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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. More performances...

  2. Wow, I thought Partition would be 5.
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  3. I thought it would win! I'm shocked. It's certainly in my Beyonce top 5.
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  4. I get that Don’t Hurt Yourself is iconic for its part in Lemonade but it sitting with these CLASSIQUES… a bit much.

    Partition is quite simply one of her best songs ever. And the video at Crazy Horse is such a moment.
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  5. well... might as well reveal our Top 10 as we're on a new page...

    SCORE: 9.271
    TOTAL POINTS: 278.15

    7/113 (-4) | 9.253 (+0.018)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 11 x 2 ( @klow, @Ramalama ) | 10 x 14 ( @Ana Raquel, @Phonetics Girl, @Aester, @BubblegumBoy, @odyism, @Remorque, @Maria, @eatyourself, @Crisp X, @sesita, @TheOnlyOne, @Ensnare, @TéléDex, @Lost In Japan. )
    LOWEST SCORE: 5 x 1 ( @Sprockrooster )
    MY SCORE: 9.5/10

    Countdown was released as the fifth single from Beyoncé’s fourth studio album, 4. The song was co-written with The Dream, Shea Taylor, Ester Dean, Cainon Lamb, Julie Frost and due to the Boyz II Men sample, Michael Bivins, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris are also credited. It’s an uptempo hip-hop, funk inspired pop song, marrying styles from the past and bringing said styles into the present, which is consistent throughout 4. Cainon Lamb was inspired by the countdown intro in the Boyz II Men song, Uhh Ahh and he started to work on a beat centred around the sample. Apparently, Beyoncé fell in love with the instrumental and with the help of The Dream, they wrote and recorded a version two days later. Echoing the sentiments of the song's predecessor Love On Top (on the standard edition), Countdown is another positive, fun ode to being in love.

    Countdown is a beast from start to finish. It has become a highlight whenever it is performed live. The use of horns is so quintessentially Beyoncé at this point, which might explain why some critics even called this a sequel to Crazy In Love. And it’s not just the horns that thrive, the entire instrumental is fire. No wonder Beyoncé went crazy after she heard it for the first time. The song can be quite an addictive listen and I find it hard to see flaws in it. Although there are some undoubtedly great songs on the first half of 4, it has always felt like the true epicentre of the album is Love On Top, Countdown, finishing with End Of Time. Each one is essential, both to the album and to Beyoncé’s entire discography.

    Countdown doesn’t have any impressive chart positions to its name, but as a fifth single, the song still went on to be certified Gold and Silver in the US and UK respectively. Also, it currently has around 167m streams, only coming in behind Love On Top, Run The World (Girls) and Best Thing I Never Had.



    "All the hipsters love 'Countdown'" is how the legend goes. And legendary it is in every respect - the busyness of it contrasts so distinctly with the relative minimalism of a song like "Party" that appears only minutes earlier in 4's track list, and only works to highlight how much of a full-throttle, kitchen-sink, turbo-mode serve it is. It's one of the best examples of the Xenomania method of stitching a series of 11-worthy choruses together outside their own oeuvre. Try picking a favourite moment between "boo coupe", "Houston ROCK IT!", "boøO0öõOóôo0ǿOeeEeÊY", the harmonised vocals on the final chorus, "OHHH! ohhh!", the entrance of the horns when she sings "Still love the way he talk...", or any other write-in option you like. Good luck!


    The music video was directed by Adria Petty and premiered on October 6, 2011. The video is mainly a beauty and choreography video, including many references and looks inspired by the likes of Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Bridgette Bardot and films such as Fame, Flashdance. She even gives a slight nod to Dreamgirls, with a Deena Jones / Diana Ross inspired look. The video is a fun mashup of many different styles from the past, much like the song and Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy baby bump makes an appearance. With all the positives comes the negatives though, as Belgian choreographer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaker, accused Beyoncé of stealing two of her choreographed pieces. Beyoncé issued a statement, admitting the inspiration, among others for the video. There is an alternate version of the video out there on the interwebs without the De Keersmaker inspired scenes.

    Beyoncé performed the song for the 4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé residency in New York City, as well as the usual places, such as A Night with Beyoncé in London and the Revel shows in Atlantic City. Beyoncé also performed the song on Jimmy Fallon. The song was used as an interlude and prelude to Crazy In Love on The Mrs Carter Show World Tour, and then more recently, Beyoncé incorporated some of the instrumental with Hold Up during her Lemonade performance at the VMAs. She would go on to fully merge the songs for The Formation World Tour, On The Run II Tour and Beychella.

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  6. TOP 10


    Crazy In Love

    Deja Vu

    End Of Time
    Schoolin’ Life

    Drunk In Love

    All Night


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  7. Ok these results are WILD. Countdown should've also been top 5! Weird how these results seem to be quite different to the recent BPG 2011 rate too.

    Drunk In Love to win would be the dream, but it's just not realistic.
  8. Schoolin' Life making the top 10 is iconic (and deserved). A couple of other songs making the top 10 is a bit surprising to me, but I guess so many songs get very high averages things are bound to be a bit unpredictable. I almost only have 10s left anyway.
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  9. Oof, these two cuts were painful, but then I look at this top 10 and I don't even know how I would replace them???

    Actually, End of Time and All Night are my only non-10s left, so I'd have switched these two with Partition and Countdown, but that is a fantastic top.
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  10. These results are crazy and losing Love on Top, Partition, and Countdown has been particularly painful to me, but I guess... at least the top ten is interesting? And my 11 is still here. So. That's something.

    I honestly can't! What a song.
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  11. What a weird top 10 ddd.

    Drunk In Love and Freedom are way out of their depth, All Night is lovely but random, Schoolin’ Life being Top 10 is making me HOWL but I’m not mad at it, Haunted being Top 10 is so random but I’m not mad at it.

    Praying for a Top 3 finish for End Of Time, aka the best song of all time.
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  12. I love how refreshing this top 10 is despite several songs not even being close to my top 10. I especially adore End Of Time doing so well and hope it makes top 5. I feel like Deja Vu is the only one I will not be thrilled about winning and if it were to win I would be more happy B-Day has the feat of housing the winning song than Deja Vu itself.
  13. Definitely an unexpected top 10, but it's more fun that way. As much as I love All Night, Haunted and Schoolin' Life, I don't think they deserve to be this high. I'd have Partition, Run The World and another B'day track take their places.
  14. All Night is cute but she’s not Top 10. I kinda want Deja Vu to win for the ki but I don’t think this was ever going to go any other way but Formation winning.
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  15. "Don't Hurt Yourself" should've been in the top 10 tbh. An incredible twist of rock style which basically made the song genre ambiguous that captivated me ever since I first heard it. And those vocals? Insane.
    I guess misandry did its thing here (though who am I to talk when I gave the song a 9.5 ff)

    The top 10 is... interesting. Glad that a few of my absolute faves are still around.
  16. "Partition" and "Countdown" are perfect cuts before the top 10 - I gave them both a 6.75 and no longer have any scores below 7. Though I feel like I underscored "Partition" because the production is excellent and those singing bits are lovely, especially the ones in "Yoncé" part of the song. Definitely a grower.
    "Countdown", on the other hand, never really clicked with me. It's fun but always ends up being unnecessarily messy/chaotic for me.

    "Schoolin' Life" making the top 10 is very ??? and it's easily the weakest link here, it should leave next.
  17. Tens, tens, tens across the board.
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  18. Quite a strange top 10. ''Schoolin' Life' doing well isn't really surprising, as it's been a firm fan favourite for over a decade now, and people love to give top scores to non-single underdogs. And honestly, this one is fair! It's a great song.

    The three I'm a bit iffy on are 'Deja Vu' (fun, but definitely out of its depth now - should've scraped top 20 max), 'Flawless' (iconic, but shouldn't have outlasted its Self-Titled sister, 'Partition'), and 'Freedom' (a great track, but I've never been able to look at it the same way since @IMHO rightfully observed that it sounds like a track for an Adidas advert). 'Partition' and 'Countdown' should've made top 10 over these three. Even over 'All Night' and 'Schoolin' Life', to be honest.

    10. Deja Vu
    9. Freedom
    8. Flawless
    7. All Night
    6. Schoolin' Life
    5/4/3. Haunted/End of Time/Drunk in Love
    2. Crazy in Love
    1. Formation
  19. Partition and Countdown missing the Top 10 is blasphemous.
  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Deja Vu is way out of its depth, but everything else I can kind of understand why they’ve got this far.

    1 Haunted
    2 Freedom
    3 End Of Time
    4 Formation
    5 Crazy In Love
    6 All Night
    7 Drunk In Love
    8 Flawless
    9 Schoolin’ Life
    10 Deja Vu
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