Oh damn, how far away are we from Plastic being sung tonight?

Edit: we’re already up to Virgo and no Ariana. Cancel twitter
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There's this rumor around that she's touring Mexico in December and the tour resumes in South America after a break on April 2024. They're allegedly going to announce this in early July.
Can confirm this info has been teased by the same Mexican Twitter accounts that leaked the Eras Tour and other announcements. They didn’t specify December dates just that she’s coming to Mexico.

And this is from a Brazilian account which I don’t really know how reliable they might be:

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Was just watching my Thique video again, the way she didn't even do it night two at the same venue ddddd

But the best decision of this whole tour was to take Heated to Club Renaissance. That rap is a career high and it deserves that moment.

But did they get rid of the press conference scenario?
It’ll be interesting to see if (and how) she reshapes the show for the North America leg of the tour.

I have a feeling they will have ironed out the kinks with the Drunk In Love etal section and that will be back. I reckon the strict curfews meant she had to trim some of the show back but America doesn’t have that problem, does it? So she can deliver the full show how she wanted it to be.
Thique seemed like a struggle for her to sing that late in the show.

I know she's a master vocalist, but the low pitch of the original vocal is not easy to replicate live and puts a lot of unnecessary strain on her throat.