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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. My god this going to be hard. I'm ready to give almost every song on 4 at least a 9 and one of them an 11.
  2. Sounds like the correct scoring to me!
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  3. Is that a threat?

    What's another threat?

    Yep, that's another threat!

  4. How much chance is there of an extension @allyshone? This has been a stacked month for rates and I really want to give the material here the justice it deserves.
  5. I'm afraid this rate is going to reveal the Dangerously in Love (the album) anti in me...
  6. I'm happy to give an extension. I know this one is a big one and there's a lot to get through. I am away the beginning and end of June... I'm back on June 14th from Primavera. Would that be a decent extension?

    And you all better keep the thread going while I'm away.
  7. I'm done but I'm alright with being allowed to obsess over my scores for another couple of weeks.
  8. I would love you for it.
  9. But honestly why aren't the Carmen bangerz included? I know nobody knows them and my vision may be tainted because I just found the CD and blasted it in my father's car but it is such a great yet forgotten moment of her career.

    I know they are barely two minutes long but some of the attitude she is showing in her tracks? Wig.
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  10. Haven't even started this because Beyoncé and Eurovision are at the opposite ends of the music spectrum and I didn't feel I could dip between one and the other. Extension until mid June would be perfect.
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  11. I would love the extension too, capitalism is testing me and I'm losing at it!
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  12. I'll be starting this soon! The extension is definitely welcome given the song list is so long.
  13. Okay, seems unanimous! Extension til June 14. Then we're on.

  14. I'm honestly not sure if I'd never listened to Dangerously In Love, or if I did listen to it back when it was released and forgot about it, but either way I had no recollection of any of the songs aside from the singles and Signs. Either way, Hip Hop Star was a fantastic (re)discovery, and, on the opposite end of the scale, Daddy is just... tragic. Those lyrics...

  15. But I definitely agree about the Daddy lyrics ddd. She's no Daddy Lessons, that's for sure!
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I'm giving Daddy a big ZERO.
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  18. Wait at the Crazy In Love remix

  19. Perfect Duet and Proud To Be An American back to back...

  20. Thanks for the extension @allyshone and making Beyoncé once again the soundtrack of my pride month!!

    I have decided to enact the scoring system I used for @p’nut butter (sorryy Incredible Kate Bush rate cause I AM RIDE OR DIE FOR MY QUEEN
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