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Beyoncé Song Survivor - The Results

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Although I voted for Sweet Dreams, I'm not surprised with this result but Crazy In Love is a great and classic Beyoncé song so I'm happy that it won.
    Thank you Mvnl for putting so much of your time in another great Song Survivor.
  2. Oh, just curious, the tie in the semi-final was between Halo and Sweet Dreams, wasn't it?
  3. It so was, wasn't it? Halo would have had a better chance too!
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It was indeed!
    I wonder how different the final would have looked with Halo and Crazy..
    Though seeing as it tied with Sweet Dreams and Sweet Dreams did better overall I guess it wouldn't have been thát different.
  5. Amazing result. I voted for Sweet Dreams but I love Crazy so much!
    This has been great & thanks again Mvnl!
  6. TM


    Thank you Mnvl for a truly great Song Survivor!

    The right song won. I just don't get the love for Sweet Dreams....
  7. Britney's and Beyonce's first singles both won..yet neither are their best. POPINJUSTICE.

    But in Beyonce's case, the song Crazy in Love was up against was not her best either, so I'm fine with this result, by default haha.
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It's still quite random though.. if anything you'd expect people to vote for the most recent songs they're not tired of yet!
    I do think in both cases the right song won though.
  9. Thanks! Im OK with Crazy In Love winning I just wish artists weren't so predictable!
  10. I voted for Sweet Dreams but I love both.
    Great Song Survivor!

    I still think Deja Vu deserved the win...
  11. Justice! (although Toxic losing was not!

    This has been by far my favorite Survivor. Not because Crazy In Love won, I predicted it and it completely deserves it. (Its iconic for the right reasons. Beyonce really took the rapper/sample template that was prominent in the early 00's and PERFECTED it. Those drums, the horns, Jay-Z, and B rolled into a track is euphoria.)

    Its was the best because in every round a large chunk of songs felt unsafe. It had anticipation.
  12. Although I voted for Sweet Dreams and wanted it to win, I'm still reasonably pleased about the result. It's her biggest song so it seems fitting that it won.
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