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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Jealous is in the top 2 songs on Self-Titled, what are you all doing?!
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  2. This shame must be what @Daniel_O feels every time they are outed as the lowest scorer of a classic... and yet I have no regrets!
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  3. Self-Titled actually suffering compared to 4 and B'Day. Colour me shocked!
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  4. texas up in this thang...

    SCORE: 8.72
    TOTAL POINTS: 261.65

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 12 ( @Sprockrooster, @boombazookajoe, @odyism, @Dijah., @Remorque, @eatyourself, @soratami, @Purple, @sesita, @TheOnlyOne, @klow, @Lost In Japan. )
    LOWEST SCORE: 4.25 x 1 ( @Maki )
    MY SCORE: 9.5/10

    Houston born rapper Megan Thee Stallion was making waves throughout 2018/19 with her catchy songs, quotable lyrics and proudly sexual anthems. After releasing her third EP, Suga in March 2020, one song in particular caught on, which was Savage. The song was huge on TikTok, with millions of people trying out the Savage dance, all to varying degrees of success. The song was easily Megan's breakthrough hit, however in April 2020, a remix featuring Beyoncé was unleashed upon the world and catapulted the song to new heights. The Savage (Remix) would be later added to Megan's debut album, Good News and all profits went to COVID-19 relief efforts in Houston.

    When Beyoncé commits to a remix, she commits! We know this already. However, there is reason why this song has made it this far. The original is undeniably catchy. It's a huge banger, and Beyoncé effortlessly matches Megan's charisma and quotability with some iconic verses, adlibs and vocal highlights dotted throughout. She even got Megan to add a new verse. It's once again, Beyoncé bringing back remixes being actual remixes! Shout outs to Tina, OnlyFans, having to jump to put her jeans on are the most notable lyrics I can think of off the top of my head as I'm typing this, but I'm positive there are many more.

    The Savage (Remix) ended up hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Beyoncé's 7th number one single as a solo artist and sparking fear in her haters whom repeatedly said Beyoncé couldn't get a hits anymore. BREAK MY SOUL ended all those discussions. Anyway, the remix was massive worldwide, it featured on many publications Year-End lists and ended up winning two Grammys for the girls!

    Sadly the pair haven't performed the song live together, although I'm sure Beyoncé will perform it at some point. Megan has performed the song plenty of times and she is an amazing entertainer so always does the song justice, even if Beyoncé isn't there. Just listen to the crowd singing Beyoncé's parts in the Wireless performance. Epic!

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  5. The Freakum Dress reference in Jealous? That’s art.

    I didn’t realise quite how much I loved Savage (Remix) until Megan dropped part of B’s verse during her Prima set and I was yelling every word. And we love a Mama Tina reference!!
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  6. "Savage Remix" has always sounded like a derivative TikTok dross so no wonder it caught on there. Bey somewhat improves this remix but it's still not good.

    This little run at the start of top 40 got rid of my low scores, and now I only have 7s remaining that I'll wait to get eliminated.
  7. I'm a Meg fan, but I didn't really love Savage until the remix. Beyonce adds much goodness that it's hard for me to even pick a favorite moment. Her delivery is so confident and smooth, I love it all. A total deserved #1. I just wish we'd gotten a video!
  8. 'Savage Remix' is one of the best collaborations of Bey's career. It's fucking brilliant - pure talent from start to finish, it's an absolute thrill.
  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Apeshit is one of her best. That verse still gives me a shot of adrenaline every time I listen to it, it's so good. And the video is breathtaking. It should've been a huge hit, not that it did poorly but I feel like it kind of just came and went. I much prefer it to 7/11 (they're cut from the same cloth which is why I make the comparison) which has double the streams of Apeshit which is frustrating.

    Also, I'll never be able to stress enough how incredibly Bey transformed Savage from a cute TikTok bop to a behemoth of a song. All the extra verses, background vocals, adlibs... I still marvel. Such a well-deserved #1 and Grammy winner, and even better that it wasn't just a one-week moment but became one of the biggest hits of the year.
  10. Perfectly put RainonFire!
    I don't think it can overstated how much Beyoncé with her vocal arrangements alone, transforms a song and becomes part of the production. She is singing in the front, in the back, in the interior, in the hidden layer, in the alien octave, etc. It's been so crystal clear since Survivor, that's where one of her major strengths as a songwriter has been. There are songs like Get Me Bodied, Single Ladies, Run the World, etc where the production has a specific balance and level of sparseness, because it allows for Beyoncé the vocal arranger to take center stage.
    Savage Remix is a continuation of that tradition. But it has the added bonus of being a remix, that shows just how much of a difference Beyoncé the arranger makes on a song.
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  11. Okay, back to it tonight. I was celebrating Pride all weekend and I’ve been drained, but the pace is gonna move a lot quicker from now on.

    Get ready to say buy to some albums as we approach the Top 20!
  12. sad to say goodbye, not only to this song, but the entire body of work...

    SCORE: 8.735
    TOTAL POINTS: 262.05

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 9 ( @allyshone, @theincredibleflipper, @lalaclairi_, @odyism, @Purple, @godspeed, @klow, @Music Is Death, @Ramalama )
    LOWEST SCORE: 6 x 1 ( @Daniel_O )
    MY SCORE: 10/10

    Our final song to depart from Beyoncé's companion album, The Lion King:The Gift, FIND YOUR WAY BACK was co-written with Starrah, Bubele Booi, Robert Magwenzi, Abisagboola Oluseun, Niniola Apata and Osabuohien Osaretin. The song comes second in the tracklisting after the powehouse BIGGER and it quickly offers up a change of pace... a bop if you will, which sets the bar high for the rest of the album. FIND YOUR WAY BACK is about the connection between a father and a child, with the father reassuring the child to find their own way in the world. This can relate to the story between Mufasa and Simba in The Lion King, but also for Beyoncé, the relationship with her father Mathew Knowles, who taught her many things about work ethic and the music business.

    It's no surprise FIND YOUR WAY BACK is the most popular song from The Gift in the rate. It truly is an effortless, upbeat, feel good track and a shining light in Beyoncé's discography. I adore it. Shout out to Bankulli's smooth vocals! Additionally, the video from Black Is King is equally a highlight, featuring Bey in many gorgeous fashions, incredible setups and visuals which compliment the song perfectly. Ugh, I have never grown tired of listening to it. Another underrated gem you guys (how many have I called underrated now?! ddd).

    As with all of The Gift, we've never been treated to a live performance of the song, but hopefully we'll get some one the next tour, as the vibe and mood is not too far from Renaissance. The song has around 45m streams on Spotify, combining with the MELO-X remix, which was included on the deluxe edition of the album.

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  13. [​IMG]

    Album Average: 7.92



    35. FIND YOUR WAY BACK (8.735)
    44. BIGGER (8.458)
    53. BROWN SKIN GIRL (8.275)
    54. OTHERSIDE (8.25)
    57. BLACK PARADE (8.24)
    62. MY POWER (8.091)
    63. WATER (8.068)
    74. ALREADY (7.85)
    80. MOOD 4 EVA (7.73)
    122. NILE (6.908)
    139. SPIRIT (6.516)


    Top Scorers:

    9.818 - @odyism
    9.636 - @sesita
    9.545 - @Music Is Death


    Bottom Scorers:

    4.727 - @Daniel_O
    6.818 - @Aester
    6.863 - @Crisp X


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  14. Oh, wow, I didn't expect to be the second lowest scorer for The Gift. I actually really like most of the album, but I guess my low marks for SPIRIT and NILE sunk my average.
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  15. The Gift has some absolute Beyoncé discography gems, and Find Your Way Back is the crown jewel of those songs for me. FYWB and Bigger were contenders for my 11.

    FYWB is such a stunning visual and the song was the introduction to a new aspect of Beyoncé's artistry.
    If you listen to a typical afrobeats song and then this, you can hear such a leap in quality and specificity. Bankuli's yoruba scatting, the way the music effortless glides, percolates, and syncopates, and of course the way Beyoncé effortlessly uses her lower register and places herself perfectly into the soundscape. It's really an appetizer for what we would come to hear in Renaissance. Thematically, sure it fits the Lion King, but I think the true strength is the specificity of Beyonce's parent anthems, and how we can go from something like Daddy to Daddy Lessons to Find Your Way Back.
    But I think the strongest part of FYWB is the way the messaging (in conjunction with Bigger) really speaks to the power of identity, Black ancestry, and reclaiming lost roots. The finding your way back isn't just about dads and Lion Kings, but in the context of Black is King just becomes such an empowering mantra for anyone in the African diaspora who feels lost. It feels like the perfect followup to Lemonade, but as opposed to the specificity of the microcosm Beyoncé created using her relationship as the seed, she is directly speaking to the Afro-diasporic collective.

    ALSO. I love the Black Is King version of FYWB with the extended harmonies, melodies, and runs. It's such a treat that makes the song last a bit longer. I wish it was available on streaming.
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  16. Otherside NOT making top 25 50 is still the worst crime
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  17. The DREAM TEAM! We will always find our way back.
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  18. time for a lead single to depart...

    SCORE: 8.791
    TOTAL POINTS: 263.5

    46/113 (+12) | 7.725 (+1.066)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 11 ( @Sprockrooster, @boombazookajoe, @Ana Raquel, @Daniel_O, @Phonetics Girl, @odyism, @Remorque, @eatyourself, @soratami, @Music Is Death, @Robert )
    LOWEST SCORE: 6.5 x 1 ( @Epic Chocolat )
    MY SCORE: 7/10

    Released as the first single from Beyoncé’s fourth studio album 4, Run The World (Girls) marked the beginning of a Beyoncé, free from her father as a manager and open to switching up what people had come to expect from her, and with Run The World (Girls), she did just that. The song, written by Beyoncé and The Dream, heavily samples Pon De Floor by Major Lazer and with such a strong sample, it was clear they wanted the 4 era to start with a bang. All about women’s empowerment, Run The World is loud and in your face. Beyoncé said, speaking of the song, “I think about saying the things that women want to say but sometimes are not confident enough to say. I am going to continue to write those songs that give women strength.”

    On paper, I thought using Pon De Floor was going to be genius, as the lead single was rumoured to feature the sample. On release, I was, I think, whelmed. The song by itself, I get it, it’s bold and aggressive, which is its intention. The sample completely takes over though. Do I actively search it out when I’m listening to Beyoncé? No. A song like this requires you to be in a certain frame of mind and I’m such a chill person, it ends up being too much of an ear-fuck a lot of the time. I mean, I think I know why the track always gets high scores. It’s obvious. It’s because she consistently sold the shit out of it live!!

    The song was not a slam dunk in terms of success, at least initially on release. The song peaked at No.29 and No.11 in the US and UK, which for a Beyoncé lead single was unheard of at the time, especially after the blockbuster era she had experienced previously. Eventually, the song went on to be certified Platinum in the UK, selling over 600,000 copies and Gold in the US. Run The World also boasts some extremely healthy streaming numbers with around 460m plays on Spotify. There was no way Beyoncé was going to let this song slide by.

    The music video, directed by Francis Lawrence, features Beyoncé in a post-apocalyptic, deserted world. She is accompanied by her army of women, and is choreographing her way to victory against an army of men. A lot of the choreography is powerful and high energy to match the song’s instrumental and it showed early signs of Beyoncé being more unafraid to be outspoken and political. The video ends with Beyoncé ripping off the male general’s badge and placing it on herself. The most memorable choreography came from Mozambican dance group Tofo Tofo, who Beyoncé discovered on YouTube. Unable to really adopt the essence of the dancing style herself, Beyoncé decided to fly the group out to LA to not only teach her, but feature them in the video. In a very cute moment caught on film, she humbly introduces herself as Beyoncé to the group as they arrive at the dance studio. The behind the scenes video also sees her getting emotional as the group leave the video set, reminding her of when Destiny’s Child were first getting started. The video has over 500m views.

    Now back to Beyoncé selling the shit out of this song. As a lead single, she performed it literally everywhere. Most notably at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, where she was honoured with, basically a Lifetime Achievement award, but Billboard called it the “Millennium Award”. The performance went down in history as one of Beyoncé’s best and it's easy to understand why. I’m sure you’ve all probably seen it by now. Elsewhere, the song was first performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show finale episode and then on multiple television shows and on literally every Beyoncé tour since its inception. At Coachella, Beyoncé dedicated the song to all the women who opened doors for her.

    A performance I always go back to is the one on X Factor France. I just imagine being a contestant on that show and watching Beyoncé absolutely destroy the stage, leaving no crumbs behind and also jumping off tables in heels whilst singing. It’s just insane. If we were rating live performances of Beyoncé songs, Run The World would be a serious contender for my 11.

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  19. Considering the tepid reception to the song when it came out, it's nice to see that this song has really shown longevity and growth in popularity over the years. She did that!
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  20. You described Run the World so eloquently!
    I feel similarly despite my 10 rating, in that based on the studio recording alone it's a 7 or 8 for me. In 2022, I definitely don't seek it out when I want to hear Beyoncé uptempos.

    But I think again, the power that is Beyoncé the performer, means that the song is a 10 in totality.
    The live arrangements, whether it is stripping down the Pon de Floor replay or putting it front and center make the song a LIVE anthem. Like I always feel like I am graduating or Beyoncé is proud of me and doing it for all of us when she performs it live. The Billboard Music awards performance was also just such a defining moment in the evolution of Beyoncé the live performer.

    Something else I appreciate about Run the World, and other moments from 4 (End of Time, hints of Countdown) is that you really start to hear the introduction of afrobeats into Beyoncé's discography. It's obviously not as blatant or immediate as say The Gift or Renaissance, but it's sprinkled in there especially in the drum patterns. And it makes total sense that she recorded an entire album's worth of music with the Fela! on broadway band (before scrapping most of that and keeping End of Time).

    I remember when the video came out, I was at the height of going to African dance classes. So learning the choreography while more advanced than it had ever been, felt so natural on my body. So there is a certain place in my heart the routine has, especially because I felt like such an uppity leo who could break out into the routine at the drop of a dime (while everyone kinda just bopped up and down).
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