I've honestly not been listening to it as much as I should have been the past couple of months but ever since seeing Vas's Insta stories/posts and all the other coverage of the tour I'm back on another Beyoncé binge ddd


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My brain didn’t even register that she was using b-roll here when I was watching the live stream. And yet I’m still watching a minute long music video in 480p on YouTube… time for some remasters (and the full length cut), B!

Throwback to me not realizing at the time that the video really was only a minute long and spending weeks upon weeks scouring the Internet for the full length version. I'm still triggered!
We've been starving for visuals but I have to say I have a big smile on my face everytime I see Queen Bey doing a little hand gesture or dance step similar to the ones we've been imagining on our own. What a moment!

Also different countries have different etiquette and reactions at shows. Cigs have literally descended on Sweden from every continent and corner of the earth for the opening shows and expect Swedish people and casual fans to feel the same way. It's annoying in the moment but have some perspective!