I think I’m in the camp that doesn’t mind if this tour is less choreo heavy. I mean, even when Beyonce is “doing less choreo” she’s still eating every other performer with ease. I saw her during the Formation World Tour and she was DANCING hard for the whole show, so I don’t mind if she’s pulling back a bit this time, especially with her ankle injury.
Any notable absences from the setlist? I see she put Deja Vu and Halo to rest and only used Single Ladies in an interlude.
I'm watching a few vids here and gosh it all looks so expensive and so classy, wew.
Yeah - she's not dancing a huge lot or fast, that's to taking measures to not do anything too wild to stay safe.

It still looks so good!
I feel like I took drugs last night dd.

Also re dancing: I never noticed she held back, it was only after I read it here. She danced the right amount and she looked great doing so.
Same. It wasn’t until I arrived here to learn she hadn’t danced wild.

There’s just so much going on and she is the epicenter of it, commanding your attention to whatever she does, and even her standing feels like she is doing something otherworldly.

I am still processing but this was the best arena/stadium show I have ever seen I think.


Also, I kii'd:
She was amazing last night! That run from I’m That Girl to Break My Soul was legendary! The place went nuts for it all but especially from Alien Superstar onwards.

I thought the opening for herself thing was kinda cute. Figured it was a way of extending the show but also meant she and her dancers weren’t doing choreo for nearly 3 hours straight.

Also, if you’re going to Club Renaissance and not bothered about being right against the railing, you could just arrive an hour before she goes on stage. Honestly the view was great from anywhere in that area! Everyone was pretty chill too.
I think Arca was in one the tour videos also at one point.

The read by the voiceover about the lack of visuals, I SCREAMED.

The underwater shots of her in that robot outfit - I had dreams about it.