This will only be the second time I've had Golden Circle tickets for any tour (the first was Kylie's Kiss Me Once) and I'm buzzing to be that close to the stage without having to queue from a ridiculous time.
I'm a bit confused by all the timings I'm reading online. Ticketmaster has gates at 4:30 for a 6:30 start at Murrayfield?

Have read elsewhere that she hasn't started until nearer 8 most nights?

I'm Golden Circle-ing it so any tips would be much appreciated!
Venues wanting people to be there earlier than the actual start time to buy more drinks shocker!

If she’s doing the cut set she’s been doing, it started at 19:53 and finished at 22:20 exactly in Cardiff, so I’d expect her any time from 19:40 depending on if she’s going to do the 3 cut songs.

This was the exact times.

Rough thoughts. WHAT A SHOW. Probably her best yet in her career. No faults. GA wasn’t the one but I kinda knew that. She’s unbelievable honestly. Nobody performs like her. I was blown away.

New opening outfit. Aside from that no changes.
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