreams.
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  11. I unabashedly love “Halo” and have cried to it multiple times including live xox
  12. Went back to the B'Day album today, and rediscovered this little gem...

    Those last ad libs! Oooft.
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  13. One of my absolute favorites from her!
  14. Already Gone >
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  15. One billion streams, yet all I can think of whenever I hear Halo is this iconic moment:

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  16. I fucking hate Halo. Smash Into You, If I Were A Boy and Broken Hearted Girl were all bops.
  17. Every single look she has here is talented, brilliant, never been done before, etc.

    Parkwood’s editing has also improved a lot.
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  18. She looks incredible in the new campaign. Love that hair on her. I might actually buy something from this collection.
  19. She really struck gold with Andrew Makadsi as Ivy Park's creative director, they do magic together. That video's absolutely breathtaking (and she looks insane, which is no surprise at this point yet, my god).
  20. Yeah, I don't know why I've been into cow prints lately so those brown cow print leggings are calling me.
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