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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Work It Out truly was just too ahead of it’s time for some people.
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  2. I Was Here - 8.75
    ~ For some reason, I usually think this is a nice ballad and that's about it, but upon hearing the song, it really stood out and earned a very good score from me. I mean, it's a simple song and does feel tacked on, but when the second verse kicks in, ad-libs start to appear and the build-up continues, I'm quite impressed.

    Mi Gente (Remix) - 8
    ~ Bop! I thought I scored this one a bit higher but there's probably not enough Bey to justify a higher score. Anyway, this is very catchy and fun, good to see it didn't flop here.

    Runnin’ (Lose It All) - 8.5
    ~ I've always enjoyed this one and knowing it for a long time probably gave it advantage. There's not much to say about it, since it does its job very well by being enough radio-friendly but not falling into the overly generic territory.
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  3. Although I love I Am.. generally If I Were a Boy was never one of my favourites from it at all. However, the live version with the You Oughta Know part blows the album version out of the water and showed another evolution of Beyoncé as a performer.
  4. One of my biggest issues musically with If I Were A Boy is that the verses and the chorus are the exact same melody (just separated by an octave) so the song ends up being a bit monotonous until the bridge.
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  5. GO SHAWTY...

    SCORE: 7.716
    TOTAL POINTS: 231.5

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 5 ( @Sprockrooster, @theincredibleflipper, @Dijah., @soratami, @Lost In Japan. )
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 ( @sesita )
    MY SCORE: 7.5/10

    The original is a bop which still gets played out to this day, but Beyoncé's own stamp on 50 Cent's In Da Club, Sexy Lil' Thug is for the girls and the gays and it slaps... hard! While keeping the original's instrumental, Beyoncé added a new chorus and verses, plus some gorgeous vocals to separate her version from the 50's. This is early Beyoncé getting to talk some shit! The song garnered a load of radio play in 2003, before ending up on the elusive mixtape, Speak My Mind.

    This absolutely deserves to be on streaming or something! I definitely remember this track making moves at the time, even in the UK, so it seem strange that they never capitalised on the attention it got. Beyoncé performed the song only once, at the Beyonce: Friends and Family Concert.

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  6. Did 50 not kick up a fuss because he got outshone on his own song meaning any actual release got scrapped? I absolutely love this one, even better than the original and such a fun curio from her early career.
  7. I love Sexy Lil’ Thug! It’s so much better than In The Club.
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    SCORE: 7.73
    TOTAL POINTS: 231.9

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 ( @odyism, @Maria, @sesita )
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 ( @Daniel_O )
    MY SCORE: 8.5/10

    Ooop. @Daniel_O sis. I hope you're ready!

    MOOD 4 EVA is a song from the Beyoncé's The Gift, a companion album to the 2019 film The Lion King and Beyoncé's Black Is King. Featuring Jay-Z once again, as well as Childish Gambino, MOOD 4 EVA also uses a sample from Malian singer Oumou Sangaré. The song is an uplifting uptempo moment on the album, as Beyoncé raises her alcoholic beverage to the heavens and sings, "another night a won't remember, promise this my mood forever". As someone who likes to party, I can relate to enjoying that carefree, unbothered mood you have when you're drinking and dancing with friends. Although here, I think Beyoncé and Jay are talking more about the life they get to live now where money isn't a worry... which most of us can't relate to. Alas...

    Beyoncé also has a little rap-sung verse on this, which she nails. I know we've talked a lot about Beyoncé talking shit on a track and no matter how many times she does it, I live!

    "Why would you try me? Why would you bother? I am Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter!"


    The music video, shot for Black Is King, is a 7 minute masterpiece (as is the whole film). It shows the Prince of the story dreaming of a carefree life in a huge mansion, which we see Beyoncé strutting round the place in some amazing gowns, beautiful gowns! One of my favourite moments is the butler of the mansion brushing the Prince's teeth with a diamond encrusted toothbrush, and then it cuts to Beyoncé getting her diamond teeth brushed as she relates the story back to herself, with a little wink of course. There's plenty more great moments. It's a really fun music video, filled with references, in contrast to the more serious story taking place.

    The song has never been performed live, but hopefully will get an outing one day.
    It has a respectable 51m streams on Spotify.

    You can also view some of the making of the song in the Making The Gift documentary below.

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  9. I never realised she performed Sexy Lil Thug live. A nice little treat there. It really could have been bigger if it was pushed as a single, a bit like Eamon/Frankee.
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  10. So I've just gone through all the eliminations and I've added the average from the 2016 rate (if applicable) and the average difference as just putting the placement isn't exactly informative, as we've rated many more songs here. Just preparing the next elimination.
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    SCORE: 7.751
    TOTAL POINTS: 232.55

    74/113 (-5) | 6.465 (+1.286)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 4 ( @Sprockrooster, @theincredibleflipper, @BubblegumBoy, @Robert )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 ( @boombazookajoe )
    MY SCORE: 6.5/10

    Not only did Beyoncé’s third studio album, I Am… Sasha Fierce showcase her stepping out of her comfort zone into more conventional "made for radio" ballad territory, she also roped in Sasha to make her bops more "radio friendly" as well, and none sound more "of the time" than the aptly named, Radio. Co-written with James Scheffer, Rico Love and Anton Bakholdin, the song is simply about Beyoncé’s love for music. When she was a child, Beyoncé says she never did things normal teenage girls were doing like going to parties because, "I was so in love with my radio and my music".

    The concept for Radio is, of course, basic, but there’s something so endearingly cheesy about it, I can’t help but enjoy it. And in an album which has plenty of dull moments within it, Radio serves a cheesy, fun slice of synth pop. Of course it sounds dated, like the other Scheffer and Love song on the album, Save The Hero. But you know how songs can go from dated and unbearable to dated and nostalgic. I think it sounds good in 2022! Maybe because it reminds me of simpler times. Speaking of 2022, Radio was a lip sync on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 14 and for a three way lip sync, it was actually pretty good! Jorgeous ATE though.

    Radio was performed on the I Am… World Tour, intertwined with some old home footage of baby Beyoncé that would later be used in the Grown Woman video. There ends up being a split screen of baby Beyoncé and current Beyoncé performing similar moves, which is cute. Also, Beyoncé performed an acoustic version of the song, along with Halo and Irreplaceable, at a children’s hospital in Singapore when the tour stopped there.
    The song has not been performed since.

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  12. The first time I’ve liked being tagged in this thread in ages.
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  13. "MOOD 4 Eva" is the best song on that album. I gave it a 9.5, but if I knew songs featuring Jay (besides the huge obvious hits) would be done so wrong, I'd have bumped it up to a 10.
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  14. I was so stressed going into this rate that I was going to get dragged to filth for ranking a lot of songs so low but luckily @Daniel_O is here to take that place for me. Thank you for your service.

    And how dare you do Mood 4 Eva so dirty.
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  15. Has there ever been a flash vote before? Like everyone messages me a score for Break My Soul and we’ll see where it lands? Good idea / bad idea?

    I do want to try and complete the rate before July 29… but it’s going to be a race!
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  16. There was one for "Stupid Love", and I think it is a good idea.

    And definitely don't feel pressure to finish the rate before the album is released. While I know you already mentioned that and understand the sentiment, having one week and nearly 80 songs left to eliminate does seem like a lot, especially when we're yet to reach the monumental ones (still keeping in mind that you're doing an incredible hosting job so far). Maybe giving it a little break while we process the new album could work? Obviously, I don't want to inflict anything onto you, since you're the host and should do what you think is the best.
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  17. Okay! I will add Break My Soul to the spreadsheet and ask everyone to kindly send in their scores for it. Then I can reveal its place on the finale day.

    And thanks @Maki. I’ll at least try to get to Top 20 / 10 before July 29…

    Elimination incoming…
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  18. This one received nine 10s!

    SCORE: 7.763
    TOTAL POINTS: 232.9

    56/113 (-22) | 7.222 (+0.541)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 9 ( @boombazookajoe, @Phonetics Girl, @BubblegumBoy, @odyism, @eatyourself, @sesita, @TéléDex, @Lost In Japan., @Robert )
    LOWEST SCORE: 2.5 x 1 ( @godspeed )
    MY SCORE: 7/10

    One of Beyoncé’s most successful soundtrack songs, Listen, was written for the 2006 musical film Dreamgirls and was included as a hidden track on the international editions of B’Day and was eventually given the last spot on the deluxe edition track listing. Dreamgirls was originally a broadway musical, and most of the songs in the film are taken from there, however Listen was a new edition as a way to give Beyoncé’s character, Deena Jones an empowering And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going moment in the second half of the film. It was written by the composer of the Broadway musical Henry Kreiger with Scott Cutler, Anne Preven and Beyoncé herself. The song got nominated for a tonne of awards, including a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. However, Beyoncé was not included as an honouree because the Academy Awards have a weird rule that only three songwriters can be eligible for a song that is nominated. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway as it lost to a song I’ve never heard off which is pretty standard for the Academy.

    In my opinion, and I understand that And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going is a classic, but Listen is a better "listen", pardon the pun, once taken out of the context of the movie. Much was made over a rivalry/jealousy between Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson, which was clearly the typical media trope of pitting women against each other. Thankfully it was 2006/7 and social media wasn’t really a thing, because I would have hated the ridiculous discord and stories people would have made up about the two hating each other.

    The song is a powerful ballad, but I rarely go back to it. If I’m looking for an emotional Beyoncé moment, I’m gonna look to Heaven, 1+1 or even Halo. However, like no other, Beyoncé can always draw you in with a live performance and that’s largely why I believe Listen is considered to be one of Beyoncé’s most successful ballads. The song became a sizeable hit in the UK after that very special X Factor performance in December 2008, peaking at No.8, over two years after it was initially released.

    Speaking of special performances, this song got plenty of promo and if we’re just speaking about vocals, the performances of Listen are incredible. The song was first performed on Oprah, leaving the host speechless as the audience gave a standing ovation. I still don’t understand how people can claim Beyoncé’s voice as "boring". This performance would have gone viral had it happened today. She would later perform the song at the Grammys and the Academy Awards as well as The Today Show and German show, Wettan Dass. It was also included on the set list for both The Beyoncé Experience Tour and The I Am… World Tour.

    But as previously mentioned, in December 2008, Beyoncé was in the UK to do some promo for her latest album, I Am… Sasha Fierce. Meanwhile, Alexandra Burke had consistently been killing it week after week on The X Factor and on Week 8 of the competition she performed Listen, earning her the highest votes that week. Cut to the live final and rumours were swirling about Beyoncé joining Alexandra on stage for a duet of a Beyoncé song. Turns out the rumours were true and the twosome only had one hour to choose a song and rehearse it. Beyoncé, like the smart businesswoman she is, wanted them to perform her latest single If I Were A Boy (which she ended up performing solo anyway), however Alexandra requested that they perform Listen instead. Beyoncé agreed and they "literally blagged it", in Alexandra’s own words. It’s truly a sight to behold, with Alexandra trying her best to compose herself while Beyoncé, standing next to her, is casually delivering an effortless vocal. Plus the whole performance was introduced by none other than Cheryl. A Popjustice fantasy. It is probably X Factor’s most talked about moment EVER. I don’t have data to prove that, but I’m sure I’m probably correct. After the performance, Listen became a staple on these kinds of talent shows and I assume was butchered left, right and centre.

    Listen did get a music video directed by Diane Martel. It features Beyoncé in normal clothes walking through a theatre performing the song until she reaches the bridge and she transforms into Deena, her character from the film, to finish the song off. It’s not a particularly interesting video by any means, but it's a standard affair for this kind of movie soundtrack song. An alternate version of the video was included on the Dreamgirls DVD release, which has Beyoncé against a plain background performing the song directly into your soul.

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  19. Before I Let Go - 7
    ~ While this is the best out of the three "Homecoming" songs featured here, it still seems pretty inessential. Then again, since I barely ever returned to it since release, it didn't have an opportunity to grow on me. Since I don't know the original, I suppose it's a nice cover and the production is really well done. Not exactly a fan of the numerous switch-ups during the final minute, but it's a good song overall. Didn't expect it to get so many 10s though.

    Work It Out - 7
    ~ If this one wasn't released as a single, I bet it would struggle to even come close to top 100. The instrumental is too repetitive here and there's isn't much that can lift the song from sounding monotonous. The hook kinda annoys me, but I do like the verses and middle-8. I actually prefer "Hey Goldmember" out of the two songs from this soundtrack.

    If I Were a Boy - 8
    ~ Yeah, I agree that the lyrics here are shallow but the song itself is rather strong. The structure and build-up are great and vocal delivery is excellent, of course. On the other hand, the instrumental is lacking a bit so I couldn't score it higher. And I always forget this was a lead single form the album and such a huge hit for some reason.

    Sexy Lil' Thug - 8.75
    ~ This is so good, especially when comparing it to the original. She really transforms the song into a proper early 00s bop. I adore the verses and actually think the choruses are the "weakest" part here. And those ad-libs she does before and during the final chorus are amazing, it could've actually done with a 9+ score from me. As for the song's release, it was a complicated situation, as it was first sent to radios during March 2003 and then a proper release was forbidden for multiple reasons. Technically, it was released in an official form, but it was limited to radio promo CDs (and not only the likely unofficial "Speak My Mind" mixtape).
    Anyway, really happy to see this rarity make it so far!

    And now that we eliminated all of these 'early' (i.e. songs released before "Crazy in Love"), I must mention one song that would fit in that category - a collab with R&B singer Jo Jo Robinson for his debut album "Hush", which was supposed to be released on October 14, 1999 but was unfortunately shelved. The album surfaced last year, so we finally got to hear the song. Shame it remained unreleased because it is such a great tune and I feel like it would very nicely slot onto "The Writing's on the Wall" album, especially considering it was produced by Kevin Briggs:

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