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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. I fkn swear this rate is gonna lead to murder one day

    R.I.P. to Start Over. Bey's tidal (no pun intended) wave vocals always do me in.
  2. Start Over is one of my favorites on 4. I gave it a 9 and now I wish I gave it 10!
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  3. No Angel, Already and 7/11 leaving... People giving out 1's to self-titled...

    There are some demons in this rate for sure.
  4. I gave Start Over a 9. It's so underrated.
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  5. "SUMMER" not being the final song from "EVERYTHING IS LOVE" is both surprising and totally unfair. "APESHIT" should've left ages ago..
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  6. Catching up here...

    MOOD 4 EVA - 5.75
    ~ I know this one is supposed to be a laid-back fun tune, but it has always been 'meh' to me and one of my lowest scores from this album actually. I like Bey's chorus and the production is obviously good, though the rest is rather forgettable.

    Radio - 9.25
    ~ This slaps in all of its incredibly basic and dated glory and I absolutely don't regret rating it this high. The verses are adorable and the chorus is so catchy. In fact, it's closer to a 10 than 9 for me now - an excellent rediscovery. Can't believe people think "Diva" is better than this.

    Listen - 9.25
    ~ I'm a sucker for these dramatic ballads, and this one surely is one of them. Don't know if overplaying made me like it slightly less than before, but it still deserved better in this rate.

    While most of you recall that Alexandra Burke moment when it comes to "Listen", I remember coming across this absolutely fantastic X Factor performance (by an eventual winner) and being obsessed by it for some time:

  7. What? APESHIT is absolutely fantastic.
  8. No Angel - 6.5
    ~ I must say I'm not sure about the vocals myself, since I love how creative she got but then again can't say they are pleasant on ears. The production, however, is excellent but the song still lacks a stronger melody to keep up with all of those quirks in the instrumental. One of the weakest songs from self-titled.

    Say Yes - 7.75
    ~ I find religious songs cringey in general, but this one is so damn catchy I don't even care. Had to downgrade my score by halve of a point compared to Destiny's Child rate, since Beyoncé isn't featured as much here.

    Sorry (Original Demo) - 7.75
    ~ Not sure if I ever heard this version but it's definitely a very good listen. The original is superior of course, but I really like how the different production and altered song structure still makes it work.

    ALREADY - 7
    ~ I remember when I first heard this song, that intro with those vocals left me completely bald. One of the very best moments from the entire album for sure. Unfortunately, the rest of the song is just nice and gets a bit repetitive - I like the chorus but feel like the featured artists are too distracting, so it couldn't get a higher score.
  9. The duet with Alexandra on Listen… can you say legendaric?? Secured my 10 with that alone.
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  10. I'm back with plenty of eliminations...

    SCORE: 7.95

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 ( @theincredibleflipper, @boombazookajoe, @Phonetics Girl )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 ( @Robert )
    MY SCORE: 7.5/10

    The winning song from the Optional section, You Changed, is by Miss Kelendria Rowland featuring both her Destiny's Child counterparts, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. Co-written with Harmony Samuels and Courtney Harrell, the song marked another mini DC reunion for the iconic trio. You Changed was included on Kelly's fourth studio album, Talk A Good Game and its about finding happiness after the end of a relationship.

    The song may not have been single material, but it's a really great, inoffensive album track. All the girls deliver some killer vocals and every time I listen to it I fantasise about the possibility of another DC album at some point. The song has never been performed live and I think it kind of lives on as a little hidden gem for DC fans.


    SCORE: 7.975
    TOTAL POINTS: 239.25

    53/113 (-17) | 7.307 (+0.668)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 ( @Purple, @Ramalama )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 ( @Phonetics Girl )
    MY SCORE: 7.5/10

    The next track to be cut from Self-Titled is Standing On The Sun. The song was recorded during the Self-Titled sessions, however it didn't make the cut when the album was released in December 2013. It was first heard when it was used for Beyoncé's H&M commercial, which was released in April 2013 and the commercial looked like a whole ass music video. Some fans believed this was going to get a full release, with a full music video and be #1 around the world. That was not the case. The Greg Kurstin produced and Sia co-written track finally got some form of official release on the re-issue of Self-Titled and the More Only EP... however it was a remix. Beyoncé is so trifling!

    For this rate, I said you could score whichever was your favourite version. Mine is the version above. It's a really uplifting, light, airy pop song for Beyoncé, which ultimately would not fit on Self-Titled, which ended up being more personal and darker in places. I think it still slaps though and I would have appreciated an official release on streaming when the re-issue came about! Same goes for its sister song, Grown Woman. These two songs were the most popular songs Beyoncé released in 2013 ahead of Self-Titled and we still can't stream them! Beyoncé is so trifling!

    Like with Grown Woman, Beyoncé performed Standing On The Sun on the Mrs Carter World Tour, however unlike the former, Standing On The Sun was only given one outing. Mr Vega's part of the song was also used on the Formation World Tour during the Mine dance breakdown, which has been a staple since.

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  11. I have no idea why I gave You Changed a 10. I enjoy it a lot but… not like that.
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  12. 7/11 - 4.25
    ~ I thought I loathed this song and would score it a 1 or something, but that final minute is actually nice so the score was adjusted accordingly. Yeah, I can see why some like it as it can be fun, but I still consider it a very poor song, we should've really kicked this out before top 100.

    Start Over - 11

    SUMMER - 8.25
    ~ "Summertime" walked so "SUMMER" could... walk at a slightly faster pace. But really, this is a very pretty song with a lovely production. I probably like it as much because Beyoncé is present for the most part and the melody is very pleasing. The only song I'd call underrated from this album as I consider it the best track from it, too.

    You Changed - 7
    ~ Looking at the Destiny's Child commentary for this song and scream at me mentioning this reminds of Demi Lovato. Literally how?? Then again, that rate was 4 years ago so who knows what I was thinking... Anyway, I like this and my score remained the same (and didn't 'change', excuse the bad pun) but can't really call it memorable by any means. A nice little reunion moment where all three members have nice parts and none of them stands out too much.
    A random winner for the bonus/optional section ("Wishing on a Star" would've been a much better choice in my opinion), but seems like some of these scores may have been inflated based on the reaction so far ddd
  13. I wish the rest of Standing on the Sun was as good as the second verse is.
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  14. The official released version of Standing On The Sun but the fan made cuts that used the commercial audio, the tour audio; etc is God Tier.
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  15. Time for Lemonade to lose another...

    SCORE: 7.991
    TOTAL POINTS: 239.75

    47/113 (-21) | 7.696 (+0.295)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 5 ( @boombazookajoe, @sesita, @godspeed, @TéléDex, @Robert )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 2 ( @Ana Raquel, @Purple )
    MY SCORE: 7.5/10

    Clearly one of the most divisive tracks on the critically acclaimed Lemonade album, Sandcastles just narrowly misses an average score of 8. The song was originally written by Vincent Berry II about a ten-year relationship ending. He wrote the song with Malik Yusef, who came up idea of creating a song called "We Built Sandcastles That Washed Away". Berry was invited to a studio with Midian Mathers, who cried when he heard the song. The group further worked on the song and it was offered to Teyana Taylor, who didn't end up recording it. Once Mathers played the demo for Teresa LaBarbera Whites, who fans of Beyoncé will recognise as the woman who signed Destiny's Child, she also ended up crying and agreed to send the song to Beyoncé and see if it could be included on her next project.

    Sandcastles is THE ballad on Lemonade and we know ballads can be divisive around these parts, hence why I believe the song is the lowest rated, excluding Forward and Sorry (Original Demo). Sandcastles is really the moment on the album where things come to a head in regards to her relationship with Jay-Z. Her vocal delivery is the absolute gut punch to really drive home the pain she's felt and the reason why Lemonade exists. On a powerful album, it's another hugely powerful moment. Beyoncé wrote the final verse, which offers up the hope that the relationship can possibly move forward.

    The music video is stripped back, as we see Beyoncé dressed in black recording the song on the piano and crying. Jay also makes an appearance, featuring in different shots of them embracing, laughing and it ends with her kissing him on the cheek. It's probably the most intimate we've seen the couple, which really lets you focus on the lyrics and the story while watching.

    Sandcastles was the last song from Lemonade for Beyoncé to perform, which she finally did at the 2017 Grammys after Love Drought while pregnant with the twins. The song has over 40m streams on Spotify and reached #43 on the Billboard Hot 100 upon release.

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  16. I've fallen a bit behind this rate's flawless pace and just caught up with everything. I genuinely can't be too mad if certain songs I really love fall now because the material in this top 100 ranges from very good to pure excellence. This being said I just wanted to express, as two-time Grammy Award winner Jazmine Sullivan would say, FEELINGS!!! because I have a few of them.

    "No Angel," "BOSS" and "Speechless" are their parent albums' crown jewels. They do everything some of the singles achieve in a subtler manner, taking some ideas further and allowing Beyoncé to really have fun and experiment with her craft. They're exquisite moments in an incredible discography and therefore could have stayed a while longer in this rate. But I'll happily settle on the fact that they'll remain underrated gems only people with superior taste™ will recognize for the masterpieces they are.

    I could write an essay on the huge missed opportunity "Feeling Myself" was for both artists. Beyoncé has rarely allowed herself to have as much candid fun as she did back in 2014 between the "Flawless Remix," "7/11" and this collaboration. It should have been a proper moment, they had all the ingredients for it, but decided to try and make Tidal a thing instead and failed. Oh well.

    "Part II (On The Run)" is beautiful and a more understated sequel to the blockbuster and iconic hit "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" was. I salute Beyoncé and Jay-Z for choosing to go in that moody-electronic-R&B direction and doing something different sonically instead of pointlessly trying to recreate the magic of the original. It was also the soundtrack to my entire summer of 2013 – the best summer of my life – so my 10 was given purely for sentimental and personal reasons.

    "Sexy Lil' Thug" is great. I don't think anyone could hop on this song and make it theirs the way Beyoncé did. "Put It In A Love Song" is a bop. Always has been. I never understood why people were so underwhelmed when it came out. "SUMMER" is in my top 3 when it comes to Jay-Z and Beyoncé collaborations. "Running (Lose It All)" is lovely. "Be With You" is slick. "Work It Out" is fun. And "Rocket" is auditive foreplay.

    And yes, I love "If I Were A Boy" mostly because no one can sell these clunky lyrics the way Beyoncé can, with such passion and genuine honesty. She has tackled this subject with much more depth and nuance since but there's just something about the way she truly believed in that song at the time that really butters my biscuit. Also the verses and choruses being the same melody is what I think is so great about "If I Were A Boy." It's the power in Beyoncé's voice that makes the choruses and that my friends is I what I call singing. And the music video? The way I'd see it on TV each day after school in late-2008 and be blown away by the plot-twist every single time? How Beyoncé revolutionized black-and-white cinematography? Pretty legendary if you ask me.
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    SCORE: 8

    45/113 (-22) | 7.737 (+0.263)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 ( @BubblegumBoy, @Remorque, @Music Is Death )
    LOWEST SCORE: 6 x 2 ( @allyshone, @Epic Chocolat )
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    The first song on the tracklist on Beyoncé's Self-Titled album, Pretty Hurts is our first song to reach an 8 average! Co-written with Sia and Ammo, the song had the hefty task of starting off Beyoncé's fifth studio album and on my first listen (not visually), I was whelmed. Since then, I've come around to it and of course, seeing Beyoncé perform a song live always makes me enjoy it more, plus the music video is major.

    Pretty Hurts was initially for Katy Perry, however Katy apparently didn't read Sia's email so the song was sent to Rihanna and Beyoncé. Riri held the song for a while before Beyoncé chose to pay the tracks fee and keep it for herself. Beyoncé said, "The second I heard the song, I'm like, 'I have to sing this song, I don't care how hard I have to fight for this song, this is my song'!" The song is a powerful pop ballad about beauty standards enforced on women in society. Pretty Hurts ends with an audio of a very young Beyoncé winning an award for "Female Pop Vocalist" and we hear Beyoncé thanking the judges, her parents and Houston. This clip was included in the music video. I think the inclusion of it is the first hint on Self-Titled where we know Beyoncé is going to be getting really personal and deep with us.

    Beyoncé sings the house down, like she always does on these kinds of tracks to really sell it, but its the music video which made a huge impression. Listening to the track on its own for the first time, it felt very by the numbers, however the video changed all that. It was truly exciting to see what vision Beyoncé had for the song. Shot by Melina Matsoukas, we see Beyoncé taking part in a beauty pageant representing Third Ward, Houston. During the seven-minute long video, we see the lengths the girls in the pageant are going to satisfy the judges and how unhappy they all are. Beyoncé trashes all her pageant awards towards the climax of the song. The video looks high-budget and does an amazing job of selling the message.

    Beyoncé added Pretty Hurts to the On The Run Tour setlist in 2014, but hasn't performed the song since. It has over 150m streams on Spotify. Chloe X Halle also did a cover which has garnered over 20m views on YouTube.

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  18. 4?? Bitch, I scratched out your name, and your face.

    Sandcastles deserves a 10 just for the way she delivers that lyric. What a woman, what a song. Beyoncé delivers so much emotion from gentle sadness to cutting anger. It really is one of her best ballads. Such a shame ballads aren’t so favoured on here.
  19. Guess I just have to accept that Beyoncé has a million songs I love because every single one of these eliminations is wrong.

    SCORE: 8.025
    TOTAL POINTS: 240.75

    67/113 (+1) | 6.864 (+1.161)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 7 ( @allyshone, @lalaclairi_, @boombazookajoe, @Aester, @odyism, @TheOnlyOne, @klow )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 ( @Daniel_O )
    MY SCORE: 10/10

    After being mentally slapped around left and right in Ring The Alarm, Beyoncé slows things right down with this mid-tempo jam for track 6 on B’Day (Standard). However, the themes of both songs remain similar, which further reiterates that this is a very different Beyoncé than the one we heard on her debut album, Dangerously In Love. Written with Pharrell and Jay-Z and produced by The Neptunes, Kitty Kat is a "deceptively sweet" sounding track about a woman not getting what she needs from her man, so instead she is going to take her WAP and walk out the door. Innocently, in 2006, I believed this was actually about Beyoncé's pet cat.

    I’ve always loved Kitty Kat, mainly because it’s the sole R&B mid-tempo jam on B’Day, which makes it a standout. Additionally, it’s a subject that I, and most, can relate to I’m sure with the simple and effective "I’m not feeling it" hook. We’ve all been there ghurls. There’s multiple elements in Kitty Kat that just make it a "vibe". I adore the little spoken "quite frankly" and the soft and smooth vocals throughout. Also, we get a third verse and a luscious bridge where Beyoncé flexes, "Got diamonds on my neck, got diamonds on my records". We know by now that I love a Beyoncé flex. Ultimately, it's one of the less recognised moments on B'Day, but it's always been one of my favourites.

    Unfortunately, Kitty Kat was included on the B’Day Anthology Video Album, but reduced to 58 seconds long, which is annoying as the concept of Beyoncé running around with an oversized cat in a sequin leopard print catsuit is so CAMP.

    Kitty Kat was neglected performance-wise right up until 2016 on The Formation World Tour, where Beyoncé sang the bridge and part of the chorus in a medley with Sorry. Beyoncé would later recreate this for Coachella. Kitty Kat still deserves a full performance one day, but these little snippets are cute because it’s a gag to hear fans screaming the lyrics to a largely ignored deep cut from 10 years ago.

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