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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Makes sense to me!

    I just did my first round of rankings, and my god Beyoncé makes it so easy to rank these songs. So many 10s and 9s. The lowest I've dipped to thus far is a 6.5 lol.

    Also I don't mean to add more work or listening, but there are a some songs that could be added. (But of course this is your rate so feel free to add or take away as you see fit)

    Once In A Lifetime, an original song made for the Cadillac Record Soundtrack. Absolute soulful vocal bliss! It's so in the pocket that at first I thought it was another Etta James cover.
    There is also Trust In Me from the soundtrack which is another stunning cover.

    From the unreleased songs there are a bunch of fun additions from the IASF /post B'Day sessions (Black Culture, Forever to Bleed, I'm Alone Now, Roc, Stop Sign, New Shoes etc)

    There are also some Dreamgirls and Carmen a HipHopera songs, that I don't necessarily love or think are essential. But they range from small featurings to mostly another Beyoncé song.

    And from the original list, I believe I'm Leaving is a Destiny's Child song from a mixtape pre-survivor//in that awkward era when it was just Beyonce and Kelly recording while looking for other members (like Dot and Perfect Man)
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  2. Is it time for another one already?

    Can I just give all of Homecoming my 11?
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  3. Even the gifs are 11 worthy.
  4. Yes, so I do have a list of excluded songs. Most are from the soundtracks. However, I also thought Once In A Lifetime was an Etta James cover, so now I feel like it should be included in the Optionals, or should I put it in Extras? Hmm.

    Regarding the unreleased songs, so I took I'm Leaving and Sexuality from the elusive fan-made/unofficial/official mixtape from back in the day, Speak My Mind, as well as Sexy Lil' Thug. I really can't get a clear answer anywhere on the internet about its origins. And then I chucked Wake Up (R.E.M.) in there to insight some fun chatter about who's version is better.
  5. Missing this from the Optionals Section dddd (I am just kidding).

    My first pass of the albums and the averages are embarrassingly high. It’s going to be hard to give lower than 7s for so much of this. I have so many 11 contenders, but I think I’m going to give it to the song I think will most need it (even if it’s from my least favorite Beyoncé album!)

    I’m also quite pleased The Carters album is in this — it’s a phenomenal album.
  6. I'm excited about this but at the same time I know someone is going to give "Crazy In Love" a 5.5 or something and I'm going to have a migraine for about a month afterward.
  7. I am ready to give Daddy a 0 it deserves !!!!!!!
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  9. I thought you were talking about Daddy Lessons for a moment there

  10. Once In A Lifetime has been added to Optionals. This should be the final adjustment.
    Both the Youtube and Spotify playlist have been updated.

  11. B’Day walked so BEYONCÉ and Lemonade could run, remember that!
  12. As a dumpster diver when it comes to getting to know/hear all songs by an artist and also contributing a bit to the song list in this rate, I can't help but respond (even though our host already did).
    The soundtrack songs were dropped from the list because majority of them are covers or there just isn't enough Beyoncé in them, like you mentioned, to consider worthy of rating. Apart from "Once in a Lifetime", there's another original soundtrack song where Beyoncé is prominently featured that doesn't appear on the list and might've been overlooked - "Everything I Do", a duet with Bilal. Would be cute if it was added to the optional extras since it would also bring the total amount of songs to 190, but I digress.

    As for "I'm Leaving", it was recorded during the early "Survivor" sessions and it was technically intended to be a Destiny's Child song, but in this form, Bey has the lead while Kelly (I think) provides the backing vocals - a similar case as with "My Man", which was released on Walmart edition bonus track of "Destiny Fulfilled" and now appears in this rate.
    That song and "Sexuality" are on that borderline-released/unreleased mixtape "Speak My Mind" and some sources indicate that the two songs were supposed to be officially released on the supposed "Dangerously in Love" re-release edition (along with "Sexy Lil' Thug", but we know that one was released for radio promo).

    Also, I think I have a whole list of Bey's unreleased songs and will probably spotlight most of them in this thread.
  13. Thankyou all for the insight!!
    I am so hyped for this rate and I miss the days of there being a Beyhive forum where people could come together to really just fan over the heart and soul: THE MUSIC.

    I have only done a first pass of listens, but I find what is so difficult about rating certain songs is one of Bey's superpowers, which is to take a song I like fine enough and through a live arrangement or video it transforms into a massive, otherwordly, top tier song.

    For example Run The World, Diva, and Be Alive I like the songs as studio recordings, but when I consider the performances they quickly become contenders for an 11. Halo especially has this phenomena, fine studio recording but IMMENSE ridiculous quality upgrade live.

    Ultimately I am just taking all aspects of the song in all their forms into consideration. Some songs benefit more from this way of rating (compared to the album cuts/bsides that may never get performed) but luckily all the songs are already getting high scores anyway
  14. Hmm. I do like round numbers.
  15. Countdown me in.

    I just know debut will get done real dirty, though.

  16. I am terrible for setting out to do these and not getting round to it but I'm determined to make it through this one. I know there's great songs in all those extras I've never heard.

    I'm just sad this wasn't officially released because I'd be giving it a 10.
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  17. Not me strolling into this thread fully intended on finally bringing out that 10+ average for Lemonade, only to be confronted with the official tracklist for the first time in 6 years
  18. I think I gave Forward a 5.
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  19. Just started with preliminary listen-through / rating.

  20. Before I Let Go is such a banger.
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