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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Ugh... "Keep Giving Your Love to Me" is better than nearly everything from the debut album and I consider it one of the very best extras overall. It's a crime that it didn't even reach top 100.
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  2. Time for an album to take a few hits...

    SCORE: 6.808
    TOTAL POINTS: 204.25

    75/113 (-51) | 6.408 (+0.4)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 ( @Ana Raquel, @odyism, @TheOnlyOne )
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 ( @Phonetics Girl )
    MY SCORE: 6.75/10

    It is wild to me how Beyoncé ended up using a Jasmine Sullivan song via a Victoria Beckham song. The way Resentment went from Posh Spice to landing in the arms of arguably two of the greatest vocalists of our time! WILD! The song is a ballad written by Water W. Millsap III, Candice Nelson and Curtis Mayfield and was originally intended for Victoria’s solo album, Come Together. The album was shelved and the popped up on a documentary DVD called The Real Beckhams, which I definitely watched back in 2004. Victoria used to make really good reality tv! The song went up for sale due to Victoria flopping and legend Jasmine Sullivan re-recorded the song for her debut album Break My Little Heart. Sadly, that album was shelved as well and so Resentment went unreleased officially until it reached Beyoncé’s hands.

    The B’Day version comes in a whole minute longer than the original version after Beyoncé added lyrics and changed around the song structure. She had to get that writing credit! In all seriousness though, Beyoncé’s version IS the most superior. It’s technically the closer of the album (standard), which makes sense after the big turnaround the album takes after Ring The Alarm. It’s a nice enough ballad if we're talking about the studio version. However, I never fully gave Resentment any sort of appreciation up until Beyoncé started to perform it live where it truly blossoms. It was received positively by critics, and Beyoncé named it the song she’s most proud of on the album at the time. The song currently has over 20 million streams on Spotify.

    Resentment was first performed at the Las Vegas Revue show, I Am… Yours in 2009. She then went on to perform it at the Revel show’s and both On The Run tours. We all know Beyoncé knows how to sell a song, but she sells Resentment in such a way that it’s hard not to be completely drawn into it. Also, if you’re a Resentment fan, it’s great to watch the evolution of its performances as Beyoncé has made subtle changes over the years. Those trying to deliver these kind of ballads should take notes!

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  3. [​IMG]

    I guess some people here just hate fun.
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  4. "A Woman Like Me" is lovely. One of her best soundtrack offerings. if you don't take into consideration "Check On It" and The Gift
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  5. A Woman Like Me - 7.25
    ~ I find this enjoyable while listening to it but it took me forever to recall how it goes, which is why I penalized it a bit. The instrumentation is really nice and I think the verses flow very well, though the chorus could've definitely been stronger. Perfectly serviceable for a soundtrack song. I actually thought it would go further but it's not a loss for me.

    Keep Giving Your Love to Me - 9.75
    ~ Upon checking, this bop is actually my highest rated song out of all extras (including optional songs) and rightfully so. This slaps. The excellent melodies that just keep on coming, her vocal runs, the catchy beat - it's such an enjoyable package through and through. I guess the only reason I didn't give it full marks is because the production may seem a tad unpolished, but it was extremely close to a 10. One of her very best soundtrack songs, too. Can't believe we've already eliminated this one...
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  6. We have this last extra to go before we really dig into some album tracks, but first...

    SCORE: 6.815
    TOTAL POINTS: 203.95

    HIGHEST SCORE: 9.75 x 1 ( @Maki )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 ( @Lost In Japan. )
    MY SCORE: 5.5/10

    Even though the Youtube playlist has this listed as an unreleased track, it's definitely not. Produced by Ryan Leslie and Young Lord, Keep Giving Your Love To Me was included on the Bad Boys II soundtrack and on the ever elusive chanteuse, Speak My Mind mixtape from 2005. Initially, I was surprised at the song making it so far, however on re-listen, I'm enjoying it a lot more today. It knocks! It gives me the classic early 00s R&B feels and it's never not fun to hear early Beyoncé on one of these kind of tracks. I hate myself for my scores again!

    The song isn't available on my Spotify, although I can see the little bop greyed out! What a tease. This one is definitely a little unknown gem in Bey's discography, especially for those who are a fan of this sound.


    SCORE: 6.85
    TOTAL POINTS: 205.5

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 ( @Maria, @Music Is Death )
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 2 ( @Daniel_O, @Phonetics Girl )
    MY SCORE: 8/10

    Love the divisiveness of this one. I think you're either here for Beyoncé talking shit on a track or you aren't and I Been On is her doing just that. In March 2013, a track surfaced online titled Bow Down / I Been On on SoundCloud, along with a picture of a young Beyoncé in front of a bunch of trophies. Produced by Timbaland, the Bow Down part of the song ended up being used as a part in Self-Titled's ***Flawless, however the I Been On section was left alone until 2018's Coachella set where Beyoncé performed the song. Finally, on the release of Homecoming: The Live Album, I Been On appeared as a bonus track so fans could finally own the studio version.

    Honestly, tracks like these are one of the many reasons why I love Beyoncé. When this dropped, it was such a big "what the fuck?" moment. What's Beyoncé doing releasing a song, pitched down, rapping and telling us "the capital B means I'm 'bout that life"? It's wild! And it's not just some throwaway, unimportant track in her discography either as it gave us a glimpse into what Beyoncé was busy cooking up for her fifth studio album. It's also a huge homage to not only herself, but to her hometown of Houston. The instrumental for I Been On was used, quite iconically, in the promo for The Mrs Carter World Tour.


    SCORE: 6.875
    TOTAL POINTS: 206.25

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 ( @BubblegumBoy )
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 ( @Phonetics Girl )
    MY SCORE: 7/10

    And the final track from the 2008 film, Cadillac Records falls and unsurprisingly, it's At Last. Despite being an Etta James cover from the soundtrack, Beyoncé's version ended up taking on a life of its own, largely due to her performance at the Inaugural Ball, where Beyoncé serenaded Barack and Michelle Obama during their first dance. Safe to say, James was quite annoyed at being left out, which to be honest, I totally understand. She made a few unsavoury comments which made their way into the press, but later retracted the comments and said she was just joking. Released in 1942, the song actually predated James and was written for a musical called Sun Valley Serenade. Celine Dion has also covered the song.

    I can't recall whether I knew this song before this version, but I think it's safe to say Beyoncé's version has had the most cultural impact. It's a beautiful, classic ballad. After performing it at the Inauguration Ball and Fashion Rocks (in her James wig), Beyoncé then added the song to the I Am... World Tour setlist, where she sang in front of a montage of civil rights era footage, the Inaugural Ball performance and Cadillac Records. Now look, with hindsight, I can't say Obama was all that politically, however I was remember seeing the I Am... World Tour live, and the screams when his face pops up was truly something and what felt like a much simpler time, compared to the actual state of the world today.

    It was then featured the song sporadically at certain performances up until 2013. The cover reached a peak of No.67 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has around 13m plays on Spotify, which compared to Etta James' 330m streams... maybe I was wrong to say Bey's had the most cultural impact after all.

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  7. The Everything Is Love tracks and 'I Been On' have only really been the eyebrow-raising cuts to me - the latter is so much fun, that instrumental had me in a chokehold in 2013.
  8. I Am...Disgusted at I Been On's elimination. I think it should have reached the top 100. I like At Last and gave it an 8 but I'm not too bothered about it leaving now.
  9. Etta's version was inducted into the US Library of Congress's National Recording Registry for its significance, so it's definitely the version, but I do like Beyonce's take on it. And that inauguration moment sure felt nice at the time. It's actually kind of hard for me to watch that performance, given the state of things now.
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  10. I Been On would have been a 9+ in her normal voice. Maybe I got too triggered. Resentment should have gone ages ago. It's impossible to get through.
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  11. I Been On - 6
    ~ Very tricky to rate because the instrumental and backing vocals are pretty amazing, but the song itself is... confusing. This is a pretty high score for something that is in 'not for me' category, and I still don't know how accurate it is.

    At Last - 5
    ~ My lowest rated cover (and song) from this soundtrack, so of course it stays the longest in the rate. I'm not a fan of the original, mainly because I find it boring and just can't seem to recall anything melody-wise. Borderline okay but should've definitely left earlier.

    Can we get rid of "APESHIT" and some of the remaining trash that's still in, please. Though I assume this array of album tracks is going to be mainly from the debut and "B'Day" (well it must be... I mean, how the heck are "Lost Yo Mind" and "Back Up" still around?)
  12. I will say, in the race to the Top 100… only two albums will go unscathed.
  13. I feel like a broken record at this point, but it is a bit demmoralizing seeing so many amazing songs are receiving anything below a 5.

    I guess it's just the nature of an artist like Beyoncé who has an expansive discography across genres and fanbases.

    Excited to get to the top 100! And maybe by then the scores will reach the 7 average and be a bit more inspiring to write about each song!!
  14. Not I Been On already... A song that completely baffled me when it first dropped in 2013, but I was screeching when she plucked it from obscurity for Coachella.
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  15. I Been On is a moment and I’m also surprised it’s gone so soon.

    Keep Giving Your Love to Me was a rate discovery for me and it’s definitely better than a lot of what ended up on the debut, so I’m glad I can finally add it to the track listing.

    Only two albums go unscathed… it must be 4 and BEYONCÉ as I think all the others have already lost something?
  16. Next up...

    SCORE: 6.908
    TOTAL POINTS: 207.25

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 ( @odyism )
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 ( @Daniel_O )
    MY SCORE: 8/10

    Coming in at 1m47s, Nile is the next to drop from The Gift and guys... I love me some Nile. I couldn't give it more than an 8, because by the time it's finished, I am left wanting more. I'm unfulfilled. However, I think this is such a lush track. I've often played it on repeat just to get my money's worth. Nile features and was co-written with Kendrick Lamar alongside Sounwave, Baby Keem, Keanu Torres, Denisia Andrews and Brittany Coney. This collaboration marks the second for the pair after Lemonade's Freedom. The song uses clever wordplay/a malapropism for "The Nile", pronouncing it like "denial".

    I want to be living in an alternate reality where a full version of Nile was added to the deluxe edition of The Gift and I could rate it a 10. The film, Black Is King, which accompanied the album, is chock full of amazing imagery, and the video for Nile is no different. You can view the gorgeousness below.

    I presume this elimination was expected?

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  17. I Been On is Houston down and that’s what makes it so good. You either get it or you don’t!
  18. She really did B’Day dirty with all of those deluxe filler tracks.
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  19. The first album track to go in this final run up to the Top 100 is...

    SCORE: 6.911
    TOTAL POINTS: 207.35

    94/113 (-27) | 5.592 (+1.319)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 ( @eatyourself )
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 ( @Purple )
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    Welcome To Hollywood was actually a Jay-Z song originally titled Hollywood which featured Beyoncé and was included on his 2006 Kingdom Come album. Beyoncé must have liked it, so recorded a version without Jay-Z’s verses and used it for a video interlude on The Beyoncé Experience tour. Fans would later get their hands on the official Beyoncé version on the deluxe edition of B’Day, where it was plonked in between Kitty Kat and Upgrade U on the rearranged tracklisting. Beyoncé didn’t snag a writing credit on the Jay-Z version, however she did on the B’Day Deluxe version alongside Jay, Reggie Perry and Ne-Yo.

    This song is very much a bonus track. I would imagine it was included as a gift to fans that enjoyed the interlude on The Beyoncé Experience tour except for some reason, instead of tacking it onto the end, they decided to place it right in between two really great B’Day tracks. Why Bey? Why?! This is ultimately why I like to disregard the deluxe edition of the album and remember B’Day as a ten track masterpiece it is. Welcome to Hollywood is no way near awful though, the production is super catchy, but it feels more unnecessary, especially when compared to Jay-Z’s other two features on the album.

    In terms of content, Welcome to Hollywood is about the seductive and addictive nature of fame and Hollywood. It fails to go anywhere deeper than surface level as Beyoncé lists former celebrities/artists like River Phoenix, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix who have all been “ended by Hollywood”. Beyoncé is now one of the biggest celebrities to have ever existed, but she has never come across as someone who was seduced by fame (“I don’t give a damn’ about the fame” - APESHIT). Beyoncé talks about balancing her private and public self with Oprah below.

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  20. I saw a gilmpse of that "B'Day" photoshoot and was happy to see "Lost Yo Mind" or "Back Up" finally leave the rate, only to realise it's not either of these...

    It seems absurd that we lost gems such as "If" and "Save the Hero" ages ago, and keep losing excellent songs throughout, while some insignificant and annoying ones are yet to be eliminated.

    Even "Dreaming", which I'm not a huge fan of, makes no sense to be so far apart from the several clunkers that are still around, even in the context of the rate (that is by being a track from "4").
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