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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. RJF


    I mean... the real tea is that we actually got the lighter album with bops in the form of The Gift.
  2. I always scream at Beyoncé answering questions from a pretend interviewer that she’s spent weeks drafting answers for.
    I love the fact that she now has actual Beyhives on the roof of her home as if it’s now officially been crowned Muthas HQ.
  3. It doesn’t feel like that to me.
  4. Me too. What's even funnier is that they're written in a way that is so different to the way she actually speaks. Her answers are about as off-the-cuff as one of those "73 Questions with Vogue" videos.

    She mentioned those in her last Vogue interview too.
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  5. Even Everything is Love was fairly light, though I think people are looking for B’Day 2.0 when they say they want carefree Beyoncé again.
    I’d actually only consider Self Titled to be unconventional? Lemonade was unconventional in that they released it exclusively to Tidal for a while, but they had the lead single out months in advanced, and announced the film in advanced, too.
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  6. This is an interesting tidbit.

    The I Am... cover remains flawless contrary to the album itself.
  7. The direction of that shoot was so uninspired and drab so maybe the analytics guy had a point ddddd
  8. I enjoyed reading the interview. She sounds like she’s in a real positive space.
  9. Decided to do a proper listen-through of her solo discography. Kicked off with "Dangerously In Love".

    2/3s of the way's all about the vocals, lovely vocals. The songs themselves are somewhat nothingy.

    Funny to think that "Baby Boy" was released August 2003 and they planned a new Beyoncé album for the next February, because radio was taking to "Summertime" with Diddy.... and then "B'Day" ended up taking three years to materialize, with "Baby Boy" being huge and the next two singles smashing right into 2004.
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  11. The smash lead single that got away. An 11 contender for the Beyoncé rate.

  12. Eh, Lemonade was an incredibly opaque album release at the time. We had no indication Formation was leading to an album and weren't even sure what the movie was going to be before it actually aired through HBO. It was a landmark moment in 2016 and just feels less so now because others have begun emulating the release in different ways (star crossed and If I Can't Have Love... this year alone come to mind).
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  13. Not saying that it wasn't a landmark moment or anything, but I'm pretty sure we knew there was an album coming and even that it was going to be titled Lemonade? We just didn't have a release date and therefore didn't know when it was going to come out until she finally dropped it. I vividly remember sitting in the car with my mum in early 2016 googling "Beyoncé Lemonade when??" ddd.
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  14. This could be the case as well to be fair: I specifically remember not knowing what the companion 'movie' was going to be and that we weren't really sure where Formation was leading outside of the Super Bowl moment. I thought we found out the title Lemonade when it was listed as part of HBO's programming, but I could be mistaken. It feels like there was a lot of question marks until the album was actually uploaded to Tidal.
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  15. This should have been the second single after Run the World underperformed.
  16. I swear there was a music video in the works for this that was scrapped?! It should have been a single, it was screaming out for a proper release!

    I always giggle when she performed this as a brand new song at her Glastonbury set but because the album had already leaked online a lot of the audience were already singing along to the words.
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  17. Honestly love seeing her this chill

  18. Hmm.
  19. An underrated actrice, I fear
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