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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Very grateful for the extension as I am just now starting this ddd. It's been a busy month. Anyway, I love Crazy In Love but does anyone else feel like the chorus is the weakest part of the song? Or is that just me?
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  2. I've rated everything, but going to try going through the playlist again before the deadline before submitting. Thankfully there's still a while until the deadline nn
  3. There are so very many extras. But! I'm getting there.
  4. I'm ashamed about a certain optional song that I'm giving a pretty decent score to.
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  5. I've always hated "In Da Club," but I'm somehow charmed by Beyonce's take on it? I didn't know "Sexy Lil' Thug" existed before this.
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  6. So, 'Ghost' appears to be on the YT playlist but not the rate list?
    So I am confusion. America explain...
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  7. I think I'm ready to submit my scores.

    Album Averages
    Beyonce 9.08
    Lemonade 8.96
    4 8.875

    The Gift 8.6
    Everything Is Love 8.25
    B'Day 8.23 (some of the extras F'ed this one a bitsy)

    I Am ... Sasha Fierce 7.9
    Extras 7.48
    Unreleased 7.2

    Homecoming 6.83
    Dangerously In Love 6.25
    Optional 5.86

    Other Stats




  8. I'm loving working my way through this. Phew, what a discography.

    This rate also made me realise I was missing some songs from my collection. I'm not sure how I managed to miss the likes of Poison. Discovering Keep Giving Your Love to me has been great too.
  9. It's considered part of "Haunted," just as "Yonce" is part of "Partition." Both "Ghost" and "Yonce" got separate music videos, but on the actual album, they are included as the openings to those songs.

    I, too, was surprised by how much I liked Poison! I'd definitely heard it before and may have even owned it at some point in the past, but it was nice to rediscover it.
  10. I've been so busy recently so there's absolutely no way I'll have time to do this, although I wish I had! I'll follow along as much as I can.
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  11. Okay I pretty much have a number for every song. The hardest thing is actually figuring out what my 11 is. It. Is. Not. Easy.
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  12. The last few days got kinda busy and now I have a cold but I'm still working through this and will be submitting!
  13. Two days left and I've only rated the debut and some extras.

  14. if you’re in a rush just randomly give the rest a songs anywhere from a 8.5 to 10 and you’ll be in the right ballpark

    (Give any IASF songs a 7 to 9 for extra accuracy)
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  15. The way this is wildly accurate with few exceptions ddd.
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  16. Just got back from Barcelona. I will add all the new ballots I have received to the spreadsheet, but I don’t believe I have that many in total.

    I’m not too familiar with what other rates have done in the past, but would a small extension be welcome or will another push back be frowned upon?
  17. I've been sitting on my original scores for a while but never actually got around to going through the song list again... Well, either way I'll definitely send them.
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  18. I’d appreciate a small extension.
  19. Imagine if she releases something before the deadline ddd.
  20. I'll send mine later tonight. I'm now doubting my 11 so I'll need a few hours to think about changing it.
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