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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Rewatched Black is King last night and just wow. This woman is a legend. The looks served effortlessly, the production value! She said I will take your check Disney and I will make an ode to BLACKNESS with it thank you very much!
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  2. Be Alive is out (in Australia). Spotify link:

  3. This came up on my Discover Weekly today. It's from 2020...
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  4. Happy 8th Birthday to Self-Titled! Iconic doesn’t even cover it.
  5. Listening today in celebration and I think it's the first time I've listened to Rocket since it came out.

    I'm not saying that it's all Timberlake's fault but I'm not not saying that either.
  6. The discovery that Blue Ivy has just turned TEN has thrown me for a complete loop.

    Happy birthday to the most powerful manager/talented human on the planet.
  7. The fact that this is still not on streaming is a crime.

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  8. Okay but this Ivy Park shot is a serve:


    Some others on Twitter too:

  9. Imagine if that was the open imagery for an era. STUN.
  10. I was just going to say it would make an incredible album cover!
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  11. It's very Jade Thirlwall.
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  12. Well Be Alive is officially nominated at the Oscars. Good for her?
  13. Terrible song and better ones nominated, especially Dos Oruguitas.
  14. Oscar nominee Beyoncé. The song works well for the film.

    That pic above should’ve been the album cover.
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  15. The hate for Be Alive is strange to me.
    I can understand being disappointed if you're thirsty for new music and you bought into hype that it would be one of her best songs ever.

    But for me it's a lovely soundtrack song that fits the film and it's a solid appetizer/transitional song between eras.

    The vocal performance is phenomenal--a balance of precision, ease, and being relaxed yet forceful. The harmonies are gorgeous, and the contrast of her silky upper register with her growly lower register with that pulsating beat is such a treat. I even think the repetition works nicely with the song.
    At worst its a more tepid Freedom, at its best it's a beautiful expansion to the part of her discography that centers Black identity, family, Black love, and resilience.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

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  17. Academy Award Beyoncé Knowles does have a nice ring to it, but hopefully she’ll come back in a few years with a better song and win.
  18. The recent lipsync on drag race led me down a Beyoncé music k-hole, and damn, does anyone not generally consider B’day her magnum opus?

    I feel like self titled gets a that honour a lot but I mean it is genuinely quintessential top tier Beyoncé. I’ve realized that every track I’ve liked on following albums are the ones that have that same fun early 2000’s hip hop/disco vibe (I’m not a music person sorry, I wish I had a better term), such as blow, countdown, dance for you, diva, check on it, before I let go etc.

    I especially love the “lesser known” tracks on the album, suga mama (which was a great lipsync song), green light, get me bodied, kitty kat, freakum dress.

    Anyways just wanted to give the album some love since it came back into my life this week.
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  19. Bday is a wall to wall party and is by far my fave of hers (outside the unimpeachable masterpieces of self-titled and Lemonade that is).
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