Waitlist for Beyhive. Will await word on the Citi pre-sale. Unless I'm mistaken, there wasn't an actual registration for the Verizon pre-sale, or did I miss that? (U.S., here)

Go into your MyVerizon app. Find the Beyonce promo, a page with dates comes up; set reminder for the dates you want and you’ll get a text with a code apparently for the presale the morning of.

My best friend signed up for us just in case and said that’s all she had to do.
What’s the deal with the UK and Europe BeyHive presale? Is that the same scenario as the North American dates?
So I got through on two devices, only to be immediately booted back to the main tickets page for both.

It's too early for this shit.
Had the same chaos in UK today (no code, got kicked out at the front). Randomly found that, clicked my date and it took me RIGHT through and got tickets!

Haven't been able to replicate. This was literally a few moments ago. But spreading link to Hive in hopes they get them. Cannot believe Ticketmaster had NO code.