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I went to see the film this afternoon. I’m not an overly emotional person at all, but I felt teary from the moment Dangerously in Love started throughout most of the film. The opening took me back to seeing the show live and the overwhelming feeling of being in Beyoncé’s presence for the first time in my life. The whole build up to it, the staging, the vocals, having avoided spoilers and having no idea what to expect. Watching the film took me right back to that moment.

I thought once I’m That Girl started I’d be less emotional but no, seeing this seminal album brought to life in such a special and unique way, feeling the baseline pulsate through my body at the iMax, with the best views and still it was too much to take it all in with one viewing.

The recurring message of creating a safe space where everyone can just be themselves and it not just being empty words.

The acknowledgement of all the crew that put the show together. Lifting up the people around her and the inspirations and contributors to the sound.

Blue Ivy and Uncle Johnny getting their flowers was very touching.

But the biggest thing, as I’ve already said is the music. This show is one of the best in our lifetimes. The live arrangements take each song to another level that didn’t feel possible after listening to a perfect album. We need to live album to drop as soon as the film ends in cinemas.

I’m so glad it’s doing well in the USA, but I really wish it was more of a moment worldwide. I went to an imax on a Sunday afternoon in a fairly big city in England. I avoided the main cinema by the shopping centre as I thought it would be very busy. However, in my screening there was just me, my partner, and one other person in there. It was great there was no one around to talk over it etc but it deserves to be packed out in every screening. At least in this thread we can share in this cultural moment together, even if others may be sleeping on it.

The show also gave me so much life. I felt so good coming out of the show and just wanting to move. At the end as the credit started the other person left and the cinema staff were waiting for me and my partner to leave so they could clean up etc but I had to stay to the very end just to hear My House at that volume, running through my body, what a song and what a way to close Act I.
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I will post more thoughts when I get back to the UK and settle back later this week, but I cried and held hands with the girl next to me during the Uncle Johnny section. Between that and the Celebration Tour on World AIDs Day I'm very 'Diva down.. We need a fucking medic boots, we have to triage this injured diva.'

Also happy to see physiotherapy get a shoutout and relatively big coverage for a concert film.
Are there any Stockholm Night 1 footage in the film? Maybe the red All Up In Your Mind / Thique ones?
I didn’t see them to be whorenest. Cuz she wore a different outfit performing THIQUE in Stockholm. I have the footage!
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No one can ever call this lady overrated again. 'Overrated' implies not doing enough to high praise, and, although we saw how hard she works in 'Homecoming', the film left me with an entirely new level of appreciation for the literal and colloquial mother. She can really do it all, and do it all exceptionally - truly that girl.
I definitely remember at least 2 scenes of her in the Stockholm opening suit? The only part I’m certain was from my show was when she fumbled her glasses during Diva
The hair with more brown in from Europe wasn’t featured that much to be fair, lots of footage was definitely from the last 6 shows.

The costumes in the cuff it section really were so exciting, she looked amazing and bonkers night after night!

Also none of us have discussed her keeping in the alien superstar sound glitch and even then discussing the costume change! So cool to actually see it.
woke up still unable to rightly put into words how transcendent of a masterpiece the whole film is but all I will say is, I will probably go and see it two or three more times in the next couple of weeks and I’m confident no matter how many times one will see this - the experience will feel new in some sort of way, it’s just THAT stellar

given how she didn’t shy away from including parts of the tour where things went wrong and how much information she shared regarding how ‘big’ of a production it all is, technicalities of set etc - I was hoping that she would have spilled the tea on why the THIQUE section of the show didn’t happen for like 70% of the tour, which makes me wonder - was the reason really to do with the set of something else she wasn’t comfortable discussing?
I think some of the footage from "Break My Soul" may have been from Stockholm?

I was definitely surprised that there wasn't any mention of #JusticeForThique, that felt like the only major moment missing from the film.
Renaissance Tour: *is released*
@Vasilios: can someone tell me if I’m in it

I was hoping that she would have spilled the tea on why the THIQUE section of the show didn’t happen for like 70% of the tour, which makes me wonder - was the reason really to do with the set of something else she wasn’t comfortable discussing?
After watching the film with some casuals, I have to say that the Memories act is where people seem to get a little bored.

As much as we all here LOVE the full experience and will have our forks and spoons ready for anything Queen Bey has to serve, those two bassy songs are a bit of downer in the pace of the show. And as much as the Drunk In Love ending feels incredible to us who were EXPECTING it, it might be a bit different to other people who have no context.

Personally at the two shows I’ve been, after queuing for hours etc, my ENERGY was a bit at the end after HEATED. As much as I would have loved to have the “full” show, I think it would have been tough to endure the forbidden trio… whereas AMERICA, PURE/HONEY and SUMMER RENAISSANCE certainly felt more like sure fire energy boosters.

I really think Beyoncé cut that act to keep the pace at the shows’s ending and just started to perform then again for the film recording, nothing else.
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Saw the film last night and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a goofy smile planted on my face like that for 3 hours ever… she is exceptional. Also, The Work by Pupa Nas T moment!

I also went to a Beyonce-heavy Honey Dijon set the night before (also with Work in the set list!)… truly off-the-charts cuntery all weekend.
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