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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Party and Me, Myself and I are both Top 5 Beyoncé for me. I knew this rate would do things to me.
  2. Party not being Top 10 is a monstrosity. The Mamas would NOT approve of this behavior.
  3. Almost everything left at this point is solid gold so it’s just going to get more and more painful from here on out.

    Party is a track I’ve only come around to in the last few years. Young me had no taste y’all. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a sunny backyard BBQ party where I inevitably get too sloshed and burn the food and have to order everyone pizza.
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  4. Party and I Care are two of her best songs ever, what are you doing???
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  5. Still can't get over "BIGGER" leaving so early, it was among my three 11-contenders. It's just so rich, has one of the most perfect productions I've ever heard. and likely features Beyoncé's very best vocals ever. I mean, the build up to that note is one of the peaks in music history. I get goosebumps each time I listen to that song and occasionally teary eyes. She really did that.
  6. I am so glad Check On It is in the top 40. Talk about a childhood-defining BOP.

    SCORE: 8.565
    TOTAL POINTS: 256.95

    34/113 (-7) | 8.066 (+0.499)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 4 ( @boombazookajoe, @sesita, @TheOnlyOne, @Lost In Japan. )
    LOWEST SCORE: 6.2 x 1 ( @Epic Chocolat )
    MY SCORE: 9/10

    The Flawless Remix is actually a proper remix! Featured on the Platinum edition of Beyoncé's monstrously successful Self-Titled album and More Only EP, this remix was actually released a few months beforehand in August 2014 while Beyoncé was busy touring the States for the On The Run Tour. The song features Nicki Minaj and was their first official collaboration together. At the time, Nicki was at the top of her game and so a song together had the huge task of living up to its potential... and it did.

    Before we get to Nicki's verse... Prior to the remix dropping unexpectedly on Beyoncé's website, there was a little Met Gala incident that had happened a few months prior. A slight kerfuffle between Jay-Z and Solange in an elevator was caught on CCTV and leaked online. No one truly knows what went down beforehand to cause Solange to want to knock Jay-Z into next Tuesday, however Beyoncé made a point to reference it in the remix, saying "Of course, sometimes shit goes down when it's a billion dollars on an elevator, ha Ha!". Once again, Beyoncé had taken the power away from all the gossip and in turn, laughed in everyones faces. Just more iconic behaviour from the Queen. The line comes at the end of the brand new first verse. See... a proper remix.

    Now Nicki's verse also delivers. Ugh I miss rooting for Nicki, she had so much going for her. The verse is dynamic, it keeps you hooked and it has loads of memorable lines. When Nicki says, "The Queen of Rap, slayin' with Queen B", it's hard not to believe her. I said it before, and I'll say it again... a joint album between these two would have actually killed me off in 2014/5. I truly think Beyoncé brought out some of the best in Nicki or at the very least, gave Nicki some kind of taste level.

    During the final two dates for the On The Run Tour in Paris, Beyoncé brought Nicki out to perform the remix and it truly felt like a powerhouse performance, with the respect between the two abundantly clear. The song was then used in a medley with Feeling Myself for Beyoncé's subsequent tours. Also, Nicki notably performed her verse acapella at the iHeartRadio Festival in 2014.

    The Flawless Remix charted, going on to sell 3m+ copies in the US. It even has over 100m more streams over the original on Spotify, with around 203m all together.

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  8. Flawless Remix is great. Remixes always become more interesting with new lyrics and a different take on the original. The elevator line is now iconic in its own right. Nicki’s verse is fire too, I especially like the last part as it speeds up.
  9. The only thing I don’t love about the ***Remix is that it doesn’t include the first half of the original. I mean, my version does because I made a proper mix, but still.
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  10. lets do another one, why not...

    SCORE: 8.595
    TOTAL POINTS: 257.85

    49/113 (+9) | 7.541 (+1.054)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 8 ( @theincredibleflipper, @lalaclairi_, @Phonetics Girl, @eatyourself, @TheOnlyOne, @godspeed, @klow, @Lost In Japan. )
    LOWEST SCORE: 6.5 x 1 ( @Maki )
    MY SCORE: 8/10

    Check On It had quite the journey before ending up on the international edition of Beyoncé’s sophomore solo album, B’Day. Originally intended to be on the soundtrack album for the 2006 film adaptation of The Pink Panther, starring Beyoncé herself, the song was eventually removed for some reason despite being the end credits song. Beyoncé described the film as, "a comedy, it’s hilarious.", however its 21% Rotten Tomatoes score says otherwise. Check On It was then added to the Destiny’s Child greatest hits album, #1s, released in October 2005. Both Kelly and Michelle have vocal credits on the song and the rumour goes that the beginning of the second verse is actually sung by Kelly. Their voices can be eerily similar at times, but I’m not sure whether that rumour has ever been confirmed. I used to hear Kelly, but now I just hear Bey. Once the song began to get significant airplay, it was picked as a single and was digitally released in December 2005, coinciding with the video premiere. The song was co-written with Angela Beyincé, Sean Garrett, Swizz Beatz and Slim Thug. It was then added to the international edition of B’Day as a bonus track.

    It’s just a really fun pop Beyoncé moment that has stood the test of time. Its ultimate job is to make you want to move, and I think it does that. Everything about this screams early 2000s Pop/R&B, which I adore. Vocally, Beyoncé is giving you buttery pop harmonies and runs with ease which elevates the whole thing. It’s clearly no way near Beyoncé’s best, but it’s just so hard to dislike something so… "boppable". I’m not sure why there are so many rumours about this song, but another one I have read is how Beyoncé actively disliked this song at the time for being too "basic", but once the public started responding to it, they ended up releasing it. Again, I’m not sure how true that is as I can’t seem to find any evidence for it online.

    The song peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Beyoncé’s third solo #1 after Crazy In Love and Baby Boy. It stayed there for 5 weeks before James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful succeeded it. Elsewhere in the world, Check On It was a significant hit for Beyoncé, charting within the Top 5 in most European markets and reaching a peak of #3 in the UK. It went on to sell over 3m copies worldwide and currently has around 73m streams on Spotify, which is actually quite low considering how big it was back in the day.

    What most Beyoncé fans love most about Check On It is the Hype Williams directed music video. The video plays on The Pink Panther theme with a bunch of pink sets and it features Beyoncé in numerous pink looks, some of which were created by Mama Tina’s House of Dereon. Shot in 12 hours, Beyoncé didn’t have much time to learn the choreography but nails it, as Beyoncé does. Keeping with the nostalgia from the noughties era, the video was part of the Hype Williams created trend of having a video background where they’d normally be black bars on a 4:3 aspect ratio screen. The video ended up winning Best R&B Video at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and has over 100m views on YouTube.

    If I truly wanted to get an answer to the rumour about Beyoncé disliking Check On It then I could just look at how often she’s performed it over the years. The song got zero televised promo performances, but maybe that’s because Beyoncé was shooting Dreamgirls at the time. The first performance, I believe, was at a concert in Houston, and it’s probably the fullest performance of the song we’re ever going to get. To be fair, it seems really hard to sing live. It was then included on the setlist for The Beyoncé Experience and the I Am… World Tour, but never in full or in its original form. The song didn’t see the light of day again until Beyoncé’s iconic Coachella performance in 2018, where Beyoncé seemed happy to give fans a throwback moment.

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  11. I guess I should keep my mouth shut!
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  12. Do your faves have a #1 hit that sounds like a demo? The power of "Check on It", I guess.
    But really, my hot take here is that if it wasn't a single or a big hit, it would've plopped before top 150 in this rate, since it comfortably sits alongside these (superior) cute little demos such as "I'm Leaving" and "Sexuality". Overrated.
  13. Ooo Boy you lookin' like you like what you see
    Won't you come over check up on it, I might let you work up on it
    Ladies let em check up on it, watch he while he check up on it
    Dip it, pop it, twerk it, stop it, check on me tonight
  14. My favorite thing about the "Flawless Remix" is the use of the "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" sample. It's glorious. To the point that whenever I listen to the original, it always feels like something's missing during the final chorus.

    "Check On It" is one of Beyoncé's most ruthless bops, but I'll never not be surprised it was #1 for 5 weeks. Maybe it's just me but it weirdly feels overlooked in her discography for what seemed to be such a big hit at the time.
  15. Finally catching up with this rate after failing to hand in my ballot due to severe forum fatigue at the time...

    Kitty Kat, No Angel and Love Drought were done incredibly wrong by you all. All firmly in my Top 20 Beyonce tracks. A lot of the B'Day bonus tracks were sorely underrated, Creole and Flaws and All in particular. I'm confused out of all Self Titled tracks, Jealous is still here? It's always been the one song on Self Titled I feel tempted to skip.

    Special shout out to Lay Up Under Me which was a major re-discovery while listening back through Bey's catalogue while alternating with Renaissance. It really sounds like Cuff It's older sister. Deserved better!
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  16. But Jealous is top tier Beyoncé?!
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  17. Every day that passes I regret not giving Upgrade U my 11 more :/
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  18. chhhheeeeeerEEHHHHH!

    SCORE: 8.601
    TOTAL POINTS: 258.05

    24/113 (-15) | 8.408 (+0.193)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 11 x 1 ( @Ana Raquel ) | 10 x 11 ( @lalaclairi_, @boombazookajoe, @odyism, @Maria, @eatyourself, @soratami, @Purple, @sesita, @TheOnlyOne, @klow, @Music Is Death )
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 ( @Daniel_O )
    MY SCORE: 8.5/10

    Taken from Beyoncé's Self-Titled album, Blow was co-written with Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, J-Roc and James Fauntleroy. It's a heavily disco and funk influenced track and marks another genre shift on the album, coming after Pretty Hurts, Haunted and Drunk In Love in the tracklist. The song is explicitly about oral sex, but the lyrics are sprinkled with fun, sexual innuendos, so the general listener can listen and be none the wiser. Blow was originally meant to be a lead single, before it was scrapped in favour of the more anthemic XO.


    @Ana Raquel

    Well... I can say that the concept of visual album worked quite well because I'm certain that the MV influenced me into picking Blow as my 11. I mean, lots of neon and roller skating? It's a yes in my world! The song is a solid groovy and lush disco track the way I like it to be, and it's SO good to the point of getting my 11 instead of some of her classic songs in my world - mostly speaking, the first three singles of Dangerously in Love and 90% of B'Day? dddd


    Blow has never been a favourite of mine, but it's still an undeniable Beyoncé bop. The song happily moves along, but it's when that bridge switch up hits... it gives me early Renaissance vibes. A lot of what helps Blow stay in your mind is the shiny music video, shot by Hype Williams. It begins as we see Beyoncé ride up to the Roller Rink alongside Solange and Ingrid, with I Been On playing in the background. The rest features colourful setups in the roller rink, as well as Beyoncé skating around with a Wonder Woman top on. The video was partly choreographed by Todrick Hall... that's all I'll say about that. Once the bridge comes, we get a different setup with Beyoncé dancing on top of a car and with her band. It's just a really fun video which emulates the Skittles of it all.

    Upon the release of Self-Titled, Beyoncé then added the song to the second leg of The Mrs Carter Show World Tour, with an extra little section added sampling Cameo's Candy, which would later be used in Before I Let Go (this section was not included in the official live performance released on HBO). Blow was also performed on The Formation World Tour during the North American leg where it was mashed up with Vanity 6's Nasty Girl, which again would later reference in Pure/Honey. She has been laying the foundations for years!

    Blow hit Gold in the United States and went #1 on the US Dance Club Songs chart and the song is currently approaching 70m streams on Spotify.

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  19. This isn't funny anymore.
  20. Lol okay but can we do a recount of certain votes but throw out some of these atrocities ballots.
    I could handle the 1s and 0s for album cut slow jams, introspective acoustic ballads, or the random cover.
    But a 1 for a highlight like Blow???
    Just stop this madness.

    anyway I haven’t been following this thread closely, because Renaissance/Renaissance notifications took over my life. But I will circle back to do some commentary on my 11, I Care. And my other contender for my 11, Bigger

    At this point mostly every song left has a certain level of quality, so I can’t be too mad at the placements of songs. It’s more so the random 1s and anything below a 5 at this point tbh.
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