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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Oh, Mine is gorgeous. And as much as Drake annoys me Beyoncé always brings the best out of him.
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  2. Mine is perfect.
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  3. Mine is one of my absolute favourites from self titled. I love the vulnerable opening and the way the beat slowly creeps in and changes up the song. The video is really simple but effective too.
  4. If Lemonade didn't exist, "Mine" would have been my 11 without a second thought. "Ethereal" really is the perfect word to describe it and, along "Ghost," it was a true novelty in Beyoncé's discography when Self Titled came out. There's something so beautiful about the contrast between the verses' restrained yet still emotionally heavy delicacy ("On my mind, up past my bedtime, no rest in the kingdom" will always remain some of my favorite lyrics from Beyoncé) and the post-chorus' pulsating percussions. Special shout out to Sampha's divine atmospheric background vocals during the transition between the opening verse and the alt-R&B second part of the song which makes you feel like you're falling into a dream state of some sort.

    The music video was outstanding too. I haven't followed Pierre Debusschere's work in a while but, between his work on "Mine" and "Ghost," he was a revelation to me. We talk a lot about the Michelangelo's Pietà reference at the beginning of the video because it's a stunning scene, but it's their take on Magritte's The Lovers that completely blew me away. I even remember using the idea of wearing a t-shirt over my head with an inscription in the front for an art project in high school... The grip Beyoncé had on me in 2013-2014 remains unmatched.
  5. only 10s leaving from here on out...

    SCORE: 8.35
    TOTAL POINTS: 250.5

    48/113 (--) | 7.589 (+0.761)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 8 ( @allyshone, @Dijah., @Purple, @sesita, @godspeed, @klow, @Lost In Japan., @Ramalama )
    LOWEST SCORE: 5 x 2 ( @Sprockrooster, @Robert )
    MY SCORE: 10/10

    Me, Myself and I was released as the third single from Beyoncé’s debut album on October 19, 2003 and is another track from her debut produced and co-written with Scott Storch and Robert Waller. Beyoncé wanted her third single to go "deeper" and showcase her more personal side, so Me, Myself and I was the obvious choice. Also it’s, allegedly, one of her favourites. However, we don’t know for sure because Beyoncé won’t sit down and talk about her discography for no one anymore (Thanks to Tyra Banks ddd). Can we get the Beyoncé Genius interview please though?!

    Out of all the singles on Dangerously In Love, this is the one I go back to the most frequently. It’s just such a solid R&B ballad, being both empowering and exemplifying Beyoncé’s boundless confidence and delivery. I’ve never been through a break up, well at least a serious one, but I would seriously rate this song as one of the better “break up” songs in pop. Most of the Dangerously In Love album is about relishing in the positives of newfound love, often drifting into cheesy territory, yet Me, Myself and I is a different beast entirely, becoming a stand out in both its message and overall demeanour (along with Yes for me). Plus, it’s another Beyoncé single that seems to transcend time. It may be coming up to its 20th anniversary, but it still sounds fresh. A true R&B classic and definitely an underrated Beyoncé track overall.

    The song became a decent sized hit for Beyoncé, peaking at No.4 in the US becoming the third consecutive Top 5 release from Dangerously In Love. As with most traditionally R&B leaning songs, it didn’t do as well internationally reaching No.11 in the UK and Australia respectively. Although today, it has surpassed Naughty Girl on Spotify with over 130m streams.

    Beyoncé went with a different director for her third music video, deciding upon Swedish director Johan Renck who at the time had worked with the likes of Madonna, Kylie and Robyn. Renck would go on to become a pretty huge TV director. But back to the video, it is a quiet triumph isn’t it? The storyline of the video plays out in reverse, which was an artistic decision made by Beyoncé. It’s a simple concept but executed so well, I personally think it’s one of her best.

    Me, Myself and I has had a fair amount of live showings. Most notably at the Billboard Awards where she’s joined by a legion of other Beyoncé’s. She took a break from performing the song around the BEYONCÉ era, but it crept its way back into the set list for The Formation World Tour. It even got a little showing at Coachella and then in Homecoming, with an added cute fan interaction.

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  6. You’re all SICK for sending this home before the top twenty. This was an 11 contender for me. A classic that has only gotten better and better as time has passed.
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  7. When it comes to Bey's singles, "Me, Myself and I" always seems to be underrated and unfairly tucked aside when it's not even the weakest single from the debut era - I would definitely rank it higher than "Baby Boy" (which, by the way, is another excellent song).
  8. Me, Myself & I really had a renaissance (heh) when she started bringing it back in live performances. I can’t believe I went so long underappreciating it.

    Dance for You remains disrespected.
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  9. Nooo! Me, Myself & I is an underrated gem! I’ll never not cry to it.
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  10. Me, Myself and I is Top 15 Beyoncé. It's an absolute classique.
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  11. nobody likes being played, especially the Spanish tax office...

    SCORE: 8.366

    57/113 (+10) | 7.158 (+1.208)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 9 ( @Sprockrooster, @Ana Raquel, @Phonetics Girl, @Daniel_O, @BubblegumBoy, @Remorque, @soratami, @Crisp X, @Music Is Death )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 ( @Aester )
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    Beautiful Liar was released as the first and only single from the deluxe edition of B’Day and was co-written with Stargate, Amanda Ghost and Ian Dench. The song follows the two female protagonists as they sing about getting involved with the same man, however instead of fighting over him, they agree that he’s not worth their time and they “can live without him”. Stargate’s manager came up with the idea to have Beyoncé and Shakira on the track, however the song didn’t have a melody yet and so Ghost and Dench were brought in to finish it. Beyoncé was a fan when she was presented with the finished demo and recorded it. They couldn’t get Shakira on it in time for the initial B’Day release, hence why it was included on the deluxe. Despite ticking most boxes on paper, I was never a massive fan of Beautiful Liar. It definitely knocks, but it never reaches the high heights the rest of B’Day.

    The song ended up being a pretty sizeable hit for both Beyoncé and Shakira. The song has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and reached No.1 in 32 countries. In the US, the song peaked at No.3 and is certified platinum. Over in the UK, it is also certified platinum and it became Beyoncé’s third number one single, staying at the top spot for three weeks. It was helped by all of the radio airplay from the popular Freemasons remix. The song has around 130 million streams on Spotify.

    Directed by Jake Nava, the music video for Beautiful Liar was filmed in those mad two weeks where Beyoncé wouldn’t stop shooting for the B’Day Anthology Video Album. Because of the tight schedule, all the choreography was spontaneous and created in the moment, which paid off because Beautiful Liar is a pretty great pop music video. The scene that is arguably the most memorable is where Beyoncé and Shakira dance together with matching hair and outfits and through a series of clever shots they switch places repeatedly so you never know which artist you’re looking at until the camera pans out. The video has garnered over 400 million views on YouTube and won a VMA for 'Most Earth Shattering Collaboration' aka Best Collab.

    Like some other notable collaborations with her fellow pop girls, Beyoncé has never performed the song live with Shakira, which is a shame as it would have been fire. Beautiful Liar got one televised performance on The Early Show in 2007 and then was included on The Beyoncé Experience setlist. Beyoncé’s most famous dancer, Ashley Everett takes Shakira’s place for some of the performance. In 2011, Beautiful Liar was performed at the first iteration of the 4 era one-off shows in France, which were rehearsals for the massive Glastonbury performance set which was scheduled a few days later. It was cut from the setlist after the first show.

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  12. I know it was a huge hit, but I've never warmed to that one.
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  13. Oh, c'mon... these amazing singles falling one after another makes "Diva" stick out even worse than before (yes, I'll keep calling for it to leave).
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  14. disgusting, such a tv união hit (and when i was 10 i had trouble telling them apart??)
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Beautiful Liar is probably her most forgotten hit I think, she still shows a lot of love to her earlier material but that's one that she doesn't acknowledge at all. I'm surprised to read that she was performing/rehearsing it in 2011 because she didn't even include it on the I Am World Tour setlist when it was a recent hit at that time.

    I'm not that sad to see her ignore it in any case, but I do like it. Melodramatic bop!
  16. Beautiful Liar brings... a ton of repressed Just Dance memories to mind fff.

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  17. Me, Myself and I might be her best song ever, so the fact that it ended under Beautiful Liar. GOODBYE.
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  18. Beautiful Liar is the first correct elimination that has happened in ages.
  19. one of you really wanted this, so here it is...

    SCORE: 8.388
    TOTAL POINTS: 251.65

    62/113 (+16) | 7.051 (+1.337)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 5 ( @Sprockrooster, @Ana Raquel, @Dijah., @soratami, @Robert )
    LOWEST SCORE: 6.4 x 1 ( @Epic Chocolat )
    MY SCORE: 7.5/10

    Sasha Fierce is here! Co-written with Shondrae ‘Bangladesh’ Crawford and Sean Garrett, Diva is a shit-talking, in-your-face empowerment anthem with an aim to reclaim the word "diva", which had become synonymous in the media with the, often made up, "bad behaviours" by celebrity women. The song was chosen as the third official US single from I Am… Sasha Fierce and was released alongside Halo internationally, to which it got overshadowed massively.

    I’ve always had an unusual relationship with Diva. When I first heard it, I thought it was ballsy and bold, harkening back to risks taken on B’Day, but ultimately I thought it was a lot of noise. However, with Beyoncé’s persistence on performing it on every tour since its inception, it’s been hard not to let it grow on you and appreciate it for what it was trying to do back in 2008. Re-listening to it for this rate, every time she gets to "no passengers on my plane", I immediately think of the Coachella choreo. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But if we remove all the performances and the mashups from our minds for a hot minute, I think it’s still a bold choice, but it requires a specific mood to want to listen to it. But I’m always here for Beyoncé rapping. It’s a lot more appreciated now with the likes of Yoncé, ***Flawless, APESHIT and now on Renaissance etc, however Beyoncé has been rap-singing for a long time and she’s very fucking good at it! Also, one of my other faves, Ciara, recorded a remix to the song during the recording of Fantasy Ride.

    The music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, is the best example of the "Sasha Fierce" image Beyoncé was going for on the second half of the album. The video, shot in black and white, like most of the I Am… videos, starts with the dictionary definition of a 'diva' and then we follow Beyoncé as struts into an empty warehouse wearing some "sunglasses", if you could call them that? Fringe glasses? I don’t know. Anyway, once inside Beyoncé performs the now memorable Diva choreography and appears in a plethora of high FASHUNN looks. The rise of Lady Gaga saw a lot more pop stars stepping into a more avant garde style and the Diva video showcases that. Once Beyoncé has killed it in the warehouse, she exits in the same outfit she went in with, lights a cigar and then blows up a car full of mannequins.

    As I previously mentioned, Diva has been performed many times throughout Beyoncé’s career and is a tour staple. It was first performed on the I Am… World Tour which sees Bey backed up by gold mannequin dancers and dressed in an iconic Thierry Mugler outfit. As Beyoncé reaches the chorus, the lights go out and she performs the Diva choreography and her outfit lights up. One particular performance of this became famous as the lights failed to go out, and Beyoncé, on beat, shouts "LIGHTS! Somebody Getting Fired… hey hey!" Love it. The song was then performed at the Revel shows and The Mrs Carter Show World Tour before it was included on the setlist for the On The Run Tour where it was masterfully mashed up with JAY-Z’s Clique. This was really when the Diva dance break started to become a fan favourite moment. It was performed on The Formation World Tour where the dance break was further developed with interpolations of Panda and Cut It. Finally, Beyoncé included the song on her Coachella setlist and the Everybody Mad dance break was born, which consistently makes crowds go apeshit.

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  20. This is fantastic. Did not know this.
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