I just know she's going to announce the Australian dates right after my holiday when I'm in financial despair eating two minute noodles waiting for payday

And I'm absolutely going to make my situation worse by just throwing it on my credit card I have strictly for emergencies.

(Well, this is... technically a cultural emergency anyway)
I love that whenever I think Beyoncé’s hair can’t physically look anymore expensive she just laughs and says cig please.
This is perhaps the best tour looks she has ever had?
Oh really? I think the hair is the only thing that doesn't work for me. It's not the coolness of all the braids from Formation.
Maybe an unpopular opinion but I’ve had genuinely the best time with this (new for me) era of frantically trying to find dodgy live streams and losing my shit collectively with everyone here, even though work got in the way of a big portion of this one for me. Eras was wild to experience and then every time I opened this thread today to say something, something else happened and I couldn’t even comment in time. I don’t know, it’s just a level of chaos and excitement that I don’t get from watching perfectly framed videos (though I am binge watching as many as I can find tonight) because it’s all happening live and no one knows what the fuck is going on. Like, the sound that came out of my mouth when I caught even a second of Diva from a livestream that got taken down immediately after. And the fact that she opened for herself with the Ballad Variety Show before going full throttle into the rest of the show is so fucking funny to me. Not to mention the Toxic interpolation in Thique??? What the fuck?? I was fighting for life trying not to start yelling in the middle of the office.
Wow - that show was a lot to process!

I queued from 6AM for Club Renaissance (this placed me 20th if anyone wants to know for future dates) so managed to be at the end of the catwalk slightly to the left. The queuing process was very chill and organised though (the BeyHive were not about to play about their spots). Club Renaissance had a few hundred people but was still quiet enough to just have the person next to you save your barrier spot while you went to the bar.

And then the show itself! When she started with Dangerously In Love I was so intrigued as to how she was going to segue into I’m That Girl, when she started Flaws and All I realised she was opening for herself like it said in the tour book which was a bit of a gag! She seemed so emotional, like close to tears, missing lines and interacting a lot with the audience. This section was worth it for 1+1 alone but as a whole was really nice.

Then the main show began and it was really just gag after gag - as to be expected at a Beyoncé show but even for her it was a lot. I was insanely impressed with the cameras/screens, it seemed like you were watching a fully edited tour DVD? That and the mixes felt so meticulous, every little detail was really considered.

My only upsets would be the Sweet Dreams fake out (like just one verse and chorus please!) and her cutting the Tinashe section of Thique.
It’s interesting to me that a lot of wording surrounding the concert and her instagram today is around this idea of “welcome to the Renaissance” and the beginning of renaissance, as if the campaign officially kicked off today. I think she’s very aware that the lack of visuals and performances have been much debated, so in my mind this the true birth of this album campaign and I’m (wishful) thinking we will see a lot happening between now and the end of September.