Also the final few seconds of Pure/Honey were cut, it kind of works as an editing choice, but might be a devise decision for some
Yeah it's only as I walked to my car that I went "wait, did we get the 'miss honey' bits?" so the editing definitely worked, especially considering the voguing section got special focus in the documentary earlier on. I kinda wish they find a way to keep it in the hypothetical live album though.
The outro sounds straight out of Aaliyah's Age Ain't Nothing But a Number album
I was literally thinking how this song is blending SO many genre points.
It just really conjures that sweet spot and extraness of 1993-1995 r&b/dance melodies.

I hear Aaliyah’s Intro and Street Thing. But I also hear Caron Wheeler/Soul II Soul. I hear SWV.

B and Dream just knew exactly what they were doing, and it just hits. It’s so ridiculous how GOOD she is from the earthquaking, tectonic plate shifting, shxt talking to having me fully believe in love and healing the world one action at a time!!!
This looks so fun!

Also, what movie theater is this? It's the most beautiful screening room I've ever seen
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