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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. "Déjà Vu" reaching top 3??
  2. I honestly love Deja Vu so I'm not mad at it the way a lot of people seem to be, but it doesn't feel like a rate winner. The other two feel more correct.
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  3. Switch Formation (which is a 10!) with Blow and it's my Beyoncé top 3. Couldn't be happier!
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  4. I underscored "All Night" with an 8... why does this happen to pretty much all of "Lemonade" songs? Probably because the album is so excellent that I'm being a bit too stingy when trying to set songs apart.

    Still, I definitely don't think it's close to Bey's top 10, but yeah it is a lovely song.
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  5. you ready?

    SCORE: 9.616
    TOTAL POINTS: 288.5

    37/113 (+34) | 8.022 (+1.594)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 11 x 1 ( @Purple ) | 10 x 19 ( @theincredibleflipper, @lalaclairi_, @Ana Raquel, @Daniel_O, @Phonetics Girl, @BubblegumBoy, @odyism, @Epic Chocolat, @Dijah., @Maria, @eatyourself, @soratami, @sesita, @TheOnlyOne, @klow, @TéléDex, @Lost In Japan., @Music Is Death, @Maki )
    LOWEST SCORE: 7.5 x 1 ( @Ensnare )
    MY SCORE: 8.5/10

    Deja Vu was number one for so long in this rate! It was a big shocker to me, up 34(!!) places, but I was happy, at least, to have a new challenger for the top spot!

    This was another truly bombastic lead single featuring Jay-Z, a deja vu moment indeed. The demo of Deja Vu, produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, was played for Beyoncé and she was immediately attracted to the instrumentation, talking to MTV she said "It's still young, still new and fresh, but it has the old soul groove", which is a consistent theme throughout Beyoncé’s second album, B’Day. Beyoncé introduces some of the instrumentation at the beginning of the song, along with Jay, who she asked to jump on the song, unsurpsingly. Deja Vu kick-started Beyoncé’s second solo era when it was released in June 2006.

    Looking back through history, meaning the 2016 rate, the old thread and now this one, I was quite surprised to see Deja Vu receiving particularly mixed reviews. For some reason, I always thought it was universally loved. Maybe because all I remember from 2006 is Beyoncé selling the fucking SHIIIT out of the song in her live performances. Personally, I’ve always appreciated Deja Vu. I never saw it as a sequel to Crazy In Love at the time, but with hindsight, it does seem they were trying to recreate the magic of Beyoncé’s debut single, which is practically a near impossible task. However, Deja Vu ends up standing on its own in all its loud, frantic and thumping glory and serves as the perfect introduction to Beyoncé’s sophomore effort. Nonetheless, I understand that I am looking at the song through Beyoncé-live-performance tinted glasses. Deja Vu is majorly elevated in a live setting with a live band. Critics were divided over the song at the time as well. Some were excited about watching Beyoncé act like a "young, feral Tina Turner", others found the lack of a "decent" chorus a problem or took issue with Beyoncé’s "shrieking" skills. Overall though, I think everyone should take into consideration that this this was what Beyoncé was serving us at fucking 25!! Astonishing.

    Deja Vu was a decent sized hit for Beyoncé, but it obviously didn’t have the scale of success that her previous lead single had. The song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is certified GOLD with over 700,000 copies sold. Chart wise, the song did considerably better in the UK, debuting at No.1, making it Beyoncé’s second solo #1 single in the UK. It peaked within the Top 10 of numerous countries in Europe and #12 in Australia. Currently, Deja Vu is slowly approaching 80m streams on Spotify, which isn’t much compared to Beyoncé’s other lead singles, however the reason for that might be because she retired performing the song for such a large chunk of her career.

    The music video for Deja Vu was shot by British director Sophie Mueller and filmed in New Orleans, which would end up being a big visual inspiration for Beyoncé’s Lemonade era 10 years later. Some of the looks are very reminiscent of the Formation video looks actually. And yes, this is a FASHUNN video with some dress-ography, hair-ography and sand-ography. Upon its release, the video struck a nerve in people for whatever reason. Beyoncé just gets people mad. This time though the hate was coming from over 5,000 morons, who had signed an online petition to have the video reshot. Their grievances were for the lack of theme, dizzying editing, over-the-top wardrobe choices, "unacceptable interactions" with Jay and erratic and alarming dancing. I mean seriously... get a life!

    Deja Vu was performed many times around the world and in most, if not all the performances, Beyoncé looks to be living her best "young, feral Tina Turner" life. The song was first performed at the BET Awards, where Beyoncé moves uncontrollably on the floor. This performance is always brought up as one of Beyoncé's best. Other notable performances came from Fashion Rocks, which featured that banana skirt in a tribute to Josephine Baker. Then at the World Music Awards, which is a favourite of mine, simply because Beyoncé starts at the top of the stage and as she quickly struts down towards the end of the stage she lets the audience know, “I’M COMING! I’M COMING Y’ALL!”. It’s such a cute moment to me. Deja Vu was then performed on The Beyoncé Experience Tour where she claims, "this is my song right here", which is a confusing statement considering after that tour, Beyoncé would not perform the song in full until 2018’s Coachella performance and then on the On The Run II Tour.

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  6. Deja Vu is iconic, it only making #37 in the last rate is all sorts of ridiculous.

    Speaking of the last rate, we ended up with the same top 2 this time. Last time Formation beat Crazy In Love by a tiny margin, so I'm hoping it's the other way around now.

  7. [​IMG]

    Album Average: 7.758
    (Standard Edition: 8.553)
    2016: 6.88



    3. Deja Vu (9.616)
    21. Upgrade U (8.981)
    22. Get Me Bodied (8.966)
    26. Green Light (8.891)
    27. Ring The Alarm (8.881)
    28. Freakum Dress (8.875)
    30. Irreplaceable (8.858)
    40. Check On It (8.595)
    45. Suga Mama (8.415)
    47. Beautiful Liar (8.366)
    66. Kitty Kat (8.025)
    78. Listen (7.763)
    102. Back Up (7.141)
    110. Lost Yo Mind (7.075)
    111. Flaws And All (7.075)
    118. Creole (6.93)
    121. Welcome To Hollywood (6.911)
    126. Resentment (6.808)
    141. Amor Gitano (6.51)
    148. World Wide Woman (6.391)
    168. If (5.956)
    176. Still In Love (Kissing You) (5.65)


    Top Scorers:

    9.295 - @Music Is Death
    9.079 - @TéléDex
    8.840 - @Dijah.


    Bottom Scorers:

    5.886 - @Purple
    6.681 - @Aester
    6.727 - @Ramalama


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  8. Well, there goes my last 10 (which was originally a 9.75 but then I recalled there's a solo version) but it had a fantastic run.
    Depending on the day, "Déjà Vu" is my favourite song from "B'Day" - it's such a relentless banger (that middle-8 is earth-shattering in particular), really encapsulates everything great about the album and it definitely deserves to earn a winning spot on it. Really glad to see it having such an enormous jump, too, I was sure it was going to leave at around #20 or so.

    "Crazy in Love" for the win I guess.
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  9. What bonus tracks will do to an average!
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  10. This was the first Beyoncé song I ever really heard and it would play over and over on MTV. I was mesmerised by it. The frenetic dancing, the propulsive percussion, the iconic spoken word introduction. I love everything about it. It just exudes energy. It felt like a classic then and it still feels so fresh and huge now.

    That BET performance is just such an effortless slay. The whole song is such an effortless slay. Bless this song and bless Beyoncé.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Thank fuck for that.

    In all seriousness, I don't hate 'Deja Vu' at all! It's a bright, fun, energetic track that really showed off the best of Beyoncé's talents at the time. Given its cohesiveness with the rest of the album, I've never quite prescribed to the school of thought that 'Deja Vu' was deliberately designed to get a piece of the pie that 'Crazy In Love' achieved (to a much better degree), but for me, the track firmly sits in her lower B-tier tracks of 'wouldn't skip, wouldn't really seek out'. I think there's a reason it's not particularly remembered within her discography, although it was nice to see it receive a bit of love at Coachella.

    It's a correct top two, but it's very exciting to think that Renaissance and whatever the remaining two acts of her current project will bring will undoubtedly challenge the duo in future iterations of this rate.
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  12. Sorry this is several pages behind but Countdown? At 11?!
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  13. 21. Upgrade U (8.981)
    22. Get Me Bodied (8.966)
    26. Green Light (8.891)
    27. Ring The Alarm (8.881)
    28. Freakum Dress (8.875)

    What a horrendous string of eliminations this was.
  14. These two are possibly the most underrated songs in the entire rate.
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  15. RING THE ALARMS, I'm ready to reveal our winner!

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  16. But before we do... here's my 11 contenders for the next rate...
    so I try to get to the finale on a new page...

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